February 5, 2010

The Day ECW Tried To Live

Listening to Soundgarden the other day definitely pumped me up - if you think Axl Rose can shatter glass, Chris Cornell then can surely shatter rocks. And hearing that they reunited a month ago is surely some great news. However, after hearing Cornell's solo album, I somewhat doubt that he'll regain his voice and songwriting talents of his Soundgarden/Temple of the Dog and maybe Audioslave days. Because of that, it reminds me of another 90s alternative rock band that were the best of it's kind, only to have a really grim demise. The band I'm talking about obviously are the Smashing Pumpkins.

However, this doesn't also apply to music only, heck, it even comes into play in the WWE. Yes, I'm talking about ECW. Like the Smashing Pumpkins, both were at their best at what they were doing around the 90s; Smashing Pumpkins released two amazing albums(Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness), while ECW was the best at showcasing some hardcore, blood-pumping action. In the 00s, both were still good, however, slowly reaching the end of the century, they were getting worse and worse. Yeah, the Pumpkins occasionally have a good gig or two, and that's the same case with ECW - one or two good shows.

Last year, I made an appearance at Ez's ECW Analysis blog and I talked about how ECW is an unrespectful successor to the old ECW. I said that ECW was nothing like old ECW, and all it did was to farm new wrestlers for other brands.

Here's an excerpt from the post:

However, three to four years ago, it wasn't the C show because of its wrestling talent. See, back then, it was real entertaining or at least remotely entertaining. Nowadays, ECW is neither. It's a place for youngsters to job while looking to make an impact, or washed-up has-beens who are looking to restart their careers. Even if they get the occasional wrestler who has talent, they instantly export him or her to some other brand, and in exchange, they get even more youngsters and has-beens.

The post can be seen here.

And with the news that ECW is going to be dropped after Elimination Chamber, it's both great and stupid. It's great because ECW completely does not resemble the old ECW, and that it'll leave ECW to rest in peace finally, waiting to be grasped by maybe another revival, a decade, a year or even a couple of months later. It's stupid simply because I thought it would've been discontinued at Wrestlemania, you know, with the "grand finale" and shit like that. But then again, it also may showcase the new show with a bang at Wrestlemania.

So, for better or worse, I guess this is the end of ECW.


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