October 31, 2010

Smackdown Review: Oct 29/10

We start with a funeral for the Undertaker. There's a bit of talking from Kane. He asks everyone to stand and bow their heads for a moment of silence. This gets interrupted by Alberto Del Rio. He insults Kane a bit before Kane starts screaming at him.

Del Rio slaps the urn out of Bearer's hand and the two men start fighting. That little chihuahua is in the ring now. He chases off Del Rio and Kane. Bearer takes the brunt of a 619 before Kane takes him out of the ring. Edge runs in and Spears the champ.

Back from commercials and Del Rio is demanding a title match against Kane. Teddy instead puts him in a triple threat match for the #1 contendership in the main event.

Match 1: Ziggler vs. Danielson III

Ziggler is 0-2 so far facing Danielson. This is the third time we've seen them face off in less than a week.

Awesome spot as Danielson suplexes Ziggler over the ropes. Both men crash to the floor and look hurt.

Ziggler locks in the sleeper on Danielson, who fights him off. Danielson takes a second too long to recover as Dolph hits the Zig Zag. The ref is down so Vickie counts the pin. The ref gets her out of the ring and the match goes on as Vickie goes on shrieking.

Nice kick to the skull by Danielson for the pinfall.

Rating: 8/10. 3 matches, 3 awesome performances. Great excitement factor and high technical ability on display. I can't wait to see what these 2 will do next.

Backstage with Bearer. He says that Edge, Rey and Del Rio will pay.

Cody Rhodes pushes Kelly Kelly away from a mirror. Big Show comes in and starts arguing with Cody. Somehow a tag match gets set up between Cody, Drew, Show and his mystery partner. Show cracks a couple of bad Scottish jokes to boot.

Match 2: Swagger vs. Kaval

Swagger is working over Kaval's knee. He slams Kaval's leg into the ring post. Swagger back in the ring now with a clothesline from behind. Ankle lock follows and Kaval taps.

Rating: 6/10. I'm tired of seeing Kaval losing. As much as I like Swagger, is there anything at all worth looking forward to for Kaval?

We have a divas costume contest. First up, Batman and Robin Bellas followed by Alicia "Cleopatra" Fox, "Little Bo Peep" Kelly, Leprechaun Rosa, Spider Woman Melina and LayCool as Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

Teddy says the WWE Universe will be the judges. McCool cuts him off saying they could save time by just declaring LayCool as the winners. For some reason this turns into a 4-on-4 tag match.

Match 3: LayCool, Alicia Fox and Rosa vs. The Bellas, Kelly and Melina

Kelly pins Rosa. The end. Saved you a lot of grief.

Rating: 4/10. Pointless waste of time. Seriously, I would rather have watched another Stand up for WWE video than this match.

Edge and Rey backstage now. Typical "we may not be friends but this isn't personal" pre-match crap.

Match 4: "The Dashing Ones" vs. Show and Kofi

On a side note, Drew's trunks look like the Confederate flag.

Chokeslam for Rhodes and a pin by Show.

Rating: 6/10. I don't see why Rhodes and Drew are still a team. They aren't that great together. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to see them both as singles competitors but not together.

The Dashing Ones are arguing backstage now. Cody makes a comment that the only way he'll win singles gold is without Drew. Umm... duh? Looks like this is the end of those 2 as a team. Thank God.

Match 5: Del Rio vs. Rey vs. Edge, #1 contendership

Finisher fest to say the least. Rey has both Edge and Del Rio on opposite ropes for the 619. Rey hesitates, trying to decide who to go for. He chooses Del Rio, who is back up off the ropes. Del Rio catches Rey and gets him in an electric chair clutch. Edge is up now and Spears Del Rio. Rey falls to the mat along with Del Rio.

Edge picks up the pinfall and becomes the new #1 contender.

Rating: 7/10. Awesome match with lots of exciting action. Did anyone else notice Del Rio sold the 619 longer than Rey sold the Spear?

Kane and Edge have a staredown after the match. The show fades out from there.

Average Match Rating: 6.2/10 (+0.5)

Match of the Night: Ziggler vs. Danielson

Overall Show Rating: 7.5/10 (+2.5)

There were some good segments tonight compared to other weeks and I like the fact that WWE seems to be splitting Drew and Cody. It had it's moments but overall it was decent.

Magic 8-Ball:

Ziggler and Danielson will fight until SSeries, where they will unify their titles.
Swagger will go until he breaks someone's ankle
Kaval won't go anywhere
LayCool is only going to be shoved down our throats more
Drew and Rhodes will fight more intensely
Let the mind games begin.....

I will try to come up with something for a feature post for some time this week. I'll continue to at least do my show recaps for now if I can't. Again, I'm always open to suggestions and you can email me at ACA-CT@hotmail.com or hit me up on Facebook.

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