November 25, 2009

Survivor Series review (part 2)

Here's part two of the Survivor Series. I must warn you though, this next part contains many disappointments. So, without a further a do...

Let's continue with one more traditional Survivor Series match, Team James vs. Team McCool. *Yawn*, to say the truth, I didn't even watch the match, I was playing my Nintendo DS instead and was listening to AIC's Black Gives Way To Blue(Which is amazing, btw). So, I just pop on and read the article about the match. But anyways, that should be insignificant, as I'm not here to describe the match, I'm here to say what that match has achieved. So anyways, the matchup starts off as resident prostitute, Kelly Kelly, eliminating Layla. Wut...? Layla being the first superstar eliminated is terrible for her heel status, not to mention that Kelly Kelly eliminated her. Then, Michelle McCool eliminates Gail Kim!? Just unbelievable, Gail Kim, possibly the most talented diva the WWE has at the moment, getting eliminating second? Well, this PPV sure has downgraded some top superstars...*Cough* Orton *Cough*. After that, a fine showing by Beth Pheonix, as she eliminates two more divas. However, her fine run is disrupted by James, who eliminates Pheonix and then Alicia. Melina defeats captain McCool in a decent finish.

Benefits and Negatives

+ Michelle McCool heel status
+ Melina face status
+ Mickie James face status
Neutral showing by Pheonix
Gave up chance of a new diva push
- Gail Kim face status
- Layla heel status

Potential Storylines Generated

James teams up with Melina
James and Melina vs. McCool, Layla and Pheonix
I can't really think of anything else

Next up, the WHC match, in which the unified tag team champions took on Undertaker in a triple threat(no, not handicap) match. Jericho and Show started off by attacking the Undertaker, then Jericho locking Taker in the Walls of Jericho. Show then attacked Jericho to make it a three-way dance. Taker then locked in the Hell's Gate on Big Show, and won the match. Ugh, talk about generic. So, what has this match possibly done? What, to show that the Undertaker is an unstoppable force and will not lose even if the odds are piled up against him? Yeah, we learned that years ago.

Benefits and Negatives

+ Undertaker face status
- Jerishow's tag team status
Yet some more predictable crap shoved down our throats

Potential Storylines Generated

Jerishow vs. Brothers of Destruction
Jericho vs. Undertaker
Big Show vs. Undertaker

Now, the moment you've been waiting for! Our favorite superstar taking on DX! The match starts off with HBK superkicking Triple H. Then it's a three-way dance. Then Cena makes Triple H tap out. BORING. God, the WWE are so damn predictable nowadays, and besides, if they are going to use recycled ideas, at least use some that weren't on the same PPV(Read the above passage). It's the exactly same idea, a wrestler betrays his partner, then they start fighting until the defending champion makes one of them tap.

Benefits and Negatives

+ Cena face status(I don't know if that's a benefit or a negative...)
- DX tag team status(Read the above)
Cena being shoved down our throats for a long, long while

Potential Storylines Generated

Cena vs. all of WWE's past, present and future wrestlers(Winner: Cena)

Anyways, hope all of you have enjoyed my review.

Until then,


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