February 21, 2010

The Next Generation

As there are ends, there are also beginnings. This happens in most of the cases, an era leads to another, a show leads to another, a season leads to another, etc. As I formally said goodbye to ECW in my last post, I decided that I should also welcome the successor to ECW, The Next Generation. What I only know about it is that it'll have the same timing and the same wrestlers as ECW. So, is there anything different to this show other than the psycholigical change - will there be anything different to ECW apart from the stage set and name? Vince McMahon claimed it'll be a "next evolution of the WWE". Personally speaking, that was real ambigious, was Vince referring to the young talent that'll find their way on NXT, similarily to ECW, or was that just propaganda that Vince usually bullshits us with?

To answer the original question of if there was any change between NXT and ECW, I went out to wwe.com, to see if there was any information about NXT. Apart from some hype thrown here and there, there was nothing. So unfortunately, until I do, you'll have to do with this post.


Hehe, I'm just screwing around with you. Instead, I'll be talking about NXT's future.

First and foremost, they should try to make people have a reason to watch this show. Yeah, I know young talents and technical match-ups are great with the smarks, but admit it, for the mainstream, it's not what they really want. And as well as we all know, not being on good terms with the mainstream has its consequences, as shown with ECW.

Cancel Superstars, seriously. It's just hogging the ever growing WWE time spots. Including WWE Vintage Collection, there's now over five wrestling shows per week. And trust me, the mainstream won't take NXT over Raw, nor Smackdown. Also, Vintage Collection has some interesting past matches, and because of that, they'll also take it over NXT. Superstars is yet another threatening competitor over NXT. The average wrestling fan doesn't even have time to watch both Smackdown and Raw weekly. Because of that, I'll heavily doubt that they'll free up some time for NXT.

Yeah, we all know that NXT is hyped as a "new WWE, new talents etc..", but if that was the case, ECW wouldn't have even ended, because ECW was doing a great job of getting new talent into the mainstream. NXT should become a show with some young talents and some known wrestlers. If that doesn't work out, you can always work out with the match quality. Go for the more high-flying and more adrenaline pumping type of matches - this will be both good with the smarks and the mainstream. This has worked well with TNA, so why won't it work with the WWE?

As for the PPVs, they'll stay in the same format for now. You don't want to be having a single branded PPV filled with nobodies, it's just a recipe for disaster. The commentators, referees and mostly everything else will stay the same.

So, as a final verdict...make it a show which is a breeding ground, while having some interesting promos mixed with some good wrestling action. This way, young talent can learn their trade while, at the same time, NXT can bring in some good ratings and avoid demising like ECW.

This post ends now...for real lol.


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