January 28, 2010

DX; Have they achieved Cena level of annoyance?

Annoyance. It's a noun which means a non-pleasant state of thought, usually caused by irritation, repitition, anger and frustration. In the WWE, it's a noun which means a non-pleasant state of thought, usually caused by irritating promos, repeated lines, pissing-off wrestlers and frustration at a blown chance for a rookie push. Vocab aside, is there actually a wrestler, or in this case, a tag team, that is as annoying as John Cena? As the title suggests, I'll be nominating DX, the hundred year old tag team. They are the very definition of annoyance, as they are the professionals at making irritating promos, repeating lines, destroying fresh talent and of course, being really pissing-off wrestlers.

DX have been around even when Cena was still was molesting barnyard animals for a living(He now does it for leisure). But don't get me wrong, Triple H and HBK were really good back in their heyday. Back when Triple H was kicking ass with Evolution, and when HBK was rivalling with Orton, oh yes, they were fantastic. But around in 2006-2008, they got reunited. Great innit? Nope...DX have been thrashing tag teams after the other. Legacy, Jerishow and in the near future, Hart Dynasty. Despite destroying some young talent, they've recruited none other than probably the youngest talent in the WWE, Hornswoggle!(I'm pretty sure Hornswoggle isn't higher than 12 years of age)

Yeah Hornswoggle, RVD is just a step away! Just keep the faith....and a few cavities(His "dad" Finlay may have some, JBL probably has a few stored somewhere)

Erm...never mind...

Oh great now, they're gonna rub it into the faces of the young talents by making them lose to Hornswoggle. Watching Jon Heder getting pinned by Hornswoggle last week was absolutely painful. However, we all know that if DX have achieved the level of annoyance of Cena is an oppinionated matter, but the one thing that I think all of us have reached a consensus on is that DX are surely not a tag team you want your fresh tag team to face. Week by week, they're responsible for the boring shit that is evident on TV, and the one thing that Cena is more preferable to them is that DX are the unified tag team champions, which means that they appear on all three brands, while Cena only terrorises one.

Hope you've had a good read,


January 26, 2010

Never Mind

About two or three weeks ago, I talked about how Cena may become a heel in 2010. However, completely ignore what I said. It seems that WWE Creative Team are still going to remain stubborn. Yeah, the toddlers swimming in Cena shirts and replica spinner belts and the old, horny chicks are more important than the knowledgable fans.

Did you see the past week of Raw? In the tag match between Kingston + Cena and Legacy, John Cena comes in and completely bulldozes Cody Rhodes(as always) and appears to be a bit fatigued after Ted DiBiase "hit him from behind". Later in the night, he gets into a brawl with Big Show, and he throws him out as if Big Show were a chocolate wrapper. He then gets thrown out by both members of DX, to make it seem that it was "2 on 1". Speaking of DX, they've officially achieved Cena status. Not only did they bulldoze another young tag team after the other week by week, but they also buried the World's Largest Athlete, Big Show, another young talent, The US champion, The Miz and possibly one of the best guest hosts of Raw in a long time, Jon Heder. And seriously, did you see how they completely embarrassed Heder? It was very painful to watch, to say the least.

So ACA, do not expect anything from the WWE regarding Cena turning into a heel for at least early 2010.


January 15, 2010

Okay, I ran out of ideas......

For those of you waiting the finish to "Shane Resigns" -- don't hold your breath. It seems I've pulled a WWE and run out of ideas, so I just decided to stop it dead. At least I have the heart to tell you instead of just dropping it randomly one day and never speaking of it again (Brett DiBiase).

Sorry to those who I've let down, and I'll find a way to make it up to you.


January 10, 2010

Future of John Cena

As I did my Crystal Ball post, I got reminded of the future of John Cena. And judging by the way he's being booked, big things MAY happen. Keep on reading to see my analysis of what could happen to John Cena in 2010.

But first, is it actually possible that Cena may get a *gasp* heel turn? Well, with his future well in doubt, evident because of the way he's being booked in the mid-card, he may well gain the attention of the WWE Creative Team. Thank god the Creative Team finally have gained some common sense. He's a whooping five years overdue for a heel turn, and it could not have came in a better time.

So, how do we transform Cena into a heel? Nic already demostrated one way back in June. However, I'll give another possible way. Simple, make him start feuding with somebody like Triple H, make him pull off a dirty move(Such as a low blow, or a chair shot without referee noticing). Then when questioned by the fans/Triple H of his motives, Cena states that he's tired of the face bullshit. That leads him to attacking Triple H, and thus officially turning him into a heel.

But wait, there is one problem of making Cena a heel, however, this problem is a HUGE one. You've all guessed it, merch sales. Let's face it guys, there isn't another superstar that brings in merch sales as Cena. Eg. For every single CM Punk, Randy Orton, Triple H, HBK, Hornswoggle, Batista, Rey Mysterio, Morisson, Finlay, Undertaker, Kane, Christian or Goldust t-shirt sold, there are four Cena shirts sold at the same time. And since most of his buyers are under the age of eleven, turning Cena into a heel will make him seem "bad", therefore since kiddies despise "bad people", it'll make kiddies despise Cena. And if Cena is despised, Cena's merch won't be bought. And if Cena's merch won't be bought, sales will take a huge hit. Okay, if that was confusing for some of you, I'll just simplify it. Cena turning heel => Cena being despised by kiddies => Kiddies not buying Cena merch => Cena merch taking a hit. It's quite simple, eh?

But then again, can you risk ratings and the more intelligent fans for merch sales? I think not. I hope the WWE gets to their senses by 2010. Will this be the year?


January 9, 2010

Crystal Ball of 2010

I was on wwe.com the other day, and I noticed the crystal ball headline. According to wwe.com, it was a list of ten superstars who they thought would become champion in 2010. So without further a do, let's get on with it.

Ezekiel Jackson
Standing 6-foot-4, the massive Ezekiel Jackson firmly established himself as a force to be reckoned with since coming to the WWE in 2008. Win or lose, the 300-pounder's opponents always gain a new level of respect for Jackson once they feel his power first-hand. In 2010, can Jackson put it all together and make an even bigger name of himself?

My thoughts:
Real interesting thought by wwe.com. Since he's out of the Roundtable shadow, he might actually gain some gold, or at least try to.

Success is a combination of skill, a little bit of luck, and sometimes emotion. Perhaps no Superstar is more fired up than R-Truth, who pumps up the WWE Universe with his signature entrance song before every match. Can he parlay this Raw emotion into more victories in 2010?

My thoughts:
Judging by the way he's being booked, I do sense a R-Truth push. Maybe a IC title reign in '10?

Yoshi Tatsu
One of the brightest, most ambitious youngsters to arrive in the Land of the Extreme via ECW's New Superstar Initiative is Yoshi Tatsu. ECW Champion Christian has called him the determined Japanese Superstar the most-deserving to fight for the Extreme Title, which he did in October. While the high-energy Tatsu didn't capture the ECW Title when pitted against his experienced mentor, Christian, could the ECW Championship be far from his reach?

My thoughts:
Tatsu may not seem to be a main-event competitor, but since what the WWE did to McIntyre and Sheamus, I don't think we'll be seeing the last of him in 2010.

Luke Gallows
No Superstar on this list brings more unknowns to the ring than Luke Gallows, formerly Festus. After adopting the "straightedge" lifestyle under CM Punk's tutelage, Gallows has shown he is both willing and able to dish out some harsh punishment in the ring. As he does Punk's bidding, will any of his efforts be translated into success for Gallows, himself?

My thoughts:
I say that Gallows will continue Punk's bidding for a while, until he turns on him and goes on for some singles gold. If he doesn't do that, only the unified tag team titles are sensible.

Zack Ryder
A former tag team champion, Zack Ryder has developed a penchant for admiring his own good looks...and this might not be a bad thing. As actor Billy Crystal's Fernando Lamas character used to say on Saturday Night Live, "It is better to look good than to feel good." The question for 2010 is - Can Ryder find a way to look mah-velous in the ring?

My thoughts: I think Ryder will start defeating jobbers, gradually going up the ladder until he is a top contender. After a couple of unsuccessful shots, Ryder will finally become champion, or will he? Maybe even a rivalry with Christian or Benjamin will kickstart his quest for gold.

Ted DiBiase
Another Superstar who is now on a quest for singles success is Raw's Ted DiBiase. Without Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes at his side, would this third-generation Superstar be looking to prove what he is capable of? Could this former tag team champion finally win one for himself?

My thoughts: This one's real ambigious. DiBiase can either fight off Orton and Rhodes, start a rivalry with another Superstar or look to get some gold(Not sure if it's either WWE or US). I say a rivalry with Kingston, Swagger or Miz will be likely.

The Hart Dynasty
With a wrestling lineage second to none, David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd are more than prepared to capture greatness. After paying their dues in the legendary Hart Family dungeon, it's almost a matter of when, not if, they will realise their destiny.

My thoughts: Ah yes, Hart Dynasty, the proclaimed best tag team from the ACA-CT end of year awards. Let us only hope that they really live up to what wwe.com just said there. A rivalry with newcomers Croft and Baretta does make sense. If that doesn't work, maybe a rivalry with DX, which we'll see Hart Dynasty getting bulldozed by them.

Evan Bourne
Mass and power are good and all, but speed and agility are also keys to succeeding in the ring. The high-flying Evan Bourne posseses both in spades. This exciting young superstar appears to be on the precipice of really big things. Don't blink your eyes, or you may just miss his next move.

My thoughts: Evan Bourne will probably spend the rest of the year rivalling with the Miz or Swagger and teaming up with Kingston. Or maybe, he might try to get the US title.

Alicia Fox
Ever since moving on from being Edge's wedding planner, Alicia Fox has shown she is capable of so much more. This fiery Diva epitomises what it means to be smart, sexy and powerful. It's a safe bet that every Diva on the roster has taken notice.

My thoughts: Meh, I don't even remotely care for WWE's female wrestling joke. And by the way, isn't Alicia Fox a crossover name from an actor and a singer?

Dolph Ziggler
His name is Dolph Ziggler and he made sure everyone knew it in 2009. With competitive matches against Rey Mysterio and John Morisson, this young superstar is chomping the bit for his time in the spotlight. There is perhaps no one hungrier in WWE. If you still don't know his name, you will in 2010.

My thoughts: There's a huge difference between being hungry and satisfied. It won't make a difference if you give him a million title shots with no result. And seeing how they pushed McIntyre, I sense that the WWE has lost hope in Ziggler. Let's hope I am wrong...

Total evaluation: Not a bad review, although a few were missing, such as Croft and Baretta. But other than that, it was a suprisingly good list. Let's just hope it's true.

The list can be seen here.


January 5, 2010

Shaky Start to the War

With last night's return of the Monday Night Wars, a new era in professional wrestling is brewing.... Or is it?

I'll start with Raw. Aside from Bret Hart, it was just another edition of Raw. Same old, same old. Nothing exciting happened. This says one of 2 things: WWE is confident in their current product, which I applaud even though the current product sucks. That, or WWE has no confidence in TNA's product, which is semi foolish.

It aired just as it normally does, with nothing special to it at all. I'll admit, I wasn't expecting much from Vince, and even I was disappointed. I thought Vince would have at least given us something decent to watch. But he didn't. We saw the same thing we do on any given week.

TNA was full of production errors too much politics, and a Steel Asylum ending that would put WCW to shame (if you know your history, you'll know what I'm talking about). Seriously, I thought the Asylum was no DQ? The show was also plagued with commercials, which I think is the only reason they were able to expand to 3 hours.

TNA also seemed to be banking on tar power as opposed to in ring action, as there was less wrestling during the 3 hours of TNA than there was in WWE's 2. TNA did a star overload, by booking too many big names instead of putting on a great show with who they had.

What bothered me the most was the commercials. TNA would come back for literally 40 seconds and go to commercial again. They did it about 6 times. I'm sorry, but when you come back from commercial, am I wrong to expect at least 5 minutes of action until the next one?

If TNA is hoping to compete with WWE, they had better step their game up big time if last night was anything to go by.

Stay tuned for our 2009 awards.