June 16, 2009

Fantasy Storylines -- Bourne's shot at the gold

Sorry for the week late post. My computer was in the shop getting de-crapified. I promise to make it up to you.

Anyways, this week I have Evan Bourne finally getting a title shot he really deserves. Without further ado: put your seatbelts on, and your tray tables in an upright and locked position, it's time for takeoff.

The setup:

Tommy Dreamer, who has held the ECW belt for a while now and after a brief title feud with Jack Swagger, issues an open challenge to the ECW roster. If someone can beat him here tonight, they'll get a title shot at the next PPV. Bourne answers the challenge, saying that he's wanted to face Dreamer for a while. Trouble is, management would never listen to him. This was his chance to prove that he deserves to run with the main eventers.

Bourne just has one request: that the match tonight be contested under extreme rules. If he can beat Dreamer on his own turf, he is truly ready for the title. Dreamer accepts, and the match will be tonight's main event.

The play-out:

Week 1:

Match #1 -- Bourne vs. Dreamer

With a shopping cart full of miscellaneous weaponry, Dreamer makes his way to the ring to meet a pumped up Bourne. The match begins with the men locking up. Dreamer is trying to work Bourne's legs, hoping that this will stop his aerial manoeuvres. Bourne responds by taking out Dreamer's face.

Dreamer is down, and rolls out of the ring to take a breather. Bourne does not let him rest for long, and launches himself over the ropes, attempting to crossbody Dreamer. The ECW champion grabs a bat and catches Bourne across the gut.

Dreamer rolls Bourne back into the ring and tries for a pin. Bourne is still with it enough to kick out. The men get back to their feet, but Dreamer doesn't stay up for long. Bourne levels him with a dropkick. Dreamer is down, and Bourne aims to capitalize. He puts a trash can over Dreamer's head, and heads to the top rope with a chair.

Bourne hits a brutal Shooting Star with the chair in hand. The impact lets out a loud crash from the can, and it's fully crushed around Dreamer. Bourne pulls the can off and goes for the pin.

1.......2.....wait -- Jack Swagger just came through the crowd and pulls Bourne off of Dreamer. He lifts Bourne up and hits a Gutwrench Suplex. Tthththwagger (why yes, I did just make fun of his lisp. Thanks for noticing) pulls Dreamer on top of a lifeless Bourne.

This of course being allowed under extreme rules, the ref is powerless to stop it, and has to make the count. Dreamer wins, but everyone knows Bourne had it in the bag until Jack showed up.

Swagger stands in the ring holding the ECW title over his head, the broken bodies of Bourne and Dreamer at his feet as the show goes off the air.

Week 2:

The show starts with Bourne in the ring, demanding that a title match take place between him and Dreamer at the next PPV. Dreamer comes out to the ring and says that no, the match will NOT happen. Bourne asked for extreme rules, and he got them. What Swagger did was perfectly legal.

Bourne is livid, but has to agree. But he tries to play to Dreamer's own experiences. Bourne says that Dreamer should know how hard it is to be taken seriously on this brand. Dreamer should know what it's like to be so close to glory and then have it snatched away.

Dreamer, out of sheer sympathy should grant a rematch. Dreamer says that Bourne does have a point, but he DID lose the match, so the issue is still unsolved. The two men start arguing, and Jack Swagger interrupts.

Swagger says that if anyone should get a title shot, it's him. See, he never got his contractual rematch. Bourne remarks that Swagger gave up that right when he interfered in his match last week.

At this point, T'Lo comes out and says that tonight, there's gonna be a match playa, between Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne, and the winner of that match will face Tommy Dreamer at the PPV for his ECW Title. Holla holla holla.

Match #2 -- Bourne vs. Swagger

Tommy Dreamer comes out to ringside and takes a seat at the announce table. The match is really going in Swagger's favour to start, and Bourne is having trouble finding an opening. Bourne manages to counter a clothesline attempt, and kicks Swagger in the back of the head.

Swagger drops, and tries to get out of the ring. Bourne stops him, and delivers a flying elbow to Swagger's gut. Swagger drops out of the ring, and the ref starts the count. Swagger is on his way back into the ring, and Bourne goes right back on the attack. The ref has to separate the two, holding Bourne back.

Dreamer now stands up from the announce table and hits Swagger in the nether regions. Swagger is able to get into the ring, but is rolling around clutching his ballsack. Bourne goes to the top rope, and nails the Shooting Star on Swagger.

Bourne pins Swagger, unaware that Dreamer interfered. Bourne wins, and will now face Dreamer at SummerSlam.

Week 3:

Bourne is once again in the ring, this week boasting about how he beat Jack Swagger. Dreamer of course has to come burst his bubble and play a video clip from last week. He points out that Bourne was in no way going to win that match without his "help".

Bourne begs to differ. He thinks that he was about to turn the match in his favour, but Dreamer ruined it. He says that he's going to face Swagger again this week, and to make sure there's no outside interference, it'll be in a steel cage.

That match is of course the main event.

Match #3 -- Bourne vs. Swagger

The cage is lowered, and the door locked. Bourne takes Swagger down with a series of leg kicks. Bourne starts to climb the cage, but Swagger pulls him down. Swagger now all but kills Bourne, throwing him around the ring like a ragdoll.

Maybe Dreamer was right..... Swagger is now halfway up the cage. Bourne, a little dazed, gets to his feet. He races across the ring and leaps onto the top rope. He is struggling to pull Swagger off the cage, desperately yanking on his foot.

Bourne finally gets him off the cage, but Swagger lands directly on top of him. Both combatants are winded, and are in no real shape to do anything. But they do try, and it makes for one hell of a match. Swagger is first to his feet, and he tosses Bourne into the side of the cage. Bourne rebounds, right into a belly to back suplex.

Swagger goes for a pin, but Bourne somehow finds it in him to kick out. Swagger looks confused, and tries again. No good, still only 2. He then hoists Bourne up onto his shoulders, trying for a fireman's carry.

Bourne counters, and decks Swagger with a big elbow to the skull. Swagger is laid out, and Bourne heads to the top of the cage. He looks around, with a big "yeah, I'm really gonna do it" grin on his face. "It" would be a Shooting Star Press from space. He lands on top of Swagger some 15 feet below.

1....2.....3...It's good! Bourne wins, and best of all, he shut Dreamer up.

Dreamer comes out to the stage to congratulate Bourne on his win. But it won't help him win on Sunday. If anything, he's going to be completely gassed, having spent most of his energy on tonight's match.


This is it: the match we've all been waiting for. Evan Bourne is finally getting a long-awaited title shot. If Bourne can beat Dreamer here tonight, it'll be the biggest win of his career so far.

Bourne and Dreamer show some respect by shaking hands, but after that, it's on. They go at eachother like men possessed, because they both know what hangs in the balance. Again, they look really evenly matched.

But Dreamer's been using Bourne's last 2 matches to scout his opponent. He knows what to expect, and stops Bourne every time. Bourne is doing pretty well against Dreamer too. This match is a lesson in good wrestling (Cena take note lol), both men are impressing -- big time.

Dreamer tries for an early finish with a roll up. Bourne kicks out at 1, and goes on the offensive. He takes Dreamer down with a perfect bulldog, and drops a leg across his throat. He goes for a pin, and Dreamer rolls the shoulder. Bourne tries to work over one of Dreamer's arms.

Bourne is displaying a surprising amount of technical ability, and it pays off. With Dreamer's arm injured, he has effectively removed the DDT from Dreamer's arsenal. All Bourne needs to do now is wear Dreamer down enough to get the win.

Dreamer is having trouble getting back to his feet, the sore arm causing him a lot of grief. The pain is showing on his face, but he tries to fight through it. Dreamer tries to get some basis for offense going, but fails. Bourne is literally having his way with Dreamer at this point. It's only a matter of time before Bourne delivers a Shooting Star to get the pinfall victory.

We have a new champion ladies and gentlemen! Evan Bourne now gets his first taste of gold. Dreamer is gracious in defeat, and again shakes Bourne's hand. The men celebrate together as the scene fades out.


Evan Bourne Push +
Dreamer Character +
WWE Quality +

Potential Storylines Generated:

Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger
Bourne vs. Tyson Kidd
Bourne teams with Dreamer
Bourne Turns Heel

Hope you enjoyed this very overdue edition of Fantasy Storylines.

Have a good night, I'm going to bed.


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