February 3, 2010

Total Nonstop Hogan

Since Hulk Hogan debuted with TNA, there have been several changes made to the company. Some of them for the better, some of them not so much. there's also been a few other things that I feel need to be addressed.

To start, I like how Hogan is making everyone earn their spot. Even if this is scripted, I think it's a good idea. If you just give handouts to anyone you like, you end up with a million Cena's running around thinking their King Shit. I figure that if everyone has to prove themselves, it's going to make for some interesting matches.

I also like the new stage, except for the ring-level ramp. Probably so the ancient hacks they hire don't have to do extra work, which brings me to the first negative.

TNA (or as I now call it, TNH) has always had a habit of hiring former WWF/E stars. This can be okay, if they have some career left. Kennedy/Anderson was a good pick up, as was Angle and a few others, but the Nasty Boys? Lashley? Foley? What is up with that? Do they assume that because they were famous in WWF/E, they'll have the star power to pull in viewers?

This is not the case at all. Who gives a shit about Knobs and Sags? Nasty Sags, sounds like Mae Young's tits. Back on track, TNH shouldn't be relying on "big" names from yesteryear to draw viewers. I'm all for the Ric Flair/AJ Styles mentor thing, but that's different. Flair is actually doing something of value and not just taking up residence in someone else's locker room or hogging the spotlight.

I figure that these people are getting preferential treatment for being friends with the Hulkster. Seriously, who wants to see NWO again? Not me. They had their day. Let someone else be famous for a while.

I'm also not a fan of the 4 sided ring. I know, I know, it makes no difference what the ring looks like, it's the action that goes on inside it. But, it was still one aspect of TNA that was unique. It made for some great spots that just don't come from a 4 sided ring.

There is also the matter of commercials. Honestly, the January 4th show had so many commercials that I swear it was the only reason they were able to fill the extra time. They would return for literally 30 seconds or less, and then go back to commercial. I don't care who's walking to the ring next, I'll find out after the commercials. I don't need to know in between ads for Enzyte and Manswers. Am I wrong for expecting at least 5 minutes of show before another commercial?

The matches are suffering too. How does one get disqualified in  cage match (which is by definition no-DQ) for doing exactly the objective of the match (take out your opponent(s) so you can get out). It makes zero sense.

Even WWE has better match endings with Cena falling through a table on his own, or CM Punk screwing Taker at Breaking Point.

While I'm on that note, let's talk about storylines. I saw things that TNH aired last week that were in WWF in 1997. First of all, reality can't be scripted (hard as they try) and reality shouldn't be repeated as a work.

Yes, we know the Angle screw job was a work. I think that blending reality with wrestling should only be done when it enhances a storyline and doesn't rip off an actual event that A) didn't happen to anyone involved (no, I do not count Hebner. He was following orders from his boss) and B) was done the exact same way.

So, with so many things wrong with TNH, is there anything that can be done to save it?

Only time will tell

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