October 14, 2010

WWE NXT Review: Oct. 12/10

Here's my thoughts on this week's NXT. Sound worked this week thankfully so there's no issues there. Without further ado, here it is.

We start off the show with a "name that tune" contest. Basically they play clips of superstars themes and the girls have to guess whose theme it is.

AJ gets literally all but 2 of them. Naomi had one, and the other one nobody got. Striker was trying not to laugh and was constantly having the air horn buzzers blown in his ears. I can see where AJ would be good at this given how hyper she is.

In the end, she won it 1900 points to Naomi's 100. Everyone else had zero.

Best line ever: *Vince's theme* Striker: "If you don't get this one, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours."

Match 1: Naomi vs. Alicia Fox

Alicia wins after hitting her finisher.

Rating: 4/10

Still kinda on the fence about Naomi, but the biggest problem is the fact that Alicia won. I mean sure, it's believable given that Naomi is only a "rookie" compared t Alicia, but I don't think there should be pro vs. rookie matches at all, unless your pro can't wrestle like Vickie.

We have another segment talking about Aksana's potential deportation. I care why?

Back from commercials and another competition. The girls have one minute to talk about a subject of their choice.

Naomi is first. She rants about Michael Cole. Sweet.

We have AJ with a personal ad. Come over to her place, turn off the lights light some candles and play some Xbox and Playstation. She's already ordered some pizza and there's action movies on tap.

Kaitlyn is making fun of Vickie again. What's new?

Aksana kissing up to America. Yay for Double Double E reference! I'm too busy looking at her double double D's to listen closely.

Maxine talking about disrespect. Hornswoggle, pie, big deal.

Backstage now with Vickie and Kaitlyn. Vickie wants to make amends, on the condition that Kaitlyn has absolutely zero contact with Dolph.

Competition #3 now. This time, the girls are testing their punching power.

Naomi: 801
AJ: 362
Kaitlyn: 22
Aksana: 666
Maxine: 604

Kaitlyn whiffed on her punch and wanted a second try, but didn't get one. I will also no longer be using Aksana's name. From now on, she will be referred to as Borat's wife.

We're back and we have another match.

Match 2: Borat's Wife vs. AJ "my future wife" Lee

Okay, Josh Matthews just ruined Pepper Potts for me (Tony Stark's secretary). Apparently Cole is the Pepper Potts to the Raw GM's Ironman.

Anyways, on with the match.

AJ floats over Borat's Wife into a small package for the win.

Rating: 6/10

AJ is great and Aksana isn't bad but the matches are never long enough. I can't stress that enough.

Now we have Goldust consoling Borat's Wife. Holy shit! Goldilocks just proposed to Aksana. Something about visas and the like to get her out of her immigration troubles.

She says yes. Alrighty then.

That does it for this week's show.

Average match rating: 5/10

Pretty self explanatory

Overall show rating: 6/10

Interesting twist at the end with Aksana and Goldust but other than that, just another episode of pointless contests.

Tomorrow will bring my post on the hypocrisies of pro wrestling.

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