October 23, 2010

Bragging Rights Preview

An now for something completely different. I know I was going to write about pro wrestling's hypocrisies, but then I decided that the topic was overdone and that anyone who's smarter than a mark knows what they are. Instead, I'm going to discuss my thoughts on the upcoming Bragging Rights PPV.

First off, isn't Bragging Rights the same ideas as Survivor Series? I mean, Smackdown vs. Raw has been a SS staple for as long as I can remember and now it's apparently not enough to showcase it at one of WWE's Big 4 PPV's. The concept of the brands facing off needs to have its own niche for some reason I fail to understand.

To side track for a moment, gimmick PPV's are starting to devalue certain matches and themes. I remember when a Hell in a Cell match was rare, and a TLC match happened once a year if we were lucky and to have both of them on the same night was unheard of (Unforgiven 2006, it happened). Now, it's not something to look forward to, it's another mundane day on a calendar that will come as predictably as my hate for John Cena.

Knowing when the next Hell in a Cell match will take place a year in advance ruins the magic. It's no longer the ultimate test it used to be, it's not the final solution anymore. I know I'm focusing on HIAC matches here but the same can be said for TLC and other match types. Did I hear someone mention TNA's Lockdown PPV? I like the concept of Lockdown, because they actually offer up some kind of variation on the steel cage match that isn't some random tacked on stipulation. They tried to give us variance which I applaud as much as some of the matches suck.

Back on track, we have Bragging Rights this sunday and there's 5 matches so far.

Orton vs. Barrett w/ Cena: I'm looking forward to this one, aside from Cena. I can see this match going a few different ways.

My first thought is that it will go exactly like every other bit with Cena and Barrett. Cena will grudgingly do Barrett's bidding after being threatened with termination. This is the most likely case.

Second, Cena will find a way to make the match a triple threat, then after beating down Orton so Barrett can pin him, Cena will steal the victory from Barrett and come out on top. Cena will of course wait until Barrett is somehow unable to stop him from pinning Orton.

Last (and least likely) is that Cena will gladly help Barrett win and be revealed as the leader of Nexus.This will never happen. I can still hope though. Not so much that I want to see Cena leading my favourite faction, but because a Cena heel turn would be the only thing to actually make this angle interesting.

Who I want to win: Barrett

Who will win: This is tough. Precedent shows that Orton will win, but Cena being forced to follow Barretts orders could mean that Cena will help Barrett win. As the magic 8-ball once said: Outlook not so good.

LayCool vs. Natalya: I can't see Natalya winning. The only way Natalya will win is if there's civil unrest within LayCool. I don't see that happening as they are currently the lead heels in the womens division and are (by choice of WWE) carrying the division.

Who I want to win: Natalya

Who will win: LayCool

Kane w/ Paul Bearer vs. Taker (Buried Alive): Another tough call. Kane is looking awesome, but then Taker is making his predictable comeback from the brink of extinction. The only real way this storyline will continue is if Taker wins. I can't see it going anywhere beyond Bragging Rights if Kane wins, but that may be a good thing.

Who I want to win: Kane

Who will win: Taker

Danielson vs. Ziggler: This won't go anywhere after Bragging Rights so the winner is inconsequential. If anything, this match is taking place to further the storyline between Dolph, Vickie and Kaitlyn. One or both of the women will cost Dolph the match in some fashion.

Who I want to win: I really can't decide

Who will win: Danielson

7-on-7 Raw vs. SD match: It's a given that this will be a total cluster fuck. I think Raw has the (slightly) stronger team, but Vince is saying he wants SD to be the A show now according to a couple of articles I recently read.

Who I want to win: I honestly don't care

Who will win: Smackdown

Only 5 matches in 3 hours? Either expect REALLY long matches, a couple of impromptu matches or a metric assload of filler.

Anyways, that's how I see Bragging Rights going down. I'll post my review on monday after my visit to Isaac Yankem DDS.

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