October 12, 2010

Fantasy Storylines: WWE Title gets a little more awesome, Part 2

Okay, here's part 2 of the Miz storyline. Forgot this weekend was thanksgiving and ended up spending most of it with family. Gobble gobble. On to business. I'd also like to clarify that for the purposes of this storyline, the Cena/Nexus angle didn't happen.

When we left off, the Raw GM made a stipulation that if anyone interfered with Randy Orton's matches on behalf of Miz, Miz would lose his title shot at Bragging Rights. Wade Barrett has done just that, and we'll find out why this week.

Week 4: Monday Night Raw:

The anonymous GM sends in an email.

Cole: "And I quote:

Due to Wade Barrett's actions last week, I hereby strip Miz of his WWE Title match at Bragging Rights. To find a new contender, there will be a battle royal tonight. The winner will take Miz's place at Bragging Rights."

Miz makes his way out to the ring and he looks like he's about to blow.

Miz: "Hold on for just one minute! I never asked Wade Barrett to do anything for me. You really think I'd cost myself a match for the WWE Title? How stupid do you think I am?"

Another email.

Cole: "And I quote:

Miz, I do agree that it would be a very dumb move, but I would not put it past you. However, since I'm feeling generous tonight, if you can prove that it wasn't you who hired Barrett, I'll reinstate your title match at Bragging Rights."

Miz: "Just be prepared to start apologizing."

Later on in the show, we see Barrett talking to someone whom we can't see.

Barrett: "I did what you asked last week. Now I understand you'll help me win the battle royal tonight? ...... Perfect. Thank you."

The battle royal is up next.

A bunch of people get tossed out. It comes down to Barrett, Sheamus and Cena. Sheamus and Cena instantly go after Barrett, who manages to fight them off. They go right back on the offense and almost have Barrett out when Orton's music hits.

The men stop trying to eliminate Barrett as Orton hits the ring. He RKO's Cena and Sheamus. Orton punts Cena and helps Barrett toss him over the ropes. Barrett hits the Wasteland on Sheamus over the top rope and wins the battle royal becoming the new #1 contender.

Orton and Barrett celebrate in the ring before getting interrupted by Miz.

Miz: "I think we just proved that it wasn't me who hired Barrett last week. This battle royal is meaningless now. I'm taking back my spot at Bragging Rights."


Cole: "And I quote:

Miz, I do apologize. I hereby reinstate your match at Bragging Rights. Furthermore, while the match may be no disqualification, I can adjust that slightly. If Nexus interferes on behalf of Orton, he will automatically lose the WWE Title to Miz."

Miz: "Thank you. I knew my innocence would be proven here tonight. And Orton, I knew you hadn't changed. You're the same manipulative worm you've always been."

The show goes off the air.

Week 5: Monday Night Raw

We're less than a week away from Bragging Rights. Miz is in the ring now.

Miz: "Last week, your hero turned his back on each and every one of you. Not only that, but he tried to pin his actions on me. He did that in order to get out of facing me this Sunday at Bragging Rights. He knows that I'm going to win, and tried to worm his way out of it like the coward he is. I'm going to decimate him this Sunday, and everything I do will be legal because it's no disqualifications. I actually welcome Nexus to interfere. It would just make my victory that much easier."

Nexus music hits and Orton makes his way out along with Nexus. Orton joins Miz in the ring and Nexus surrounds them on the apron. Orton tells them to wait there.

Orton: "You think I'm a coward for ensuring that my WWE title stays where it belongs? For protecting its prestige by making sure only the most worthy were given title shots? Miz, you got lucky at Money in the Bank when you won that contract. I made sure that you didn't get lucky again at Hell in a Cell, and you certainly won't get lucky at Bragging Rights."

Miz: "Nothing up to this point has been luck for me. I am where I am because of my undeniable talent. Because I'm the Miz, and III'MMM -- "

Orton: "Let me stop you right there. If I have to hear you call yourself awesome one more time I'm going to break. Your. Skull. Your only talent is getting yourself into situations where luck is the only way out. Take this sunday for instance. You'll be lucky to leave with your head intact let alone my WWE Title."

Miz: "Am I supposed to be scared? Threatened? There is nothing you could say or do that would make me fear you or your ragtag group of thugs."

At this point, Nexus starts to move in. Orton steps out of the ring as Nexus charges Miz. He fights them off, and they all scramble, except for Otunga who is in Miz's clutch. Miz sends him to the mat with a Skullcrushing Finale.

Later on in the night, Miz is in the main event against Sheamus.

After some back and forth action, Miz has Sheamus beaten down pretty good. The match is about to come to an end when Nexus hits the ring. The match is tossed and Nexus begins their beatdown of Miz. Orton now joins them.

Slater and Gabriel are holding Miz up. They push him towards Orton who delivers an RKO.  The show ends with Orton and Nexus standing tall over Miz.

Week 5: Bragging Rights

It's time for the WWE Championship match between Miz and Orton.

The men fight their way around ringside, using anything and everything as a weapon. There are a few near falls for both competitors. They're circling one another in the ring when Nexus makes an appearance. Remember the stipulation that if they interfere on behalf of Orton, he instantly loses the WWE title.

Nexus is surrounding the ring on the apron now. Orton is screaming for them to leave, but they don't move. Instead, they enter the ring. They look at Miz, who steps aside. Nexus now corners Orton, who is still screaming at them to leave.

Slater makes the first move and Orton is down. The ref is confused as hell but lets them continue. Barrett drops Orton with the Wasteland followed by a 450 from Gabriel. Nexus exits the ring as Miz drags Orton out of the corner. He picks Orton up and puts him right back down with the Skullcrushing Finale.

The ref makes the count and we have a new WWE champion.

The show fades out to stunned silence from the crowd and Miz and Nexus in the ring.

Week 6: Monday Night Raw

King: "Last night at Bragging Rights, we witnessed the most shocking event in recent memory. Nexus turned on their leader Randy Orton to help Miz win the WWE title. I still can't believe we have a new WWE Champion."

Cole: "I agree, King. It certainly was shocking. We can only hope that Nexus offers an explanation tonight."

Miz comes out to the ring with Nexus. He's wearing the Nexus armband and a new t shirt that says "Miz" in Nexus font with the "M" on a yellow background. He's also using the Nexus theme with his "AWESOME!" at the start (can you say "epic mashup?").

The crowd has reached Vickie Guerrero levels of booing.

Miz: "What happened last night was pure poetry. My genius has finally paid off. You see, I knew that I was never going to be able to jump through all of the general managers ridiculous hoops to get my title match, so I came up with the most brilliant plan in the history of the WWE

It all started several weeks ago when Barrett interfered in Randy's match. It was in fact me who recruited him, but not to directly interfere. I had him make an offer to Orton to interfere on Orton's own behalf, and act like Nexus was aligned with him.

That of course got me kicked from the title match, but when it was discovered that Orton was behind the attack the following week during the battle royal, I was allowed back in at Bragging Rights. The stipulation of Orton losing the title if Nexus interfered for him was added, and everything came together perfectly.

Of course I had to take a couple of bumps to keep up appearances. But it was all worth it in the end.

Nexus was working for me all along. Orton was never leading Nexus, Orton didn't make them do anything. They were all acting under my direction. I knew Orton wouldn't pass up an opportunity to make his life easier, he's still the coward he's always been. Deep down, he's still the Randy Orton of old. He can try and mask it all he wants, but I definitively exposed it.

That's right. I played each and every one of you for fools. You actually thought that Orton had turned on you. I didn't think it would be that easy to fool you, but I guess I gave everyone too much credit. I'm most disappointed in you, though Randy. I thought you would have at least suspected that something wasn't right.

The only wild card, the only variable was how our esteemed general manager would act, and I was pleasantly surprised.  He did everything right and actually fixed the problems that were in front of him for a change."


Cole: "And I quote:

Congratulations Miz. No, really. I underestimated your ability to put something like the together. That said, we have a problem to resolve, and this time, I won't allow myself to be taken for a ride. We have a former WWE champion in need of a rematch, and that match will be tonight."

Orton comes out now.

Orton: "Miz, I will give you credit. It's not every day that someone gets the better of the Viper, but again, it came down to luck. I have my demons under control now, and these past few weeks were a moment of weakness. I allowed myself to be caught up in the path of least resistance. Now that my mind is clear I will never take the easy way out again.

Tonight, there will be no easy way out for you. I'll take my WWE Title back and make sure people like you never have the chance to get near it again. I'll see you later tonight, in the steel cage."

The rematch for the WWE Title is on now. The steel cage is lowered and the men go at it.

Orton dominates early on, with Miz coming back for a near fall. Orton takes control again and almost makes it out of the cage before Miz pulls him down. Orton dodges a running knee in the corner and goes for the RKO. Miz counters into the Skullcrushing Finale for the clean win.

The cage is raised as Nexus hits the ring. Miz is in Orton's face as he's laying on the mat.


Miz and Nexus stand tall in the ring as the Age of Awesome and Nexus are cemented as a force to be reckoned with.

End part 2.

I hope you all enjoyed that. It feels good to let the creative juices flow again. Tune in tomorrow for my Raw review. This week's feature post will discuss the many hypocrisies of pro wrestling.

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