October 27, 2009

Fantasy Storylines -- Shane Resigns? Part 1

Here we go with a new storyline. Vafa's been riding my ass (no jokes please) to post more, so I'm trying to find a balance between quality and quantity. Hopefully neither one suffers.

Week 1:

The news of Shane's resignation becomes public. Everyone speculates that he's off to help his mom with her campaign (which will fail, just sayin'). There is no other news than that at this time.

Week 2:

It is announced that Shane will have a going away party next week live on Raw. Every superstar will be there, and so will the rest of the McMahon family.

Week 3:

It's time. Shane-O's leaving the WWE. The ring has a podium set up in the middle, and there's a table with a cake shaped like a dollar sign on it. The superstars file out to ringside, followed by the McMahons.

Everyone is enjoying the party, and ask Shane to say a few words.

Shane: "Ladies and gentlemen, I've been with the WWE for nearly my entire life. I've enjoyed every moment of it. But now, it's time for me to move on. But before I do, I want to dispel any rumours about why I'm stepping down from my position. I am not, as some have suggested, leaving to work on my mother's campaign for senate.

I'm stepping down because I wish to invoke section 3 of the contract I made with my father. When I signed on to WWE several years ago, I signed a contract. Section 3 of that contract would allow me to take over the reigns when I felt that my father was no longer capable of running the company.

Given the current state of affairs, the stagnant title pictures, the guest host crap, I'd say that you've really dropped the ball, Dad. I'm invoking section 3 effective immediately. Dad, you must pack up your office and leave at once. I am the new chairman of--"

Stefanie wrestles the mic out of his hands.

Stef: "Hold on. We agreed that when Dad lost his marbles that I would be the one to take over. Besides, I control his power of attorney. Should Dad become unable to make decisions for himself, which he clearly can't, I get to make said decisions for him. I decide that you are NOT the new chairman, you are NOT the--"

Now Vince grabs the mic.

Vinnie: "Shut up, both of you. Just shut up! I may not be the man I was 20 years ago, but I'm still able to run my own company, dammit! Now both of you listen to me, and listen good: if you'd read further into that contract, you'd see that I have the power to overturn it as I see fit. Right now, I see fit. As for my power of attorney, I hereby revoke it from you, Stefanie.

I'm not leting either one of you take over until I see proof that you can actually run a decent show. Starting next week, the competition is on to see who can be the better GM."

With that, Vince storms off back to his office. Shane and Stef just look at eachother with angry expressions.

Anyways, I need to run to work. I'll try to finish off part 2 later this week. If not, it'll be next week.


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