November 22, 2009

How TNA can become real competition

A while ago, I talked about what WWE could do to improve it's product. We all know that there's very little chance of that happening. But, what I do see happening is TNA, the little company that could, becoming a real threat to WWE.

Let's face it, WWE was at it's peak during the Monday Night Wars. We need that excitement back. The only way to get it back is to have a rival company make it to the same stage as WWE. The closest company to achieving this is TNA. So let's take a look at the steps TNA needs to take in order to compete with WWE.

First of all, stop hiring WWE rejects and washed up talent from bygone decades. Sure, there were a couple that still had some career and enough of a name left to use, but the rest are garbage. To go along with this, bring in some young talent to replace them.

Find some new guys by maybe partnering with a federation like ROH or something. Keep pushing the fresh faces they already have. Don't let them go to waste

Next up, move to either Monday or Friday nights. Don't go head to head with WWE's "D" show. So what you can outdraw Superstars? Nobody cares about that crappy show. You want to get noticed? Outdraw SD or Raw. Besides, that shouldn't be too hard, based on WWE's current crop of crap.

Fire Russo. Nuff said.

I like that Jarrett is gone, but I'm kinda leery on the Hulkster being in charge. It may be good, it may be bad. I'm just going to see where it goes and pass judgement after it pans out a bit more.

Start advertising outside of Spike. I have yet to see a TNA commercial that wasn't on Spike. Seriously, you can't get your name out there if you don't try to get your name out there. This is probably a financial issue, but if TNA fires all the old talent that's useless, then sign new guys to entry level spots, that could free up some cash.

Plus if they advertise more, people will start watching, and buying PPV's and merch. Plus advertisers may come to TNA to put their name on stuff. Get sponsors;.

TNA should also start booking larger arenas. I say this because you can't reach a lot of people if you tape in some little lot in Universal Studios. Take the show on the road, and book sligthly larger venues to start, then work up to larger ones. This shouldn't be done however, until it's clear that the arenas would get good sales.

In closing, TNA needs to watch WWE carefully, and do the complete opposite of what they're doing. It's clearly not working for them, why would it work for TNA?

I'll be back some time again with the finish to Shane-O's retirement.

Peace out, y'all


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