October 26, 2010

Raw Review: Oct. 25/10

We start out with Nexus in the ring. Barrett says that Nexus is the most dominant team in WWE history. He talks about Nexus helping Kane. I'm sick and tired of only seeing pictures from the PPV's on Raw. I want to see some kind of video footage.

Barrett doesn't explain why they helped Kane. He calls out Cena on why he got Orton disqualified. Cena explains that he would get fired if Barrett didn't win. He helped Barrett win, so everything works out. An email comes in.

Barrett gets a rematch at SS for the WWE Title. There will be a match tonight between Orton and Cena (as chosen by Barrett). Whoever wins gets to choose the special referee for the SS match. Otunga now says that Cena ignored him during their tag title match, then gave him the AA.

He says that on principle alone, Cena should be fired. Barrett says that Otunga is right, but he has a solution. Cena and Otunga are going to face Slater and Gabriel for the titles right now. I guess the Freebird Rule isn't in effect.

Match 1: Otunga and Cena vs. Slater and Gabriel, Tag Title defense

Barrett orders Otunga to "do the right thing" and lie down in the middle of the ring. Otunga questions him but eventually does lay down. Slater gets the pin and we have new tag champs.

Rating: 3/10. I don't understand why they didn't just hand the titles over citing the above mentioned Freebird Rule*. Utterly pointless.

*Freebird Rule: A team or stable consisting of more than 2 members is allowed to determine which 2 members defend the tag team titles on any night

Vickie is blabbing about how Dolph lost at Bragging Rights. She claims it was shoddy officiating that showed facvouritism towards Raw. We're having a rematch right now. CM Punk is on commentary for some reason. According to him, he's scouting talent.

Match 2: Danielson vs. Ziggler

Danielson with a decent high spot diving through the ropes at Ziggler. I dunno if Danielson was supposed to hit the announce table or not, but he took a pretty good hit.

Danielson in a sleeper hold by Ziggler. Danielson manages to stand up and ram Ziggler into the turnbuckle, but he hangs on. Danielson tries to shake him off on the ropes and it works. He counters into the LeBell Lock. Dolph is tapping as Vickie moves his leg under the rope.

The ref doesn't see and the match is over.

Rating: 8/10. Another awesome performance from these 2. I didn't expect this to go anywhere beyond Bragging Rights but I'm glad it did. Can't wait to see where it goes. My guess is a title unification match.

Backstage with the Bellas, Toby Keith and Santino. Here comes Sheamus. He says Santino embarrassed team Raw at Bragging Rights. He wants to face Santino tonight.

Now we see Cena yelling at Barrett. Cena's really close to quitting, but he doesn't, unfortunately. Barrett just says to focus on beating Orton tonight.

Match 3: LayCool vs. Melina and Gail Kim

Layla tags in McCool. Melina doesn't notice and McCool boots her in the jaw for the pin.

Rating: 4/10. Gail Kim didn't do anything, and Melina is looking weak. Better fix that soon.

Here's Miz in the ring now with Alex Riley. He talks about how Team Raw failed him at Bragging Rights. He also talks about how he's on the cover of the new SvR game.

Eve comes out and Miz says that she doesn't have to apologize for what happened at Bragging Rights. Eve says she isn't there to apologize. She tells Miz that everyone in the WWE Universe thinks he's a "frog-faced loser" among other things. He retorts by insulting the Packers.

Eve cuts him off during his catchphrase. She says he's the furthest thing from awesome the WWE has ever seen. And he's ugly.

A-Ry starts up now. He says Miz could beat any of the slackers on team Raw any day. Eve is about to leave when R-Truth's music hits. I'm starting to miss "What's Up" while we're talking about his theme.

Truth cuts a quick promo before an email comes in. And I quote: "Ding. ding. ding."

Match 4: Miz vs. Truth

Miz kicks out of a pin then ducks the axe kick. He grabs Truth and plants him with the Skullcrushing Finale.

Rating: 7/10. I'm not a fan of Truth, but it was a decent match.

We have Toby Keith in the ring pandering to the crowd. He introduces the next match (horribly).

Match 5: Sheamus vs. Santino

John Morrison shows up for some reason. Santino in the corner. Sheamus tries for the Brogue Kick but Santino ducks and gets the pin.

Rating: 5/10. Really? Santino over Sheamus? Really? Really? I can't believe it.

Backstage and Otunga wants some alone time with Barrett. He questions why Barrett made him lay down earlier in the night. Otunga says Barrett was trying to take focus off of his loss at the PPV. Otunga says that if Barrett crosses him, he'll reveal the real reason why Nexus attacked Taker.

Barrett introduces Harris and McGillicutty as the 2 newest members of Nexus. Barrett tells Otunga to make up his mind. Is he Nexus or against us? He says Nexus after a long pause.

Match 6: Orton vs. Cena

I'll spare you the crap. RKO. Cena rolls out of the ring. Cena goes dead weight and Orton has to lift Cena into the ring with literally no help from Cena. Cena is back outside. Barrett hits him. Cena wins.

Rating: 4/10. Boring horseshit.

Cena is named special ref for SS. Barrett also says that if he doesn't win, Cena is fired on the spot, and if Barrett does win, Cena's obligation to Nexus is over. We can all see where this is going....

That's the end of the show. Thank GOD.

Average match rating: 5.2/10 (-0.4)

Match of the Night: Ziggler vs. Danielson

Overall Show Rating: 5/10 (-1)

There was nothing exciting besides the Ziggler/Danielson match. I was hoping for better.

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