November 26, 2009

End of the year soon...

Perhaps we should do an end of year awards ceremony. WWE has the Slammy's, so why not our own version? So, on to the categories:

The Worst:

The Gobbledegooker Award -- Awarded for the worst gimmick of 2009
The Katie Vick Award -- Worst storyline of 2009
The Shockmaster Award -- Botch of the year
The FU Award -- Worst finisher

The Best:

Hogan vs. Andre Award -- Match of the Year
Undertaker Award -- Superstar of the year
Trish Stratus Award -- Diva of the year
Hart Foundation Award -- Tag team of the year
Tombstone Award -- Best Finisher

Nominees to follow.

November 25, 2009

Survivor Series review (part 2)

Here's part two of the Survivor Series. I must warn you though, this next part contains many disappointments. So, without a further a do...

Let's continue with one more traditional Survivor Series match, Team James vs. Team McCool. *Yawn*, to say the truth, I didn't even watch the match, I was playing my Nintendo DS instead and was listening to AIC's Black Gives Way To Blue(Which is amazing, btw). So, I just pop on and read the article about the match. But anyways, that should be insignificant, as I'm not here to describe the match, I'm here to say what that match has achieved. So anyways, the matchup starts off as resident prostitute, Kelly Kelly, eliminating Layla. Wut...? Layla being the first superstar eliminated is terrible for her heel status, not to mention that Kelly Kelly eliminated her. Then, Michelle McCool eliminates Gail Kim!? Just unbelievable, Gail Kim, possibly the most talented diva the WWE has at the moment, getting eliminating second? Well, this PPV sure has downgraded some top superstars...*Cough* Orton *Cough*. After that, a fine showing by Beth Pheonix, as she eliminates two more divas. However, her fine run is disrupted by James, who eliminates Pheonix and then Alicia. Melina defeats captain McCool in a decent finish.

Benefits and Negatives

+ Michelle McCool heel status
+ Melina face status
+ Mickie James face status
Neutral showing by Pheonix
Gave up chance of a new diva push
- Gail Kim face status
- Layla heel status

Potential Storylines Generated

James teams up with Melina
James and Melina vs. McCool, Layla and Pheonix
I can't really think of anything else

Next up, the WHC match, in which the unified tag team champions took on Undertaker in a triple threat(no, not handicap) match. Jericho and Show started off by attacking the Undertaker, then Jericho locking Taker in the Walls of Jericho. Show then attacked Jericho to make it a three-way dance. Taker then locked in the Hell's Gate on Big Show, and won the match. Ugh, talk about generic. So, what has this match possibly done? What, to show that the Undertaker is an unstoppable force and will not lose even if the odds are piled up against him? Yeah, we learned that years ago.

Benefits and Negatives

+ Undertaker face status
- Jerishow's tag team status
Yet some more predictable crap shoved down our throats

Potential Storylines Generated

Jerishow vs. Brothers of Destruction
Jericho vs. Undertaker
Big Show vs. Undertaker

Now, the moment you've been waiting for! Our favorite superstar taking on DX! The match starts off with HBK superkicking Triple H. Then it's a three-way dance. Then Cena makes Triple H tap out. BORING. God, the WWE are so damn predictable nowadays, and besides, if they are going to use recycled ideas, at least use some that weren't on the same PPV(Read the above passage). It's the exactly same idea, a wrestler betrays his partner, then they start fighting until the defending champion makes one of them tap.

Benefits and Negatives

+ Cena face status(I don't know if that's a benefit or a negative...)
- DX tag team status(Read the above)
Cena being shoved down our throats for a long, long while

Potential Storylines Generated

Cena vs. all of WWE's past, present and future wrestlers(Winner: Cena)

Anyways, hope all of you have enjoyed my review.

Until then,


November 24, 2009

Nic's end of November/Start of December plans

Okay, I figure I'm going to update you all on my plans for the month to come, and I'll do this in the last week or 2 of very month.

First off, I'm going to finish the Shane-O storyline I started a while ago. I'll do what will probably be my most in-depth post ever (more on that later), and start a new storyline. I'll do a storyline post every month, and fill the gaps with other ramblings.

I'll keep you posted.


November 23, 2009

Survivor Series review (Part 1)

Sorry for the real long wait, I had final examinations which stopped me from writing.

So, one of the big four and personally one of my favorite PPVs of the year, Survivor Series came around. To my major disappointment, most of the matches were terrible, boring and predictable. Here's why...

First, let's start off with the traditional Survivor Series match which team Orton faced team Kingston. It started off well, with Orton eliminating Henry and Punk eliminating R-Truth in a fine opening. After a number of eliminations, Christian and Kingston took on Punk and Orton. Then, Kingston's possibly last chance of winning went out the window, when Christian got eliminated. Or did it? Kingston amazingly managed to pin CM Punk, after a very back and forth match. Now, I'm sure you are thinking this...Orton + fatigued wrestler = Dead meat. But no, Kingston almost immediately hits the Trouble on Paradise on Orton, and wins the match. This is completely degrading to Punk and especially Orton. Randy Orton, who is a multi-time world champion, the youngest world champion, Royal Rumble winner and countless other accomplishements to his name, to lose in a measly six seconds to a well, not "top class" finisher. What I mean by "top class" is that the other finishers that were worthy of making Orton laying on the mat for three seconds, such as the GTS, Walls of Jericho, Chokeslam, Tombstone, and the Codebreaker, for only a few. However, since the WWE took that risk at the expense of Orton and Punk, they better back it up by giving Kofi a push. If they don't, it'll be a complete waste of degrading Punk and Orton. Come on, pinning two former World champions in a few seconds is no easy feat. So WWE, don't waste this chance.

Benefits and Negatives

+ Kofi's face status
+ credibility of Trouble in Paradise
Possible new face in the main event(Finally!).
- Orton's heel status
- Punk's heel status
Possible temporary/permanent removal of Orton and Punk from the main event, just like Rey Mysterio(Nooo!)

Potential Storylines Generated

Punk vs. R-Truth
Kofi vs. Orton
Kofi vs. Cena
Kofi vs. Sheamus(If he wins at TLC, which is unlikely)
Kofi's shot for the WWE championship

Next up, Batista versus Rey. It was an okay match. Back and forth until Batista's reversal, then downhill for Mysterio from there. Batista then pounded Rey, until the official stopped the match. Well, only thing I can say is, I hope that they turn Batista into a big, badass heel, because main-event heels are desperately needed in the WWE.

Benefits and Negatives
+ Batista heel status
- Rey face status
A possible new, vicious heel in the making.

Possible Storylines Generated

Batista vs. Rey Mysterio
Batista vs. Undertaker
Batista teaming up with a heel, such as CM Punk or even Drew McIntyre

Then next is another traditional Survivor Series match in which Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler and the US champ and captain of the team, The Miz taking on Matt Hardy, Finlay, Evan Bourne, Shelton Benjamin and IC champ and captain, John Morrison. This match is a perfect example of arrogant, ambitious heels versus athletic, electrifying faces. The match goes off with Bourne eliminating Ziggler, and McIntyre eliminating Bourne. Then, an interesting showdown of the Irishmen Sheamus and Finlay with Sheamus winning it eventually(Yes!). Then, after a number of pins, captain Morrison faces not one, not two, but THREE superstars all on his own. And not just any superstars, The Miz, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre. Morrison showcases his terrific high-flying ability and has some offence, but the trio prove too strong for him. Sheamus eventually pins him, and hopefully, it'll bring either three of them to the main event level. Suprisingly, Sheamus is the number one contender for the WWE Championship at TLC facing derpity-dip-shit, John Cena. The unfortunate truth is that we all know that Sheamus will not win. But all in all, this match was probably the best of the PPV. WWE, watch out for the reign of Miz-ery.

Benefits and Negatives

+ The Miz heel status
+ Drew McIntyre heel status
+ Sheamus heel status
Possible new talent into the main event
At the moment, I can't find any negatives really

Potential Storylines Generated

Drew McIntyre, The Miz or Sheamus shot for world championship gold
The Miz and Sheamus team up to make an explosive tag team
McIntyre vs. Morisson
McIntyre vs. Undertaker(But this seems unlikely)
Sheamus vs. John Cena
Sheamus and The Miz vs. DX(If they team up)
The Miz vs. John Cena

I'm signing off now, check out for part 2.


November 22, 2009

How TNA can become real competition

A while ago, I talked about what WWE could do to improve it's product. We all know that there's very little chance of that happening. But, what I do see happening is TNA, the little company that could, becoming a real threat to WWE.

Let's face it, WWE was at it's peak during the Monday Night Wars. We need that excitement back. The only way to get it back is to have a rival company make it to the same stage as WWE. The closest company to achieving this is TNA. So let's take a look at the steps TNA needs to take in order to compete with WWE.

First of all, stop hiring WWE rejects and washed up talent from bygone decades. Sure, there were a couple that still had some career and enough of a name left to use, but the rest are garbage. To go along with this, bring in some young talent to replace them.

Find some new guys by maybe partnering with a federation like ROH or something. Keep pushing the fresh faces they already have. Don't let them go to waste

Next up, move to either Monday or Friday nights. Don't go head to head with WWE's "D" show. So what you can outdraw Superstars? Nobody cares about that crappy show. You want to get noticed? Outdraw SD or Raw. Besides, that shouldn't be too hard, based on WWE's current crop of crap.

Fire Russo. Nuff said.

I like that Jarrett is gone, but I'm kinda leery on the Hulkster being in charge. It may be good, it may be bad. I'm just going to see where it goes and pass judgement after it pans out a bit more.

Start advertising outside of Spike. I have yet to see a TNA commercial that wasn't on Spike. Seriously, you can't get your name out there if you don't try to get your name out there. This is probably a financial issue, but if TNA fires all the old talent that's useless, then sign new guys to entry level spots, that could free up some cash.

Plus if they advertise more, people will start watching, and buying PPV's and merch. Plus advertisers may come to TNA to put their name on stuff. Get sponsors;.

TNA should also start booking larger arenas. I say this because you can't reach a lot of people if you tape in some little lot in Universal Studios. Take the show on the road, and book sligthly larger venues to start, then work up to larger ones. This shouldn't be done however, until it's clear that the arenas would get good sales.

In closing, TNA needs to watch WWE carefully, and do the complete opposite of what they're doing. It's clearly not working for them, why would it work for TNA?

I'll be back some time again with the finish to Shane-O's retirement.

Peace out, y'all