January 28, 2010

DX; Have they achieved Cena level of annoyance?

Annoyance. It's a noun which means a non-pleasant state of thought, usually caused by irritation, repitition, anger and frustration. In the WWE, it's a noun which means a non-pleasant state of thought, usually caused by irritating promos, repeated lines, pissing-off wrestlers and frustration at a blown chance for a rookie push. Vocab aside, is there actually a wrestler, or in this case, a tag team, that is as annoying as John Cena? As the title suggests, I'll be nominating DX, the hundred year old tag team. They are the very definition of annoyance, as they are the professionals at making irritating promos, repeating lines, destroying fresh talent and of course, being really pissing-off wrestlers.

DX have been around even when Cena was still was molesting barnyard animals for a living(He now does it for leisure). But don't get me wrong, Triple H and HBK were really good back in their heyday. Back when Triple H was kicking ass with Evolution, and when HBK was rivalling with Orton, oh yes, they were fantastic. But around in 2006-2008, they got reunited. Great innit? Nope...DX have been thrashing tag teams after the other. Legacy, Jerishow and in the near future, Hart Dynasty. Despite destroying some young talent, they've recruited none other than probably the youngest talent in the WWE, Hornswoggle!(I'm pretty sure Hornswoggle isn't higher than 12 years of age)

Yeah Hornswoggle, RVD is just a step away! Just keep the faith....and a few cavities(His "dad" Finlay may have some, JBL probably has a few stored somewhere)

Erm...never mind...

Oh great now, they're gonna rub it into the faces of the young talents by making them lose to Hornswoggle. Watching Jon Heder getting pinned by Hornswoggle last week was absolutely painful. However, we all know that if DX have achieved the level of annoyance of Cena is an oppinionated matter, but the one thing that I think all of us have reached a consensus on is that DX are surely not a tag team you want your fresh tag team to face. Week by week, they're responsible for the boring shit that is evident on TV, and the one thing that Cena is more preferable to them is that DX are the unified tag team champions, which means that they appear on all three brands, while Cena only terrorises one.

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