October 31, 2009

What the WWE should avoid doing to look less fake.

Firstly, I'm deducing that you people are tired of the 24/7 fantasy storylines, and since we're the ACA Creative Team, this topic should help out the WWE Creative Team/superstars to look way less fake/scripted. So, let's get started...

I was at home, watching Raw with my sister(who barely watches wrestling btw). She thought Raw was real crap, and I don't blame her. After watching Raw, she instantly found out that WWE was scripted. So, what should the WWE be doing to avoid future incidents like this?

Firstly, it's that the wrestlers deliberately puts themselves in the position of their opponents finishers. For example, if I wanted to go for an missile dropkick(Jumping dropkick from the turnbuckle) my opponent would be standing in a forward position, facing me. If I wanted to go for a bulldog from the top rope instead, my opponent would also be in a standing position, but facing the opposite way. This has been apparent, and seems that the wrestlers want to be fed a finisher.

How to fix this problem? It's real simple, just not put yourself in that position. If a wrestler's main finisher is in a position that a wrestler finds himself rarily in, for example if somebody's main finisher was a jumping legdrop and the position the opponent should be in is standing up, and his head facing down, then that finisher should be either turned into a signature move, or completely abolished. The process of turning it into a signature move is simple. Signature moves are used as "warm-ups" to finishers, therefore, whenever that rare situation happens, the wrestler can hit that move. It's real simple.

Hmm, has anybody heard that the Wrestlemania ring canvas is made out of pillow feathers? Well, that would explain why Undertaker was fed a hundred finishers by HBK and Undertaker delivering a thousand tombstones, until the 1001th tombstone managed to get the win at WM25. If you did not get my point, I was refering to the sudden surge of energy that is given to the wrestlers at PPVs. I mean, come on, what difference does a match at Raw and a match at a PPV have? None, and it's just stupid to see a match at Raw taking five minutes, but a match at the PPV taking thirty.

But hey, even though this is a problem and makes WWE look a bit fake, PPVs are a major way of making cash. Also, it just wouldn't seem right to see a Raw match surpass, say, a Survivor Series match. Besides, a PPV has more airtime than a normal show. So, if you want, we could just ignore the last paragraph.

Is it just me, or does some wrestlers let opponents out of their pinfall attempts?
Even though this is less apparent than the other things mentioned here, it is still important. When a wrestler simply forgets that he HAS to win and his opponent doesn't, his opponent bails him out at the last moment. Take an example, if Ziggler goes for a pinfall on Cena and since Ziggler probably demolished Cena, Cena is unable to counter the pinfall. Ziggler suddenly remembers that if he pins Cena, Vince McMahon will draft him to some brand as a "push" and leaves him there, fighting jobbers, just like Shelton Benjamin. Ziggler suddenly avoids this scenario and deliberately lets Cena out of the pin. Okay, this may be exaggerated, but I think you know what I mean.

And sometimes, if both the wrestlers forget which wrestler should win(Although this is not the case all the time...) the referee intervenes with the result of the match by having an extra count or goes slower than normal until the wrestler realises that. Haven't you noticed that the referee goes for a four count at least once?

Speaking of referees...haven't you noticed that instead of a five count for a DQ, the referee does a three count instead? Something even more common, haven't you noticed two counts for a pinfall ends up being the winning pinfall? I have noticed that a lot myself, when I just hear two taps and the next thing I know, the wrestler's hand is raised.

Last but surely not least, firing Cena would help the WWE look less fake. Duh...

I'm sure there are way more reasons that I have not mentioned here and that some of these things I have mentioned have not been noticed by you, but all in all, it should be enough for a good read.

Until then,


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