October 1, 2010

Fantasy Storyline: WWE Title gets a little more awesome, part 1

This is the first of what I hope to be many storylines. This was the original purpose of the blog, so I hope to keep it going in some fashion. I'll try to wrap each one up in 2 posts, so each post will be on the longer side.

I'll keep the old format of going week by week and make any changes as they're needed. Hopefully you're still interested in this stuff.

Week 1: Hell in a Cell PPV

WWE champion Randy Orton has just successfully defended the title against Sheamus. The cell is being lifted and Orton is celebrating. He gets cut short by Miz's music. He has a ref in tow and his MITB briefcase in hand.

The match starts, and Miz dominates early on. Orton bounces back after kicking out of a pin and is on the offensive. Miz now ducks behind the ref and starts mocking Orton, who shoves the ref out of the way and starts pounding on Miz. The ref calls for the bell but Orton doesn't care. He RKO's Miz and walks off with the title.

Week 1: Monday Night Raw

Miz is in the ring and looking pissed.

"What happened last night was nothing short of a travesty. Randy Orton cost me my WWE title when he intentionally got disqualified by pushing the referee. He knew he couldn't beat me so he took the easy way out. Your hero is nothing more than a coward. If he has any sense of honour he will face me again tonight for the WWE Title."

*email comes in from the GM*

Cole gets up.

"May I have your attention please. I have received another email from the general manager. And I quote:

Miz, you had your title opportunity last night at Hell in a Cell. Randy Orton may have been disqualified, but your actions caused him to be disqualified. If you want a rematch so badly, you have to earn it, starting tonight. Your match is up next."

We come back to the action with Sheamus in the ring ready to face Miz. The match is about to start when another email comes in.

"May I have your attention please. I have received another email from the general manager. And I quote:

There's one more thing I forgot to mention. Miz, if you get -- or cause your opponent to be -- disqualified you will not get a shot at the title again as long and Randy Orton holds it."

The match gets underway. Sheamus is looking good in the early goings so far. Miz makes a comeback but quickly runs into trouble when Sheamus levels him with a Brogue Kick for the pin.

Miz is furious. He starts throwing chairs around and tears apart the announce table. He storms off to the back and that's the end of that.

Week 2: Monday Night Raw

Miz is back in the ring.

"This is not right! I should be the WWE Champion right now. Randy Orton is hiding behind our General Manager to get out of facing me. He's scared. He knows I would have beat him at Hell in a Cell. I DEMAND a title shot here TONIGHT!"

Orton's music hits and he makes his way to the stage.

"Do you really think I fear you? Do you really think that I'm hiding from you? I have never hidden from anyone, and I'm certainly not about to start with someone as pathetic as you. Yeah, I'll face you tonight, but you need to give me one good reason why my title should be on the line."

"Have you not been paying any attention to what I've said? You were intentionally disqualified from our match at Hell in a Cell. Your cowardice robbed me of MY WWE title."


"Gentlemen, nobody sanctioned a match between you two tonight. Miz still has not proven that he is worthy of another title match. If he wishes to face Randy Orton for the WWE Title, he will have to win his match tonight. As with last week, if Miz is disqualified or causes his opponent to be disqualified, he will not get a title match against Randy Orton."

Miz starts to argue with the GM.

"Hold on. I get cheated out of a proper match and now I have to jump through another ridiculous hoop to get one? I don't care if you are the general manager, I'm getting my title match tonight. Randy, you need a reason? I've already given you one. I don't have the WWE title right now because of what you did at Hell in a Cell. That alone should give me another title match."

"Yeah, I might have pushed the referee, but it was your mouth that set me off. You're just as responsible for my actions as I am."


"This is obviously not going to be resolved through arguing. Here is what will happen: Randy, you will put your title on the line against Miz at Bragging Rights in 3 weeks, provided Miz follows a couple of rules. First off, if he, or anyone on his behalf, attacks Randy Orton or interferes in his matches in any way, Miz loses his title shot.

Second, Miz must win all of his matches cleanly. No count outs, no disqualifications. Now, to make things fair, since Miz, you feel like Randy intentionally disqualified himself from your last title match, at Bragging Rights, it will be a no disqualification match for the WWE Title.

I hope this works to everyone's satisfaction."

Miz looks semi enraged and Orton seems to be content.

Week 3: Monday Night Raw

Miz has a match up next against Evan Bourne.

Some good back and forth action. Miz wins when he knocks Bourne off the top rope and hits the Skullcrushing Finale.

Later on in the night, Orton has a match against John Morrison.

Orton is looking strong and is on the verge of putting Morrison away.

Suddenly, Wade Barrett runs in and kicks Orton. The match is tossed. The show ends with Barrett running to the back.

 End part 1

That's all for this week. Next week will see the finish of this storyline. A little change to announce before I sign off for the day.

Due to unpredictable work hours, I have decided to drop TNA from my coverage altogether and move my feature posts to Fridays. Everything else will remain the same:

Mondays: PPV review (should there be one)
Tuesdays: Raw review
Wednesdays: TBA
Thursdays: NXT review
Fridays: Feature post
Saturdays: Smackdown review
Sundays: TBA

I may add in a couple more things if I find the time for it. Sorry if things seem a little hectic right now. I'm still getting back into the routine of regular posting.

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