June 27, 2009

Fantasy Storylines -- Cena's change of heart

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a rant about how John Cena should have another heel run. I figured I might as well help Vince by doing all the creative work for him too. A couple of notes before we get rolling: I'm changing my format slightly. I'm no longer going to be doing in-depth matches, just a quick rundown of who wins and how.

I'm hoping that'll give me the time to do a storyline that would last longer than one month. Also, while some of my storylines may sound a bit contradictory to my opinions, it's because Im writing them in a way that would actually work on TV (or at least trying to).

The setup:

We start out at Backlash, where John Cena is invoking his rematch clause for the WWE Title against Matt Hardy, once again a face, who won the title at Wrestlemania.

The play-out:

Week 1, Day 1

Match #1 -- Matt Hardy vs. John Cena

The match is going in Hardy's favour. Cena tries to mount a comeback, but fails. hardy counters him at every turn. Hardy delivers a Twist of Fate, and gets the pinfall. Hardy is handed his title back, and celebrates. Cena extends his hand to Hardy, in a show of good sportsmanship.

Hardy accepts the handshake, and the two share a moment of mutual respect. That is, of course, until Cena hits a devastating new finisher -- a Michinoku Driver. Cena then proceeds to lock in a Dragon Clutch (if you watch the video, it's #39).

These are naturally replacing the Attitude Adjustment and STF. The show ends as Cena stares at a lifeless Matt Hardy while holding the title over his head.

Week 1, Day 2

Cena is in the ring, and he looks pissed. Gone are the baggy jean shorts, self-promoting shirts, and stupid pump-up sneakers. He is now wearing proper clothes, dark jeans and a black long sleeve button shirt. There are the standard "why John, why?" signs, and many little children are crying, being comforted by horny fat chicks who can barely choke back their own emotions. Those who have managed to stop sobbing uncontrollably are booing.

Cena says that he knows the fans are wondering why he did what he did last night, and that he's going to tell us. You see, after Wrestlemania, he realized that everything in WWE is a joke. That the fans don't care about talent, they don't care about real ability. They only care about who has the title. For so long has real talent been overlooked in this company, it's becoming a lost art.

That ends now. John Cena is going to personally take out any man he deems unfit to represent WWE. He has taken it upon himself to restore some level of dignity to the WWE Title.

At this point, Matt Hardy interrupts him. Hardy says that the fans moved on because Cena got boring, not because he lost the title. These days, talent isn't the most important aspect of wrestling, it's the entertainment.

Cena was getting really old and tired. The fans wanted something new, they wanted a change. And that's just what Hardy gave them. Cena had his 15 minutes of fame, it's time for him to let go of the past and give someone else a chance.

Cena says that Hardy is nothing more than a phase, and that the fans will drop him just as fast as they did Cena. That is, if Cena doesn't drop him first. Matt says that sounds like a challenge. Matt tells Cena that he'll give him one last chance to win the WWE Title at Judgement Day. But only because Hardy wants to put Cena away for good.

Later on in the show, Chavo Guerrero is getting set for a match against Goldust. Chavo makes his way out to the ramp, only to be blindsided by Cena. He delivers a Michinoku Driver, which the announcers have now dubbed the Eliminator. Goldust runs out to help, but is also taken down by Cena.

Security separates Cena from the two men, and drags him out of the arena. Cena breaks free long enough to look into a camera and tell Hardy that tonight was just a small taste of what's in store.

Week 2

Cena is in action this week against William Regal. Hardy will be facing The Miz. After last week, expect anything.

Match #1 -- Cena vs. Regal

Regal stands no chance. Cena drops him with the Eliminator and makes him tap with his newly-named submission, the Euthanasia (the names aren't important, I know it sucks). After the match, Cena informs us that this isn't going to stop until The WWE title is restored to it's former glory.

Match #2 -- Hardy vs. Miz

Hardy and Miz go at it pretty good, the match is quite even. Hardy is on track to win, but Cena's new music hits (yes, I changed his music too). Hardy is distracted just long enough for Miz to get the roll-up.

Cena never makes an appearance, but hey, it worked.

Week 3

Part way into the show, we see Kofi Kingston laid out. The show continues, and then it gets interrupted with news that now Brian Kendrick has been found unconscious. Now, we see Matt Hardy attempting to find Cena.

Hardy confronts him in the lockerroom. They have a heated discussion, and Cena throws a punch, but they get separated by other superstars before anything major can go down. Cena says he'll see Hardy at Judgement Day.

Week 4

This is it, Judgement Day. The crowd is excited, and things are about to get underway. We go now to ringside for this epic battle.

Match #1 -- John Cena vs. Matt Hardy

John Cena makes his way to the ring. He's getting more boo's than ever, but he doesn't care. It's time for the champ to make his entrance. His music hits, but he's not there. Where is Matt Hardy?

Josh Matthews is in the back with a developing story. The camera shows Hardy being loaded into an ambulance. At this time, there is no word on his condition, but he'll keep us updated.

Cena is in the ring with a big smirk on his face. He says that since Matt Hardy can't compete, he should be awarded the title by forfeit. Ric Flair, the GM of Raw, makes his way to the ring now, and tells Cena that no, Cena will not be awarded the title, and that he will not get another shot at it until Hardy loses it.

On that note, Cena hits an Eliminator on Flair, leaving him in the ring, and heads to the back.

Welcome change
Cena heel status +
Hardy face status +

Now it's your turn, readers. I want you to rate this storyline in the poll I'm about to post. Use whatever criteria you like, just be honest with me. I want to know if I'm doing a good job or not.

'Til next week,


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