October 19, 2010

Raw Review: Oct. 18/10

We start with Teddy Long invading. He has a back and forth with the Raw GM. talking about Bragging Rights.

Cole gets in Teddy's face as the GM keeps emailing. Teddy disconnects the Raw GM's computer. He now calls Team Smackdown to the ring. Just as all of Team SD makes it to the ring, here comes Miz.

He says that Team SD is what Smurf Village would look like if it was next to a nuclear plant. He called Edge Smurfette.

Here comes Team Raw. Ezekiel Jackson is revealed as the 7th man. Team Raw hits the ring and it's a total shit show. Team SD gets the upper hand and Team Raw is on the ramp.

Show challenges Miz to a captain vs. captain match tonight. Miz accepts.

If you're wondering where Truth was, he's not allowed into Canada because of a prior criminal record. Lulz.

We're back from commercials and we have our first match.

Match 1: Drew Mac and Cody Rhodes vs. Hart Dynasty

DH Smith has Drew in position for the Hart Attack. Tyson is about to slingshot over the rope when Smith puts Drew into the Sharpshooter. Cody breaks it up and Drew hits the Futureshock for the win.

Rating: 7/10. Good work from both teams, and the twist at the end was kinda neat. I just hope they don't break up the best tag team they have.

Backstage with Cena and Orton. As we found out last week, they'll be teaming together against Harris and McGillicutty. Pretty boring segment. Both men say that if the other one tries to hurt them, they'll hurt the other one instead.

Commercials are over and we have an R-Truth video. See above about him not being allowed into the country.

Match 2: Goldust vs. Zack Ryder

Fast match. Goldust uppercuts Ryder and hits the Final Cut.

Rating: 5/10. Meh. I guess it was only used to get Goldilocks in they ring for the next bit.

Ted and Maryse come out now and go rights after Goldust and the future Mrs. Goldust. Borat's wife runs off with the $Million Title while Goldust lays to DiBiase with the Final Cut.

Commercials are over and we're backstage with Cena and Nexus again. Barrett orders Cena to beat the shit out of Harris and McGillicutty. Even Cena doesn't understand it. Why would Barrett give Cena the chance to be his old self? Cena leaves to get Barrett a glass of water.

Some midget (or kid, I can't tell) is playing SvR '11. He's playing Miz vs. Big Show. Miz walks in and says that he's going to win tonight. Here's Show now and they exchange a few words.

Cena's back with Barrett's water. Barrett takes a sip and throws the rest in Cena's face. Good job.

Good LORD could there be any more commercials?

Match 3: Cena and Orton vs. Harris and McGillicutty

Nexus is watching from the stage.

Cena does his best "I'm injured" impression and "struggles" to reach the corner. He tags Orton in and he wins the match with an RKO after what is fast becoming his own 5 Moves of Doom.

Rating: 6/10. Harris and McGillicutty both looked good, but Cena was his typical derpy self and I don't like where Orton is heading.

Nexus now surrounds the ring and Barrett tells Cena to stand aside.

Nexus takes Orton out of the ring. They have him pinned against the barrier and are pounding him flat. Back in the ring now and the beating continues. Barrett orders Cena into the ring and orders him to deliver the AA to Orton.

On second thought, Barrett doesn't want Cena stealing his spotlight. He orders Cena to hand Orton over. Barrett then hits the Wasteland.

Yet again more commercials.

Why did Vickie have to show up too? At least she brought Dolph Ziggler along.

Dolph cuts a promo about how much he loves Vickie. Here comes Daniel Bryan Danielson. I'm still loving his theme. Danielson says that even he could do better than Vickie. Danielson challenges Dolph to a match at Bragging Rights. Dolph accepts, but why wait till Sunday. Let's to it right --

Ziggler attacks Danielson, and he quickly ducks behind Vickie for protection. Danielson dekes around her and tackles Dolph out of the ring. He sinks in the LeBell Lock (that needs a better name btw) and hee comes the Divas.

They throw a bucket of..... glitter(?) at her and she takes off running. Now Danielson is dancing with the ladies. Haha, he messed up his crotch going for the splits. Yes, it was terrible dancing, but it was better than what I could do.

Back from commercials and we find out that Danielson vs. Ziggler is official for Sunday.

Match 4: Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

Short match. It ends unsurprisingly with a sharpshooter.

Rating: 4/10. Divas matches are lacking lately.

LayCool comes out and starts insulting Canada. They make fun of our watered down beer (which actually has a higher alcohol content) and the way we say "eh" all the time. I have no idea what they're talking aboot.

They start brawling. Natalya tries to lock in the sharpshooter on both of them in succession, but McCool gets out and pulls Layla to safety.

We find out that Evan Bourne will be out of action due to Punk's attack last week. They say he'll be out for 4 months. In reality, he does need shoulder surgery but it's not from Punk's attack.

Backstage with Josh and Teddy. I like him on the mic.

Teddy says "watch this" and Hornswoggle leads the entire SD roster (Minus Kane and Taker) to the ring.

A video promoting the "stand up for WWE" initiative airs. The initiative was created in response to the comments of Linda's senate opponent.

Huh, shorty from earlier is the guest star. Big deal.

Both rosters are in the ring now. Instead of Show vs. Miz, it turns into an impromptu battle royal by order of T'Lo.

Match 5: Full roster battle royal

Of course it's a giant cluster fuck until it gets down to a handful of people. Hornswoggle attacks Cole and takes a headset.

At some point, Miz slips out under the ropes and is biding his time. After Swagger is eliminated, he pulls Edge out of the ring and has him in the ankle lock. Both men went under the ropes and are still in the match.

It's down to Show, Sheamus and Miz now. They have Show on the apron. Here comes Edge. He delivers a Spear to Miz and tosses him over the rope. Next up is Sheamus over the ropes.

Rating: 6/10. It was nothing more than a typical battle royal but I will say I'm surprised that SD won. I did read something though about Vince wanting SD to be the #1 brand recently so that's probably why.

We're backstage with Nexus and Cena. Barrett orders Cena to raise his hand the same way it will be raised on Sunday.

That's the end of the show.

Average match rating: 5.6/10 (-1.1)

Match of the Night: Hart Dynasty vs. Cody and Drew

Overall show rating: 6/10 (-1)

It was alright for a go-home show I suppose, but there were a few segments that killed it, like Cena's. I'm glad to see Big Zeke as the 7th man on Team Raw, plus I enjoyed T'Lo taking over. I didn't really expect anything more or less from this show than it delivered.

Tune in on thursday for my NXT review and friday for my feature post on wrestling hypocrisies.

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