January 10, 2010

Future of John Cena

As I did my Crystal Ball post, I got reminded of the future of John Cena. And judging by the way he's being booked, big things MAY happen. Keep on reading to see my analysis of what could happen to John Cena in 2010.

But first, is it actually possible that Cena may get a *gasp* heel turn? Well, with his future well in doubt, evident because of the way he's being booked in the mid-card, he may well gain the attention of the WWE Creative Team. Thank god the Creative Team finally have gained some common sense. He's a whooping five years overdue for a heel turn, and it could not have came in a better time.

So, how do we transform Cena into a heel? Nic already demostrated one way back in June. However, I'll give another possible way. Simple, make him start feuding with somebody like Triple H, make him pull off a dirty move(Such as a low blow, or a chair shot without referee noticing). Then when questioned by the fans/Triple H of his motives, Cena states that he's tired of the face bullshit. That leads him to attacking Triple H, and thus officially turning him into a heel.

But wait, there is one problem of making Cena a heel, however, this problem is a HUGE one. You've all guessed it, merch sales. Let's face it guys, there isn't another superstar that brings in merch sales as Cena. Eg. For every single CM Punk, Randy Orton, Triple H, HBK, Hornswoggle, Batista, Rey Mysterio, Morisson, Finlay, Undertaker, Kane, Christian or Goldust t-shirt sold, there are four Cena shirts sold at the same time. And since most of his buyers are under the age of eleven, turning Cena into a heel will make him seem "bad", therefore since kiddies despise "bad people", it'll make kiddies despise Cena. And if Cena is despised, Cena's merch won't be bought. And if Cena's merch won't be bought, sales will take a huge hit. Okay, if that was confusing for some of you, I'll just simplify it. Cena turning heel => Cena being despised by kiddies => Kiddies not buying Cena merch => Cena merch taking a hit. It's quite simple, eh?

But then again, can you risk ratings and the more intelligent fans for merch sales? I think not. I hope the WWE gets to their senses by 2010. Will this be the year?


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