October 31, 2009

What the WWE should avoid doing to look less fake.

Firstly, I'm deducing that you people are tired of the 24/7 fantasy storylines, and since we're the ACA Creative Team, this topic should help out the WWE Creative Team/superstars to look way less fake/scripted. So, let's get started...

I was at home, watching Raw with my sister(who barely watches wrestling btw). She thought Raw was real crap, and I don't blame her. After watching Raw, she instantly found out that WWE was scripted. So, what should the WWE be doing to avoid future incidents like this?

Firstly, it's that the wrestlers deliberately puts themselves in the position of their opponents finishers. For example, if I wanted to go for an missile dropkick(Jumping dropkick from the turnbuckle) my opponent would be standing in a forward position, facing me. If I wanted to go for a bulldog from the top rope instead, my opponent would also be in a standing position, but facing the opposite way. This has been apparent, and seems that the wrestlers want to be fed a finisher.

How to fix this problem? It's real simple, just not put yourself in that position. If a wrestler's main finisher is in a position that a wrestler finds himself rarily in, for example if somebody's main finisher was a jumping legdrop and the position the opponent should be in is standing up, and his head facing down, then that finisher should be either turned into a signature move, or completely abolished. The process of turning it into a signature move is simple. Signature moves are used as "warm-ups" to finishers, therefore, whenever that rare situation happens, the wrestler can hit that move. It's real simple.

Hmm, has anybody heard that the Wrestlemania ring canvas is made out of pillow feathers? Well, that would explain why Undertaker was fed a hundred finishers by HBK and Undertaker delivering a thousand tombstones, until the 1001th tombstone managed to get the win at WM25. If you did not get my point, I was refering to the sudden surge of energy that is given to the wrestlers at PPVs. I mean, come on, what difference does a match at Raw and a match at a PPV have? None, and it's just stupid to see a match at Raw taking five minutes, but a match at the PPV taking thirty.

But hey, even though this is a problem and makes WWE look a bit fake, PPVs are a major way of making cash. Also, it just wouldn't seem right to see a Raw match surpass, say, a Survivor Series match. Besides, a PPV has more airtime than a normal show. So, if you want, we could just ignore the last paragraph.

Is it just me, or does some wrestlers let opponents out of their pinfall attempts?
Even though this is less apparent than the other things mentioned here, it is still important. When a wrestler simply forgets that he HAS to win and his opponent doesn't, his opponent bails him out at the last moment. Take an example, if Ziggler goes for a pinfall on Cena and since Ziggler probably demolished Cena, Cena is unable to counter the pinfall. Ziggler suddenly remembers that if he pins Cena, Vince McMahon will draft him to some brand as a "push" and leaves him there, fighting jobbers, just like Shelton Benjamin. Ziggler suddenly avoids this scenario and deliberately lets Cena out of the pin. Okay, this may be exaggerated, but I think you know what I mean.

And sometimes, if both the wrestlers forget which wrestler should win(Although this is not the case all the time...) the referee intervenes with the result of the match by having an extra count or goes slower than normal until the wrestler realises that. Haven't you noticed that the referee goes for a four count at least once?

Speaking of referees...haven't you noticed that instead of a five count for a DQ, the referee does a three count instead? Something even more common, haven't you noticed two counts for a pinfall ends up being the winning pinfall? I have noticed that a lot myself, when I just hear two taps and the next thing I know, the wrestler's hand is raised.

Last but surely not least, firing Cena would help the WWE look less fake. Duh...

I'm sure there are way more reasons that I have not mentioned here and that some of these things I have mentioned have not been noticed by you, but all in all, it should be enough for a good read.

Until then,


October 27, 2009

Fantasy Storylines -- Shane Resigns? Part 1

Here we go with a new storyline. Vafa's been riding my ass (no jokes please) to post more, so I'm trying to find a balance between quality and quantity. Hopefully neither one suffers.

Week 1:

The news of Shane's resignation becomes public. Everyone speculates that he's off to help his mom with her campaign (which will fail, just sayin'). There is no other news than that at this time.

Week 2:

It is announced that Shane will have a going away party next week live on Raw. Every superstar will be there, and so will the rest of the McMahon family.

Week 3:

It's time. Shane-O's leaving the WWE. The ring has a podium set up in the middle, and there's a table with a cake shaped like a dollar sign on it. The superstars file out to ringside, followed by the McMahons.

Everyone is enjoying the party, and ask Shane to say a few words.

Shane: "Ladies and gentlemen, I've been with the WWE for nearly my entire life. I've enjoyed every moment of it. But now, it's time for me to move on. But before I do, I want to dispel any rumours about why I'm stepping down from my position. I am not, as some have suggested, leaving to work on my mother's campaign for senate.

I'm stepping down because I wish to invoke section 3 of the contract I made with my father. When I signed on to WWE several years ago, I signed a contract. Section 3 of that contract would allow me to take over the reigns when I felt that my father was no longer capable of running the company.

Given the current state of affairs, the stagnant title pictures, the guest host crap, I'd say that you've really dropped the ball, Dad. I'm invoking section 3 effective immediately. Dad, you must pack up your office and leave at once. I am the new chairman of--"

Stefanie wrestles the mic out of his hands.

Stef: "Hold on. We agreed that when Dad lost his marbles that I would be the one to take over. Besides, I control his power of attorney. Should Dad become unable to make decisions for himself, which he clearly can't, I get to make said decisions for him. I decide that you are NOT the new chairman, you are NOT the--"

Now Vince grabs the mic.

Vinnie: "Shut up, both of you. Just shut up! I may not be the man I was 20 years ago, but I'm still able to run my own company, dammit! Now both of you listen to me, and listen good: if you'd read further into that contract, you'd see that I have the power to overturn it as I see fit. Right now, I see fit. As for my power of attorney, I hereby revoke it from you, Stefanie.

I'm not leting either one of you take over until I see proof that you can actually run a decent show. Starting next week, the competition is on to see who can be the better GM."

With that, Vince storms off back to his office. Shane and Stef just look at eachother with angry expressions.

Anyways, I need to run to work. I'll try to finish off part 2 later this week. If not, it'll be next week.


October 24, 2009

Update: We will NOT move to www.webs.com

We have given webs.com a test run, but both Nic and I have decided that blogspot is better for our uses.


October 23, 2009

Fantasy Storylines -- Shadow of the Legacy, Part 2

Week 6:

The show starts off with Rhodes and DiBiase fighting verbally, again, until Randy Orton enters the arena, but stays on the ramp.

Randy Orton: I see that both of you had had enough of each other. I guess that tag teams were meant to be broken up. Now, to help me out to decide who'll be kicked out of Legacy, I'll put both of you in single matches tonight.

Match 1 -- Cody Rhodes vs. Chavo Guerrero

Rhodes destroys Chavo Guerrero impressively. A screenshot of Orton, who looks somewhat impressed, looking at a monitor backstage is shown.

Match 2 -- Ted DiBiase vs. Chris Masters

After a very impressive technical match-up, DiBiase picks up the win. Another screenshot of Orton looking impressed backstage is shown.

Orton then makes his way to his car, but DiBiase stops him.

Ted DiBiase: Hey Orton, it'll definitely be me, right? I have way more charisma and wrestling ability than Rhodes. You know that.

Cody Rhodes, who seems like he came out from nowhere, interrupts DiBiase.

Cody Rhodes: What are you saying, DiBiase? Orton will surely pick me.

Randy Orton: Guys, I haven't made a decision yet. Look, next week, DiBiase will team up with me. And the week after that, Rhodes will team up with me. Now, if you'll excuse me...

Orton enters his car and drives it.

Week 7:

Match 1 -- Ted DiBiase and Randy Orton vs. Cryme Tyme

Orton is not even tagged in once, but his team manages to pick up the win after a very impressive performance by Ted. Orton looks very satisfied with the performance.

Week 8:

Match 2 -- Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton vs. Primo and Carlito

The Colon's reunition was not a sweet one as Orton's team picked up the win. After a while, Orton picks up a microphone.

Randy Orton: I have made my decision...after a match at Breaking Point. And what better to be a submission match, which will truly show who has the better wrestling ability. And to counter any interference, I will be the guest enforcer for the match.

Breaking Point:

Match 1 -- Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

After a long match and no interference, DiBiase makes Rhodes tap. After the match, Orton congratulates DiBiase. However, Rhodes gets a chair and enters the ring. He attempts to deliver a shot to Orton, however, Orton quickly ducks and delivers a very lethal RKO to Rhodes. Orton does that \____o___/ pose. DiBiase picks up the chair and looks like he's about to deliver a shot to Rhodes. Shockingly, DiBiase delivers a shot to Orton. DiBiase helps Rhodes to get back on his feet and the Legacy music hits. DiBiase and Rhodes celebrate and leave the ring as they leave a lifeless Orton in the ring.

Week 9:

Rhodes and DiBiase are in the ring with smiles on their faces.

Cody Rhodes: I am happy to say that DiBiase has been traded back to Raw, and therefore, Priceless is now an official stable. And since we have stopped being Orton's tools, we're shooting for some gold.

Orton enters the ring but looks injured.

Randy Orton: I swear if I wasn't injured, I would have RKOed both of you into space. Since I can't kick your asses, these guys can.

Jerishow enters the ring, but Priceless quickly leave it. Rhodes gets a microphone.

Cody Rhodes: I'm not going to engage in some kind of crazy brawl. Noooo. Instead, why don't we have a title match?

Chris Jericho: You haven't even deserved a title shot. Wha...

The guest host(Whoever he/she is lol) appears on the TitanTron.

Guest host: How about a contendership match for Priceless next week, and if they win, they'll face Jerishow at Hell in a Cell?

Ted DiBiase: Jerishow, consider those titles ours. And that's a promise.

Okay, I'll be stopping now. Tune in for the next parts. Another thing, for the rumors of Nic trying to move the blog into Webs.com is half true. We're just going for a trial run to see what Webs.com can provide. Me and Nic will keep you updated as more on the story comes. Oh and I just like to point this out, I'm discontinuing this storyline mainly because a similar storyline was on SvR '10's Orton's RTWM mode.

Until then,


October 21, 2009

Fantasy Storylines -- Shadow of the Legacy, Part 1

As I have promised earlier, I will be starting a storyline involving the ACA WOTM voting, Cody Rhodes. Without a further a do, I will start off with the storyline.

Week 1:

It is Raw a week after another successful WWE title defence by Randy Orton on The Great American Bash PPV with help from Legacy. The screen is focused on Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Micheal Cole: As some of you may know, it was announced on WWE.com that the United States champion, Jack Swagger, was injured. The injury was not caused by any superstar. It was caused when he accidentaly fractured his calf muscle while playing football. More information on this subject is on WWE.com.

Jerry Lawler: And another equally important news, a battle royal will be held tonight for the vacant United States championship. This is huge news, isn't it Cole?

Micheal Cole: Yes it is, and it will start after this commercial break.

When the commercial ends, it is shown that Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes are preparing backstage while talking to each other.

Ted DiBiase: Cody, just know that if either of us becomes the US champion, it won't get in the way of Legacy.

Cody Rhodes: Of course it won't, although we would be finally stepping out of the shadow of Randy Orton...

Ted DiBiase: What are you saying? Randy is a great mentor for us and if it weren't for him, you'd still be jobbing to Hacksaw and Cryme Tyme.

Cody Rhodes: But still, all the titles and accomplishments that Legacy had done were all done by Randy. I'm just saying if that if either of us win tonight, Legacy will be known as something other than Randy.

Both of them finish preparing and they go to the ring.

Match 1 -- Battle Royal

Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, Santino Marella, Chavo Guerrero, Carlito, Evan Bourne, Jamie Noble, Chris Masters, MVP, Mark Henry, The Big Show, Chris Jericho and Primo enter the ring. The match starts off with everybody delivering blows to each other. The ring is drowned in complete chaos. The next highlight is when Kofi Kingston delivers an enziguiri to Evan Bourne, which sends him out. However, Santino quickly takes advantage and eliminates Kingston from behind. Mark Henry attempts to carry both Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, but Jericho nails Henry with a dropkick to the face. Mark Henry is tangled in the ropes, while Jamie Noble attempts to take this advantage to eliminate Henry. Henry reverses and tosses Noble outside of the ring. Mark Henry then seizes Chavo, and sends him outside the ring. The Miz then delivers a devastating kick to Primo, which sends him to the outside. The Miz spots MVP, and starts attacking him. MVP wins the lockup and lifts him to the outside. Chris Masters lifts up Santino impressively and also throws him outside. Chris Masters then is felt with a shot to the forehead from MVP. The Big Show delivers a devastating clothesline to MVP, who seems like he's unconcious. Mark Henry delivers a pounding to Jericho, DiBiase and Rhodes until he and Big Show engage in a stare-off. Show makes the first move in a big punch to the stomach. This lock-up continues until Henry manages to eliminate Show. However, Jericho, Masters, DiBiase and Rhodes quickly lifts Henry up and with a combined effort, they manage to eliminate him. Jericho, Rhodes, DiBiase, Masters, MVP and Carlito are left in the ring. Punches, lock-ups and grapples are thrown in the ring. As Masters and Carlito lock-up, it seems that Jericho and Legacy made some kind of partnership and team up on MVP. The only time MVP manages to get an offensive is when he eliminates Ted DiBiase, but Rhodes and Jericho quickly take him out and soon eliminating him. Carlito goes for the backstabber on Masters and gets it. Jericho quickly locks Carlito up in the Walls of Jericho where Carlito continously bangs his hands on the canvas, signifying that he tapped out, however, elimination is only by both feet touching the floor. Jericho finally puts Carlito out of his misery and eliminates him. Rhodes quickly betrays Jericho, and takes him outside. Jericho is furious but officials manage to control him from entering the match. Rhodes picks up a beaten Masters and eliminates him easily. The bell rings and Rhodes is lying on the canvas with a sigh of relief. An official delivers the belt to him, and Rhodes quickly hugs it. Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase come out to congratulate him and they soon leave the ring. After Legacy left the ring, Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring. He picks up a microphone.

Vince McMahon: I would just like to remind all of you that the WWE Draft will take place next week, right here on Raw. I would also like to say that Cody Rhodes's first title defence will be on Thursday Night, on Superstars.

Vince McMahon leaves the ring.

Three days pass, and Superstars finally comes.

Match 1 -- Cody Rhodes vs. Chris Jericho

Rhodes defends his title after a very impressive performance.

Week 2:

After a couple of opening matches, the US champion versus the IC champion is announced.

Match 1 -- Cody Rhodes vs. John Morrison

John Morrison wins, after a not so amazing performance by Rhodes. The draft lottery goes and it's picked. Everbody is shocked to see who got drafted. His music hits and he enters the ring. It was...Ted DiBiase who got drafted. John Morrison quickly leaves the ring, with no intention to get involved. Ted DiBiase looks very angrily at Cody Rhodes, as if it was Cody's choice to chose Ted to get drafted. Ted picks up a microphone.

Ted DiBiase: Cody, do you think that every non-title match is important to you? Do you think after you won the US title, you could just forget Legacy? Cody...

Ted is quickly interrupted by Randy Orton.

Randy Orton: Guys, guys! You're forgetting the most important thing here, and that is our alliance and friendship. Why do you guys make such a fuss about getting drafted to another brand? This actually means that Legacy will go on to a further WWE domination and will conquer also Smackdown! Now, I know that you guys need to blow off some steam, so I've asked the gm to book you two a match...against each other. Hopefully, that will soften this tiny and useless quarell between you two and show each other the wrestling skill that each of you posses.

Week 3:

Before the match starts, Cody enters the ring with some sort of speech to tell everyone.

Cody Rhodes: Yes, I know, Ted. I was a terrible partner to you, all after some stupid championship. I'm here to apologise, and I promise this won't get in the way of Legacy...

Ted interrupts Cody with something of his own to tell.

Ted DiBiase: There's one problem, Cody. I asked the gm to make it a US championship match. Good luck, Cody.

Cody looks very furious and seems like he regretted all of what he said.

Match 1 -- Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

Randy Orton comes to the ring for a first-class seat that overlooks the match. Ted makes his entrance and soon Cody makes his entrance. As soon as Cody entered the ring, both of these men started delivering blows to each other. After a very brutal match, both of the men go to the outside, where Cody deliberately nails Ted with a chair shot. Cody loses the match, but he still is the champion. Cody smiles as he is about to deliver a chair shot to a lifeless DiBiase. However, Orton quickly jumps over the barricade and gets the chair from Rhodes. Both of them argue until Rhodes leaves the ring. Medics put DiBiase on a stretcher.

Week 4:

There's only a week left until Summerslam, and there is not yet a WWE title match. Vince McMahon announces what he has planned for Summerslam...

Vince McMahon: The contender for the WWE Championship will be...Triple H. There will also be an United States Championship match. The number one contender for the United States Championship will be HBK.

The screen now focuses on Cody Rhodes backstage, who looks very frustrated. He starts talking to himself.

Cody Rhodes: They can't do this to me, HBK didn't even deserve a title shot. Wh...

Randy Orton, who seemed like he came from nowhere, starts talking to Rhodes.

Randy Orton: Look Cody, I know me and you haven't been best of friends as of late, but we're still the Legacy. See, both of us hate DX, so both of us should try to dispose of DX.

Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes continue talking until the screen fades to black.


Summerslam has finally arrived. The next match in announced...

Match 1 -- Cody Rhodes vs. Shawn Micheals

HBK goes for the Sweet Chin Music and hits it on Rhodes. However, Randy Orton quickly runs into the ring and delivers a very devastating RKO. After Orton leaves the ring, DiBiase comes down and attacks Rhodes. After pounding Rhodes, DiBiase puts HBK on top of Rhodes. HBK wins the match and becomes US champ, but it seems that Rhodes is not worried about that. Rhodes runs to the backstage, in search of DiBiase.

Main event -- Randy Orton vs. Triple H

Triple H wins the match after the pedigree and becomes WWE champion.

Week 5:

Cody Rhodes calls out Ted DiBiase, but Randy Orton comes out instead.

Randy Orton: I interfered in your match, but where were you in the WWE Championship match?

Cody Rhodes: I was chasing that bastard, DiBiase.

DiBiase makes his way to the ring.

Ted DiBiase: What do you expect me to do after you hit me with a chair? Mow your lawn?

Randy Orton: Ted, Cody, this stupid quarell had cost us the WWE and US Championships. Let's finish this quarell and let's regain both of our championships.

Cody Rhodes: Fine, fine. I'm sorry Ted, about all this nonsense.

Ted DiBiase: It's okay, let's just regain the titles.

Randy Orton: Good good, that's the spirit. Now Rhodes, invoke your rematch clause and put DiBiase in the mix. I'll invoke mine, and you guys will be my managers for the WWE title match.

All of them leave the ring and prepare for their matches.

Match 1 -- Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Shawn Micheals

While destroying HBK, DiBiase accidentaly clotheslines Rhodes. Rhodes immediately thought that DiBiase was trying to backstab him, and quickly started attacking DiBiase. Both men continously fight, until Rhodes hits the Cross Body. However, HBK quickly nails Rhodes with the Sweet Chin Music and then pins Rhodes for the win.

Main event -- Randy Orton w/ Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes vs. Triple H

As Randy makes his entrance there is no sign of Ted or Cody. Triple H quickly attacks a stunned Orton and hits the pedigree on him. Triple H pins Orton and defends his championship.

After the match, Orton picks up a microphone.

Randy Orton: Rhodes! DiBiase! Get your asses here right now.

Both of them seperately enter the ring.

Cody Rhodes: That was the last straw. I can never team up with DiBiase ever again.

Ted DiBiase: Same thing for me, it seems that Legacy has to take out the trash.

Cody Rhodes: It's pretty obvious who's the trash.

Randy Orton: Enough of this. I'm not choosing any of you over the other.

Ted DiBiase: I'm sorry Orton, but I can't team up with Rhodes. He screws up every time.

Cody Rhodes: I have had enough of this too. Orton, pick either one of us, or none.

Randy Orton remains speechless while Rhodes and DiBiase continue fighting.

I'll be stopping this here for now. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Until then,


October 20, 2009

Fantasy Storylines -- The Streak Ends, Part 3

So I've taken some flack from Vafa over not posting regularly. So I'll try to get in one post every week. Maybe more if time allows. Real life gets in the way a bit, though. Sorry for not updating more often.

Without further dudes, let's get part 3 finished for y'all.

Week 13:

Teddy Long is out in the ring with Vince McMahon.

Teddy: Okay, playas. Here's the deal. Now I know that Randy Orton isn't behind these attacks, and I know that the Undertaker isn't behind these attacks. So, since Orton seems to be uninvolved in the majority of the attacks, I've decided to give him his spot in the tournament. On the condition that his match is tonight, and it will be against the Undertaker.

Vince: Need I remind you that you're still on probation? You'll have to do better than that.

Teddy: Alright then. Tonight, it will be the Undertaker vs. Randy Orton, and it will be for Randy's WWE Title. That match is our main event.

Orton comes out to the ring, looking pissed off.

Orton: How dare you make me defend my title against the Undertaker? I asked for a spot in the tournament, not a chance to lose my title.

Teddy: All the more motivation to win tonight, playa.

Orton: You win this round, Teddy.

Orton leaves the ring to get ready for the match.

Match #1 -- Orton vs. Taker

Orton makes his way out to the ring, and so does Taker. The ref is about to call for the bell, when Kane's music hits. Kane walks out, with Teddy Long in tow.

Teddy (visibly nervous): I-I have just been informed that the Undertaker will no longer have to compete in his own tournament. We ha-have found a replacement for him. However, the match will no longer be for the WWE Title.

The lights go out, and there is a crack of lightning that hits the stage. A rock version of "O Fortuna" starts playing, and the lights come back on, but only enough to make things barely visible. A dark figure makes his way down the ramp, along with Kane. They get to the ring, and the lights come back on.

The dark figure removes his hood to reveal a young man with dark features and very intense eyes. He has about the same stature and build of a young Undertaker. Taker looks absolutely stunned. They stare at one another for a couple of seconds, then Taker just backs out of the ring in silence.

Match #1.2 -- Orton vs. Mystery Dude

Mystery Dude locks up with Orton, and MD slams him to the mat. The match goes back and forth for a while, but MD picks up the win. Orton looks kinda surprised, but is just glad the title wasn't on the line.

Week 14:

Undertaker is in the ring to start off the show.

Taker: Brother, last week you brought someone from my past into the picture. You brought up demons that should have been left to rest. Kane, you need to make your intentions clear.

Kane makes his way to the ring.

Kane: My intentions? My intentions are none of your concern. All you need to know is that I have found your successor. You're growing old, and weak. It's time for you to step aside and disappear into the mists of history.

Taker: Old, perhaps. But you will see that I am stronger than ever. With age comes wisdom, something you are clearly lacking.

Kane: Brother, you are growing weak. whther you admit it or not, I can see it in your eyes. They don't have the same intensity as they once did. Your face is withering. You're a shell of your former self.

Taker: I'm through with talking. If I'm so weak, why don't you prove it in a match tonight?

Kane: Your funeral, old man.

The show cuts to commercial. When it returns, we learn that CM Punk vs. Mystery Dude will be the main event.

Match #1 -- Kane vs. Taker

Taker wins after hitting a Tombstone on Kane. Good match, if not a little short.

Match #2 -- Punk vs. MD

Punk has MD up for the GTS, but MD slips out. MD hits an inverted suplex-to-sitout-piledriver manouvre. He pins Punk for the win.

MD grabs a mic.

MD: You abandoned me as a child. Now I have returned to take my revenge on you. I am the true prince of darkness. At Wrestlemania, father, I will take my rightful place on your throne.

The announcers are in stunned silence. Most of the crowd is slack-jawed. Nobody can believe that this is Taker's son.

Week 15:

Taker's son is in the ring. The only light is shining on him.

Taker's Son: Father, it is time for you to step aside and let me take my place as your successor. Like it or not, I am your son. Your blood flows in my veins. I can feel you pulsing through me, and it disgusts me. I made a vow that I would never become like you. But genetics had other plans. Now, here I am. If I cannot vanquish you from me, I will vanquish you from this world.

You have gotten soft in your old age. Become weak. In nature, when and elder becomes too weak and becomes a burden on it's herd, it is sent off to die and gets replaced. I'm here to do what nature intended. Something you failed to do yourself.

You are a burden on the WWE, and this sunday, I will send you off to die.

Taker appears on the screen, sitting in a large, ornate throne.

Taker: I abandoned you beause I deemed you unworthy to be my heir. I have not stepped aside because there is nobody worthy of taking my place. They are all either too arrogant, or too weak in spirit to succeed me.

As you know, I am undefeated at Wrestlemania. If you should beat me, I will make you my heir and leave you my throne.Should you lose, you will be banished from my life and the WWE forever. Those are the terms. Be prepared.

The screen goes dark. Taker's son is joined in the ring by Kane.

Kane: I am the only relative who has been there for you over the years. This will be no exception. I will train you to become worthy of his throne. When you do take it over, I will be there as your advisor, your mentor. Together, we can send him into the darkness.


It's finally here. It's time to determine who is the greater family member.

Taker's sone is in the ring first, with a grand entrance that rivals that of Taker's. Kane is by his side.

Undertaker make shis entrance. He is carried out on his throne by a group of druids. He is wearing what looks like royal attire, except black. There is a matching crown. He takes them off and drapes them over them over the throne, along with the crown.

The match gets underway. It's extremely even, with lots of false finishes. The end comes nearly 30 minutes later, when Taker's Son (sorry I don't have a good name) hits his finisher. According to the announcers, it's called the Demon Driver.

Taker gets up, and grabs a mic.

Taker: It seems as though I may have misjudged you. It seems that you are indeed worthy of my throne. Now, you may take your place as my rightful heir.

Taker and his son both exit the ring, and Taker places the robe on his son. He sits down in the throne and Taker sets the crown on his head. Then Taker kneels down and does this thing. His son's music starts playing, and Taker disappears in a puff of smoke.

Sorry for the long delay in finishing this off. Hope it was worth the wait.


October 17, 2009

Nic's October Plans

Since Vafa knows what he's doing for the months, I figure I should tell you my plans. First off, I kinda like this bouncing back and forth between us writing parts of storylines, I'll finish off part 3 of the Taker storyline. I was also thinking of doing a storyline based on Shane's resignation. I may also go an an anti-Cena/WWE rant as I do from time to time. I might talk about how to make TNA real competition for WWE.

Anyways, Vafa, if you're reading this: I think we should bounce storylines back and forth for the longer ones. I do a part, you do a part, etc. I also like your idea of using the ACA WOTM. Good finish to part 2, man. Keep it up.


Vafa's October Plans

After The Streak Ends storyline is done, I will focus on two blogs. One will be a review of SvR 10, which will be released in a week or two's time. The other will be a, the winner of October's ACA WOTM Voting, Cody Rhodes storyline. Now, since I can't speak for Nic, he might be doing some other project.

Just to keep you informed...


Fantasy Storylines -- The Streak Ends, Continuation of Part 2

Week 8:

Match #1 -- Eric Escobar vs. Edge

As the announcer announces the match, there is no sign of either Edge or Escobar. Now, the camera focuses on the Titantron, where we can see that Edge and Escobar are lying in the floor.

Match #2 -- Mike Knox vs. Batista

Batista makes his entrance, however, Knox is nowhere to be found. Batista wins by default.

Theodore Long makes his way to the ring and picks up a microphone.

Theodore Long: Okay, okay. This has turned into complete chaos. I am tired of superstars being attacked backstage constantly. However, I can't force superstars into the ring. Since tons of superstars are being attacked backstage, we must advance to the quarter-finals just because of lack of superstars. There's one problem though, there are only seven wrestlers. Since it's an odd number, we need one more wrestler. Since I'm pretty sure that The Undertaker had some kind of involvement in the backstage attacks, so for the main event, The Undertaker will temporarily participate in this tournament and will take on Batista. However, The Undertaker will stop participating as soon as we find a replacement.
Good luck to all of you in No Way Out, playa's.

No Way Out:

Match #1 -- Swagger vs. Jackson

Swagger defeats Jackson via dq after Jackson keeps on punching Swagger.

Chris Masters comes to the ring and brings a microphone to the ring.

Masters: John Morrison, you think you're the goods. You think you're in perfect shape? Let's see about that. Before our match, let's have a Masterlock challenge. We'll exactly...

Masters is interrupted by John Morrison who doesn't say a word and heads to the ring. An official brings a chair into the ring and unfolds it. Morrison sits on it and Masters stretches a bit. Masters locks on the Masterlock and soon, Morrison seems like he's in hot water and is soon out cold. Morrison loses the challenge, however, the match didn't even start. The bell goes, and all Masters does is pin Morrison.

Match #2 -- Sheamus vs. CM Punk

Punk wins after a GTS.

Main event -- The Undertaker vs. Batista

Batista makes his entrance, however, The Undertaker is knocked out backstage. Batista wins by forefeit again.

Week 9:

The screen focuses on Theodore Long, who is in his office.

Theodore Long: This is enough. After tonight's main event, I'll find out who is behind the attacks. It's a gurantee.

Screen fades to black.

After the main event finishes, Theodore Long's music hits and he enters the ring with a microphone.

Theodore Long: That is it. I've had enough of this. Whoever you are, come out right now and...

Randy Orton's music hits and he enters the ring. He picks up a microphone.

Randy Orton: I attacked The Undertaker. I was thinking, why didn't they put me in the tournament? I am the Legend Killer after all. I deserve to face The Undertaker.

Theodore Long: Well, sorry playa. The semi-finals are already announced. Swagger versus Masters and CM Punk versus Batista.

Randy Orton: Are you kidding me? You fit two jobbers and one crazy lunatic on steriods who's got more muscle than brain? Honestly, CM Punk is the only one who deserves to be there, but even he is not remotely close to the greatness of me or The Legacy. Theodore Long, I will continue attacking your superstars, until I am put in the tournament.

Randy Orton leaves the ring.

Week 10:

Theodore Long appears on screen.

Theodore Long: The tournament shall continue with one of the semi-finals played tonight, and the other played next week. Good luck to all of you, playas.

Main event -- Swagger vs. Chris Masters

Swagger and Masters are shown backstage, both lying on the ground.

Theodore Long enters the ring with a microphone, looking very furious.

Theodore Long: RANDY ORTON! You dare to interfere again? Come out here, right now!

Randy Orton's music hits and he enters the ring with a microphone.

Randy Orton: I may be the Legend Killer. I may be the Viper. I may have attacked The Undertaker. But this time, I swear I wasn't near them...

Theodore Long: Do you think I'm a fool, Orton? You surely...

The lights are turned off. When they are turned on again, both Long and Orton are lying on the floor.

Week 11:

Theodore Long comes to the ring with a microphone.

Thedore Long: I have suspended Randy Orton and The Undertaker tonight. Therefore, the semi-final will not be disrupted tonight. Good luck to all of you, playas.

Main event -- CM Punk vs. Batista

After a back and forth match, the lights go off again. When they're turned on again, both men are on the floor. Batista, though, is bleeding. CM Punk manages to put an arm on Batista. CM Punk, slowly but joyfully, celebrates his win.

Week 12:

This time, Theodore Long doesn't enter the ring, Vince McMahon enters instead and gets a microphone.

Vince McMahon: It seems like the same thing every single week. Theodore Long comes out and says some crap about interference. Now, I know that Randy Orton and The Undertaker both were suspended. We are investigating who was behind all this. Now, we only have two more weeks until Wrestlemania, so we cannot delay the tournament at all. The investigation will take place, but it won't postpone the match. To counter interference, this match will be held in a Steel Cage.

Vince McMahon leaves the ring.

Main event -- Jack Swagger vs. Chris Masters

Swagger wins after a very hard fought battle.

I bet some of you didn't expect it was me, eh? It was the second generation grunge kid posting here for his first time. Either me or Nic will continue week 13, week 14, week 15 and Wrestlemania in Part 3 of this fantasy storyline.

Until then,


October 16, 2009

Fantasy Storylines -- The Streak Ends, Part 2

At last, the end of a 3 month old storyline. Sorry for the rather long delay, I was busy misspelling the name of my new writer. Anyways, let's get right back into this.

Week 7:
The matches for the second bracket are announced as Kane vs. Sheamus and CM Punk vs. Triple H

Match #1 -- Kane vs. Sheamus
Sheamus pulls out an upset win after countering a Chokeslam.
Match #2 -- CM Punk vs. Triple H
CM Punk wins after Trips tears his quadriceps again.
Week 8:
Matches: Eric Escobar vs. Edge and Mike Knox vs. Batista
I'm ending this here for now, and I'm going to let Vafa finish this off if he likes. If not, I'll finish it off next week.

Welcome to the ACACT Vafa

I'd like to welcome Vafa Behnam to the ACACT. He was the creator of the View From Ringside blog, that has now merged with us. To determine which blog stayed, we held a match inside the most hellacious structure known to man: The Bouncy Castle.

As you can tell, I came out victorious and Vafa was gracious in defeat. He now joins me as a writer. Welcome to the ACACT Vafa, and sorry for crushing your blog. I just didn't want to competition.

Hope you all enjoy what he brings to the ring,


October 14, 2009

Possible Merger in the Works

Ladies and gentlemen, the ACACT and the View From Ringside may be merging. As yet, it is still undetermined which blog will remain, but I'll keep you updated as I learn more. Anyways, stay tuned in the next couple of days (more than likely Friday) for the long overdue finish to the last fantasy storyline.

Til then,


October 7, 2009

We Can Do Better

Here's a new feature debuting this week, where I'll look at the card for an upcoming PPV, and scrutinize the crap out of it, and then rewrite it as I see fit.

This year, we have a new PPV debuting called Bragging Rights. It's supposed to be a SD vs. Raw concept (Survivor Series, anyone?). The Raw main event is our favourite bag of shit, John Cena vs. Randy Orton in an Ironman match.

The only upshot of seeing Cena make Orton look bad for an entire hour is that Cena may leave Raw at the end.

If it were me doing the booking (and God willing some day I will be), I would do it like this:

First off, we need to get rid of the ridiculous Cena/Orton promo from Raw. Gone. Tossed. Instead of having Cena come out and demand his rematch, Orton will just flat out tell Cena that this is how things are going down, and if he wants his rematch, he'll have to abide by his terms.

For the stipulation itself, I would go one step further and say that Cena must leave Raw, AND is not allowed to challenge for ANY title for one full year. He can't compete in the Royal Rumble, he's not allowed in Money in the Bank, absolutely no #1 contender's matches.

Now, in all fairness, we need some kind of stipulation for Orton, since we want this to actually seem like something is being put on the line. I think that Orton should be putting up his spot in Legacy. They're holding him back, anyways.

Now the PPV rolls around, and Orton is in the ring holding John Cena's Raw contract. He says that if Cena doesn't win, he will rip this up right in front of him.

The match starts (I'll spare you the hour-long descriptiona nd cut right to the chase) and near the end things are all tied up at 3 falls each.

Cena has Orton up for an FU/whatever the new even gayer name is, but Orton counters and drops into an RKO. The closing seconds of the match see Orton pin Cena. 1....2..... oops, time's up.

Now, Orton, instead of being irate, has an evil smirk on his face. He grabs a mic and Cena's contract. He says that well, Cena didn't win, so he's tearing up his Raw contract. Furthermore, the other stipulation is that Cena is no longer allowed to have any contact with any title picture for one full year effective immediately.

The next night on Raw, Orton is in the ring with Legacy, boasting about how he's kicked Cena off Raw. Cena interrupts, and says that hey, Orton didn't win either. So he has to give up his spot in Legacy.

Orton says he could care less about those 2 talentless nobodies. They're holding him back, wasting his time.

So now Orton banishes Rhodes and his butt-buddy from the ring, and now we have Orton by himself as a top dog without any restraints. Perhaps when Edge returns we'll see Rated RKO reform.

Tune in....some time.... for the finish to the Undertaker's last storyline.