June 2, 2009

The John Cena Mail Bag

We all know that a majority of Cena fans write all over his Facebook fan page, in hopes of Cena replying to them. Well, I've got news for those people: Cena will never read your posts.

He is far too busy with things such as injecting steroids into his ass to answer you. So, I'll answer your posts for him.

"is he hot or is he sexy??? HES A HUNK!!!"

-- Cena is neither of these things. For a real definition of hot and sexy, please see Beth Phoenix.

"cena is a legand"

-- A leg and what? You need to learn how to finish your sentences.


-- Look, it says "I WANT BEE LIKE YOU" and there's a picture of a bee on it. HAHA.

"hello my name is kevin i living to france i like the wwe i very fan of john cena it is very popular in france by kevin of france"

-- So, John Cena's an "it" now? Must be all the 'roids shrinking his dick.

"i likd both f his movies...."

-- You licked his movies? Did they taste just as bad as they look?

"pls come in my birthday"

-- Dude, I think Vince is the only one who makes Cena come. Sorry to burst your bubble.

"J.C. is the best of the best!!"

-- Yes, Jesus Christ is the best of the best. Wait....you meant Cena? Oh Hells no.

"john cena is the best raper"

-- I don't want to ask how you know this.....


-- Yeah, cuz hez al lyk gangsta yo. You type like a retarded monkey. Here, have a banana.

"You can't see me the behind guy can't see me"

-- So you watch WWE while taking it in the ass? Wow, too much info.

That's all for now.

Keep hating,


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