June 5, 2009

John Cena Needs To Turn Heel

The other day, there was apparently a meeting within WWE about Cena's face status. Creative wans to try another heel run. Vince.....not so much.

I'm here to give Vince a breakdown of the pros and cons that even he should be able to understand.

The Pros:

You could win back some old fans. There are a LOT of people that preferred Cena as a heel

It would shake things up. This is desperately needed

It's totally unexpected, which is the polar opposite of WWE's current product

Someone more deserving could be pushed as a top face

It'll open up some new feuds, instead of the current Cena/Trips/Roidtista crap.

Cena can't be hated much more than he already is. Half your work is already done

The Cons:

You would lose the mindless, impressionable 8 year olds and horny fat chicks as fans (boo hoo)

Merch sales would take a hit, but if you have a new top face lined up, you'll be fine

Those are honestly the only two I can think of

Vince, that's 2 cons. 2 measly little negatives, both of which can easily be fixed. So, my question to you is: Why haven't you done this yet? It's obviously beneficial to you, and more than likely your fanbase.

Oh wait...I can answer that myself: WWE stopped caring about the fans years ago. Right now, the bottom line is the cash. To Vince, it's all about the mon-nay. Until that changes we're stuck with Cena as a face.

Vinnie Mac has yet again failed to realize that everyone is replaceable. The Rock replaced Hogan as THE face, who was later replaced by Cena. My point is, everyone's been replaced at some point. They had their time in the spotlight, and then stepped aside to give someone else a chance to have that glory.

But no, Vince is so sold on having a wigger who can't do anything other than look like an idiot, that he's alienating fans, having the REAL talent job to said wigger, and burying everyone else. All jst to keep his butt-buddy on top (yes, that was a massive pun).

Someone needs to slap Vince across the face and make him see the light. We need to make him see that the same damn thing week after week doesn't keep our interest. He needs to stop catering to the casual marks who don't know a sleeper hold from a sleeping bag.

There is a gigantic market of knowledgeable fans that Vince is ignoring to target the wallets of parents. We all know that parents will buy anything for their kids, especially if it's to do with a role model.

So way to go Vince, you've proven once again that you care more about lining your pockets than the happiness of your fans.

In closing, Cena is nothing more than a marketing ploy, and not a very good one at that. It would be best for everyone if Cena went back to being a heel.

I just thought of something...heel merch still sells. If it didn't, why make it? Vince, you're both smarter AND dumber than I thought. You know that people will buy heel merch, yet you won't risk your top seller (who, as mentioned, is easily replaced), even if it means more badass products.

Let's face it, if Orton were a face, his stuff wouldn't be nearly as cool, because he'd be everything that people stand for. He'd be going with the grain. WOW, the social interactions that take place in wrestling are way deeper than I thought.....

In closing (for real), WWE both can and will survive without Cena as a top face.

TNA for life,


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