January 26, 2010

Never Mind

About two or three weeks ago, I talked about how Cena may become a heel in 2010. However, completely ignore what I said. It seems that WWE Creative Team are still going to remain stubborn. Yeah, the toddlers swimming in Cena shirts and replica spinner belts and the old, horny chicks are more important than the knowledgable fans.

Did you see the past week of Raw? In the tag match between Kingston + Cena and Legacy, John Cena comes in and completely bulldozes Cody Rhodes(as always) and appears to be a bit fatigued after Ted DiBiase "hit him from behind". Later in the night, he gets into a brawl with Big Show, and he throws him out as if Big Show were a chocolate wrapper. He then gets thrown out by both members of DX, to make it seem that it was "2 on 1". Speaking of DX, they've officially achieved Cena status. Not only did they bulldoze another young tag team after the other week by week, but they also buried the World's Largest Athlete, Big Show, another young talent, The US champion, The Miz and possibly one of the best guest hosts of Raw in a long time, Jon Heder. And seriously, did you see how they completely embarrassed Heder? It was very painful to watch, to say the least.

So ACA, do not expect anything from the WWE regarding Cena turning into a heel for at least early 2010.


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