October 22, 2010

WWE NXT Review: Oct. 19/10

Here's my review for this week's edition of NXT.

We of course start with the girls in the ring. Here comes Vickie. She's insulting Kaitlyns outfit. Vickie tells her to put on this big ugly sweatshirt. Maxine now jumps in and starts saying Kaitlyn has no respect for Vickie and how Maxine would love to have Vickie as her pro.

This upsets Alicia Fox (Maxine's pro). There's a bunch of talking and basically it ends in a match between Kaitlyn and Maxine.

Match 1: Kaitlyn vs. Maxine

Kaitlyn is wearing the sweatshirt and both pros have a mic to coach their rookies. Why am I reminded of Pokemon?

Cole is taking a phone call and has left the announce table. Enjoy this brief respite while it lasts

There's some kind of weird looking pin by Maxine that ends up winning the match.

Rating: 4/10. I wasn't that impressed. The ending had potential but something about it didn't look quite right. I also didn't enjoy hearing Vickie screaming instructions at Kaitlyn. Seriously, her voice annoys the shit out of me.

Now we have the first challenge. The girls have to identify the torso of the superstar on screen. Long story short: Lots of stomachs, not enough titties.

Naomi wins.

Backstage with Goldust and Aksana now. More marriage talk. Goldilocks produces a ring for Aksana.

Time for another challenge. Limbo time.

Kaitlyn warms up with a couple of push ups, with AJ riding her to provide more of a challenge I guess. I wish AJ would ride me.

All of the girls make it through twice. AJ and Kaitlyn horsing around with more push ups.

Kaitlyn is the first one out on a controversial ruling. AJ is out next for bending her shoulders. Aksana bumps the bar. Maxine is out because her hand touched the ground leaving Naomi as the winner.

Match 2: Kelly Kelly and Naomi vs. the Bellas

Naomi has one of the Bellas down. Because I can't tell them apart, it's Bella 1 and Bella 2 from now on. Bella 1 fights back and Irish whips Naomi off the ropes. Bella 2 grabs Naomis ankles and she falls to the mat. The ref is distracted. Bella 2 gets Bella 1 out of the ring behind the refs back and Bella 2 picks up the pinfall victory.

Rating: 4/10. Do the Bellas always have to win with the whole twin switching thingy? Also, why is it always the rookie that gets pinned by the pro? That to me does more harm than good in the long run.

That's the end of the show.

Average match rating: 4/10 (-0.5)

Should I be holding the divas to a lower standard? I feel like I never give them enough credit, but then the matches are almost always bad. What do I do?

Overall show rating: 5/10

There was more time eaten up by ads and replays from Raw, previews of Bragging Rights and whatnot than there was actual show. I think the competitions are getting dumber by the week as well. Maybe a bikini contest next week?

Tomorrow will see my feature post about hypocrisies in pro wrestling. I think for my next feature post I'll talk about WWE taking heat from Linda McMahon's senate opponent. Or, shoot me an email if you'd like me to share my thoughts on something.

ACA-CT@hotmail.com is where you can reach me. If I ever feel like buying a webcam I may start doing stuff on Youtube but I think Jakob has that down better than I ever could.

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