March 22, 2010

A Small Note

Hello to all the readers of ACA-CT. I know it's been quite a time since I've posted something here, and because of that, I decided that I should make up a valid reason to why I haven't posted....or at least try to. As of late, I've been very busy with some school shit and some hard examinations. Unfortunately, the exams may last up until the rest of March and maybe into April. But when I have some more time to write, I promise, I'll deliver.


March 8, 2010

HBK vs. Taker 2.0

It's almost time for WrestleMania again, and the card looks decent. That is, until I see Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker for the second year in a row. Don't get me wrong, I loved their match last year. But why should I pay to see the same basic match again?

I don't know if the problem lies in WWE not having any new ideas, or if I'm just expecting too much from them, but either way, I was hoping for something else. To make matters worse, it's a retirement match for HBK. Granted, it would be a good way to send him out, but not to Taker. My ideal plans would see Triple H try to talk his partner out of facing Taker, only to have HBK flip and challenge Trips instead. Have him go out that way.

Undertaker and HBK had a great match, there's no reason to do a sequel. Some things are better left with just one installment. Again, I know Taker faced Kane twice, but those matches were 6 years apart, and Taker was still in good shape. I don't want to spend $70 to watch 2 old farts hobble around the ring for the second year in a row.

I want something new, something different. If you want to end the streak, end it with some up and comer. A veteran who is on his last legs doesn't need the push, and WWE is in dire need of new main eventers. Defeating Taker at WM would be a great career starter.

I do see the flaw in that it may make said youngster look like a one trick pony, but it's worth the shot. It's unique, it's a definitive angle, and whoever does it will be catapulted to household name status in an instant. This would best be done by a heel as well, because it would inflate his ego to epic proportions.

But back on track, give someone who isn't your son-in-law's best friend a chance. Don't put an established superstar in the ring to beat Taker, let a young guy do it. They need the rub more than an aging relic.

Also, if HBK doesn't retire, how much longer can he go? For that matter, how long till Taker's knees totally die on him? There will be a point when both guy's bodies give out, and let's hope that WM 26 is their last stand.

As much as I like Taker, he needs to retire. If the streak were to end, he should. I think that is the only way Taker will retire, barring his knees blowing out permanently. HBK could do so much better to retire. Like I mentioned above, HHH should be his final opponent.

I would much prefer to see HHH beat Michaels at WM instead of Taker for a second time, or Michaels beating Taker.

But my main gripe is that it's not a new direction, it's a carry over. WWE is hoping to capitalize again on the success of the match last year. Booking the same match again isn't the way to do this. Find 2 other superstars that could put on hat kind of match.

People are going to get bored. You shouldn't need stipulations or clauses to keep people interested, it should be about the feud itself and not what the outcome will be.

But fear not, WWE, there are still 3 weeks to make things right. Let's hope you wake up and do something.