October 3, 2010

Smackdown Review: Oct. 1/10

We're live for Smackdown's first broadcast on SyFy. they changed their theme song. I miss the old one.

The action starts right away with Dolph vs. MVP for the Intercontinental title

Match 1: MVP vs. Dolph, IC Title

Alright match, but I guess it was really only used to set up the Nexus appearance.

Rating: 4/10. It served it's purpose but it was a waste of a potentially good match.

Nexus (minus Barrett) takes Dolph out first to cause the match to be tossed. MVP is now taking the beating. They pretty much finish him off when Big Show comes running out. He also gets beaten down.

Here comes Cena. He gets his ass handed to him before Show comes back in and decks Slater with a chair. Show chases them off and now Barrett is up on the screen.

He says that since he's good friends with the network owner (or whoever it was) he's suggested some matches.

First off, Big Show will face Nexus in a 5-on-1 handicap match, and Cena will face Kane with Nexus as lumberjacks. This will be a fun night /sarcasm.

Aw shit, Cole is on commentary. This sucks.

Here comes LayCool, Maryse and Alicia Fox. Their opponents are Kelly Kelly, Natalya and the Bellas.

Match 2: LayCool, Maryse and Alicia Fox vs. Kelly, Natalya and the Bellas

Hornswoggle drags Layla under the ring. She runs off with little Horny chasing her. He runs right into Michelle's foot. Nice. Meanwhile in the ring, Maryse taps to Natalya's sharpshooter.

Rating: 5/10. Hornswoggle didn't help and neither did the Bellas.

We return to Swagger's homecoming ceremony. He's using Boomer Sooner as his entrance music tonight. He has an eagle mascot with him.

Pretty decent pop. He kills that pretty fast by dissing the state of Oklahoma. He says him and his mascot (the Swagger Soaring Eagle) have moved to Texas. He also proclaims himself the king of Oklahoma.

Edge cuts him off. Edge says that he's on a mission to rid the WWE of everything that's stupid.

Edge says he's going to start his mission right now. Edge drops his mic and Swagger ducks behind his mascot. Edge knocks the mascot away and Swagger slides out of the ring. It looks like Edge is going to spear the eagle. He does and Swagger is heading up the ramp.

Backstage Nexus segment. Barrett says that if anyone lays a finger on Nexus, they'll be suspended indefinitely.

Their match with Big Show is next.

Match 3: Nexus vs. Big Show

Short match as expected. The end sees Nexus each pick a limb and apply a submission. Barrett takes the neck and Show passes out.

Rating: 5/10. Nothing interesting except the 5 simultaneous submissions.

After the match, Gabriel delivers a 450. Barrett sends him back up for another one. I dunno if it was botched or done on purpose, but Gabriel landed his knees on Show's ribs.

Kane vs. CM Punk is on now after the commercials.

Match 4: Punk vs. Taker

Taker hits Snake Eyes on Punk. He tries for a pin but Punk kicks out. Taker delivers a chokeslam. Punk gets back up and walks right into a Tombstone for the pin.

Rating: 8/10. I really like where this storyline is going and this was a great match going into the PPV. Taker can still deliver a good match.

Alberto Del Rio is in the ring now.

He says tonight he's going to apologize to Rey Mysterio. He brings out a chihuahua wearing a Rey Mysterio mask and a little cast on it's leg.

He apologizes to the dog, and kisses it as promised. He wipes his lips off afterwards.

The real Rey makes his way out now. He beats down Del Rio and tosses him onto the second rope. Before he can do anything, Ricardo Rodriguez  grabs Rey's leg. Del Rio escapes as Rey 619's Ricardo.

Back from commercials and we have Orton in the ring. He's going to be facing Cody Rhodes (still waiting for his and Drew's mashup theme).

Match 5: Dashing Cody Rhodes vs. Orton

Cody with a chin lock on Orton. Orton fights out. Rhodes goes for a springboard kick, but Orton ducks and hits a backbreaker. RKO quickly follows for the pin.

Rating: 6/10. Could've done more but it was decent.

Drew Mac i the ring now trying for a DDT. Orton counters into an RKO. Sheamus runs in now and drops Orton with a Brogue Kick.

Commercials are over and here comes Kane.

Match 6: Kane vs. Cena, Nexus as lumberjacks

Unsurprisingly, Nexus attacks Cena as soon as he's out of the ring. Kane is out of the ring now, and they give him a wide berth. Nexus drags Cena out of the ring now. The lights go out.

Rating: 5/10. Meh at best.

Taker appears in the ring once the lights are back on. Kane and Taker fight into the crowd now. LOL at dude falling. They fight their way back to the ring where Kane takes control. He grabs Taker for a chokeslam, but Taker overpowers Kane and hits a chokeslam of his own.

Kane staggers out of the ring and the show ends with Taker bowing to Paul Bearer and the urn.

Average match rating: 5.5/10 (+0.2)

The useless IC title match is what brought this rating down. I don't see why the title needed to be on the line if it was just going to be interrupted before it really got going.

Overall rating: 7/10 (--)

An okay go-home show for Hell in a Cell, and it could have been worse for a debut on a new network. I liked how Barrett brought the network into the show with his "friendship" with one of the higher-ups. There were definitely some weak points. I really hope Edge rids WWE of all things stupid, starting with Cole and Cena.

Monday will see my HIAC review, done as always through the coverage on WZ.

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