June 21, 2011

Fan voting: an excuse for shitty booking?

Yeah, it's been a few months since I've done anything here. I'm finding I need to take a couple months off every so often just to stop myself from getting too damned bored with this. Don't get me wrong, I love my writing, but there are times it becomes tedious and annoying. Plus WWE hasn't given me a lot to work with lately. They haven't inspired me to write recently. Tonight is different though. I actually have something to write about again.

With that out of the way, on to business. Tonight was a "power to the people" edition of Raw. The premise in that is, fans get to vote on a list of things. Match types, opponents, shit like that. Now here is where my beef comes in. How legit is the voting? Are we actually seeing what the fans voted for? Or is it just WWE giving us utter bullshit and blaming the fans? If the voting is real, I have lost all faith in humanity.

It does seem like a free night to book whatever crap they want and have a scapegoat in the fans. I'd be surprised if it is legit. There were some trends in the voting (the majority of the winners were B, by just over 50%) which made me wonder. Some of the options were ridiculous as well. Who came up with these things? I swear they just took the dumbest things they could think of, stuck them to a board and threw darts. But that hardly differs from their normal writing process.

They give us the freedom to vote, but only give us shitty options. It's worse than a bloody election. I felt like I was choosing between a douche and a turd tonight, no joke. There is no reason they couldn't have given us something better than they did. Tonight was just lazy booking and I assure you it will catch up to them. To make matters worse, next week is (ugh) Raw Roulette.  Thankfully it's only 2 hours. Is this a thing now? Every Raw will have a theme? I can see that getting old faster than Miley got skanky.

Magic 8 Ball says: Shit remains where it is not flushed.