October 10, 2010

Smackdown Review: Oct. 8/10

I'm still getting into a good schedule for posting, so bear with me. Like I've said before, my work schedule changes weekly, so I don't know until thursday or friday when I'll be free for the following week.

Here's my Smackdown review for Oct. 8/10.

Dammit! Cole's on commentary. Can someone please get him out of the WWE?

Teddy Long start off the show introducing Edge, who was traded to SD on monday. It's nice to see the trench coat and sunglasses look again.

Match 1: Edge vs. Swagger w/ The Swagger Soaring Eagle

Before the match, Swagger talks about Edge spearing his mascot last week. Do you know how hard it is for an eagle to get medical insurance?

At one point, Edge knocks the eagle off the apron. He got stretchered out during the commercial break.

Near fall for Edge. Swagger counters an Irish whip. Edge ducks on the rebound. Swagger catches Edge and drops him onto his knee. Swagger goes for a springboard splash in the corner, but Edge rolls out of the way.

Edge connects with a DDT for another near fall. Belly to belly by Swagger off the turnbuckle and a near fall. Edge bounces Swagger off the top rope and drops out of the ring. Edge back in now and thinking Spear. Swagger counters, and Edge counters him into a unique pin attempt. Swagger kicks out.

Edge counters an ankle lock and gets another near fall. Edge slips out of Swagger's grip and gets the Spear for the win.

Rating: 9/10. One of the best matches I've seen in a while. PPV quality for free. If the rest of the roster could perform like these 2 just did the WWE would be in better shape.

Match 2: Kelly vs. Layla

There was a comment from one of the commentators about how Kelly Kelly is improving in the ring. Yeah, right, so is Cena.

Rating: 3/10.

Layla goes after Natalya, who tries for a sharpshooter. McCool breaks it up.

Back from commercials and Big Show is in the ring. Apparently he's the Team Smackdown captain for Bragging Rights.

Hornswoggle is the mascot for team SD. Joy.

Now the Dudebusters are in the ring. They're trying to get onto team SD. Show says no. They say they could get themselves traded to Raw to join the Miz's team. Some more lip flapping and it ends with a double chokeslam. Nothing special.

Commercials are over and Cody Rhodes is on his way to the ring with Drew McIntyre for a match.

Match 3: Rhodes and McIntyre vs. Kaval and Kofi

Rhodes drops Kaval across the top rope and hits Cross Rhodes for the win.

Rating: 5/10. Not bad, but it could have been a lot better. Also, is Kaval going to win any time soon?

Back from commercial and Paul Bearer is in the ring looking fat as ever. He introduces Kane who makes his way out now.

He's talking about the same basic stuff he has for weeks. It's getting repetitive, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he's good on the mic. The eerie music is a nice touch.

Match 4: MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler

This must be a rematch from last week when they were interrupted by Nexus.

Dolph and Vickie start arguing. Vickie storms off as we go to commercials.

MVP reverses an Irish whip, but Ziggler holds on to the ropes. Ziggler walks right into a big boot just as Kaitlyn makes her way to ringside. Ziggler is down. Kaitlyn grabs MVP's leg and Dolph hits the Zig Zag for the win.

Rating: 6/10. Alright match, but it did more to further the Dolph/Vickie/Kaitlyn thing than anything else. They need a proper storyline for the IC title.

Back from commercials and Josh is backstage with Alberto Del Rio. He basically insults Rey the same way he's been doing. I'm not big on his mic skills either. Already time for more commercials.

It's time for the main event.

Match 5: Rey "Yo quiero Taco Bell" Mysterio vs. Alberto "Dog Lover" Del Rio

Rey on the top rope. Hurricanrana to Del Rio, who lands on the middle rope. Rey's going for the 619, but Tattoo (Rodriquez) distracts Rey. Tattoo is on the apron now. Rey drops Del Rio onto the second rope, knocking Tattoo off the apron.

619 connects and Rey wins.

Rating: 6/10. Being a Rey Mysterio match, there were a few high spots but aside from that it didn't excite me that much.

Average match Rating: 5.8/10

The saving grace was by far Edge vs. Swagger. I can't wait to see what they do at the PPV. Again the divas match and other mediocre matches brought the rating down. Admittedly I was kind of holding the matches to the standard set by Edge and Swagger so I may have been a little harsh but then I want to consistently see good performances from everyone. Is that too much to ask?

Overall Rating: 6/10 (-1)

Kane's segment was great as always, if it was a little repetitive, but the crap with Show and Hornswoggle and that killed it for me. Show has been irrelevant on Smackdown until tonight. Why give him the captaincy? I would personally have given it to Edge given what went down on Raw this past monday. Other than that, good show.

I'll do my best to have the finish to the Miz storyline up by monday. Again, it's taking longer to write than I had hoped.

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