October 20, 2009

Fantasy Storylines -- The Streak Ends, Part 3

So I've taken some flack from Vafa over not posting regularly. So I'll try to get in one post every week. Maybe more if time allows. Real life gets in the way a bit, though. Sorry for not updating more often.

Without further dudes, let's get part 3 finished for y'all.

Week 13:

Teddy Long is out in the ring with Vince McMahon.

Teddy: Okay, playas. Here's the deal. Now I know that Randy Orton isn't behind these attacks, and I know that the Undertaker isn't behind these attacks. So, since Orton seems to be uninvolved in the majority of the attacks, I've decided to give him his spot in the tournament. On the condition that his match is tonight, and it will be against the Undertaker.

Vince: Need I remind you that you're still on probation? You'll have to do better than that.

Teddy: Alright then. Tonight, it will be the Undertaker vs. Randy Orton, and it will be for Randy's WWE Title. That match is our main event.

Orton comes out to the ring, looking pissed off.

Orton: How dare you make me defend my title against the Undertaker? I asked for a spot in the tournament, not a chance to lose my title.

Teddy: All the more motivation to win tonight, playa.

Orton: You win this round, Teddy.

Orton leaves the ring to get ready for the match.

Match #1 -- Orton vs. Taker

Orton makes his way out to the ring, and so does Taker. The ref is about to call for the bell, when Kane's music hits. Kane walks out, with Teddy Long in tow.

Teddy (visibly nervous): I-I have just been informed that the Undertaker will no longer have to compete in his own tournament. We ha-have found a replacement for him. However, the match will no longer be for the WWE Title.

The lights go out, and there is a crack of lightning that hits the stage. A rock version of "O Fortuna" starts playing, and the lights come back on, but only enough to make things barely visible. A dark figure makes his way down the ramp, along with Kane. They get to the ring, and the lights come back on.

The dark figure removes his hood to reveal a young man with dark features and very intense eyes. He has about the same stature and build of a young Undertaker. Taker looks absolutely stunned. They stare at one another for a couple of seconds, then Taker just backs out of the ring in silence.

Match #1.2 -- Orton vs. Mystery Dude

Mystery Dude locks up with Orton, and MD slams him to the mat. The match goes back and forth for a while, but MD picks up the win. Orton looks kinda surprised, but is just glad the title wasn't on the line.

Week 14:

Undertaker is in the ring to start off the show.

Taker: Brother, last week you brought someone from my past into the picture. You brought up demons that should have been left to rest. Kane, you need to make your intentions clear.

Kane makes his way to the ring.

Kane: My intentions? My intentions are none of your concern. All you need to know is that I have found your successor. You're growing old, and weak. It's time for you to step aside and disappear into the mists of history.

Taker: Old, perhaps. But you will see that I am stronger than ever. With age comes wisdom, something you are clearly lacking.

Kane: Brother, you are growing weak. whther you admit it or not, I can see it in your eyes. They don't have the same intensity as they once did. Your face is withering. You're a shell of your former self.

Taker: I'm through with talking. If I'm so weak, why don't you prove it in a match tonight?

Kane: Your funeral, old man.

The show cuts to commercial. When it returns, we learn that CM Punk vs. Mystery Dude will be the main event.

Match #1 -- Kane vs. Taker

Taker wins after hitting a Tombstone on Kane. Good match, if not a little short.

Match #2 -- Punk vs. MD

Punk has MD up for the GTS, but MD slips out. MD hits an inverted suplex-to-sitout-piledriver manouvre. He pins Punk for the win.

MD grabs a mic.

MD: You abandoned me as a child. Now I have returned to take my revenge on you. I am the true prince of darkness. At Wrestlemania, father, I will take my rightful place on your throne.

The announcers are in stunned silence. Most of the crowd is slack-jawed. Nobody can believe that this is Taker's son.

Week 15:

Taker's son is in the ring. The only light is shining on him.

Taker's Son: Father, it is time for you to step aside and let me take my place as your successor. Like it or not, I am your son. Your blood flows in my veins. I can feel you pulsing through me, and it disgusts me. I made a vow that I would never become like you. But genetics had other plans. Now, here I am. If I cannot vanquish you from me, I will vanquish you from this world.

You have gotten soft in your old age. Become weak. In nature, when and elder becomes too weak and becomes a burden on it's herd, it is sent off to die and gets replaced. I'm here to do what nature intended. Something you failed to do yourself.

You are a burden on the WWE, and this sunday, I will send you off to die.

Taker appears on the screen, sitting in a large, ornate throne.

Taker: I abandoned you beause I deemed you unworthy to be my heir. I have not stepped aside because there is nobody worthy of taking my place. They are all either too arrogant, or too weak in spirit to succeed me.

As you know, I am undefeated at Wrestlemania. If you should beat me, I will make you my heir and leave you my throne.Should you lose, you will be banished from my life and the WWE forever. Those are the terms. Be prepared.

The screen goes dark. Taker's son is joined in the ring by Kane.

Kane: I am the only relative who has been there for you over the years. This will be no exception. I will train you to become worthy of his throne. When you do take it over, I will be there as your advisor, your mentor. Together, we can send him into the darkness.


It's finally here. It's time to determine who is the greater family member.

Taker's sone is in the ring first, with a grand entrance that rivals that of Taker's. Kane is by his side.

Undertaker make shis entrance. He is carried out on his throne by a group of druids. He is wearing what looks like royal attire, except black. There is a matching crown. He takes them off and drapes them over them over the throne, along with the crown.

The match gets underway. It's extremely even, with lots of false finishes. The end comes nearly 30 minutes later, when Taker's Son (sorry I don't have a good name) hits his finisher. According to the announcers, it's called the Demon Driver.

Taker gets up, and grabs a mic.

Taker: It seems as though I may have misjudged you. It seems that you are indeed worthy of my throne. Now, you may take your place as my rightful heir.

Taker and his son both exit the ring, and Taker places the robe on his son. He sits down in the throne and Taker sets the crown on his head. Then Taker kneels down and does this thing. His son's music starts playing, and Taker disappears in a puff of smoke.

Sorry for the long delay in finishing this off. Hope it was worth the wait.


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