November 3, 2010

Monday Night Raw Review: Nov. 1/10

Due to my idiocy and deleting my recording of Raw from my PVR after watching it last night, this week's review will be done using WZ's coverage. Keep in mind I did see everything that happened, so I can still add my own commentary.

Randy Orton comes out and is smiling (and it looks kinda weird), then says he doesn't think there is anyone who could take his title, but he couldn't accept losing it because of a crooked referee. Orton calls out Cena and he marches right to the ring and tells Orton to cut him some slack. He says he is in a situation, and says he is supposed to call it down the middle, but if something happens... he doesn't know what he is going to do. Orton says if he screws him at Survivor Series, he keeps his job but he will be a huge phony, and it would disrespect everyone to hold the WWE Title. Cena says he doesn't like what he is doing, but Barrett might have enough skill to compete for the title, he just shows no class and won't try to win straight up.

Nexus comes out and Barrett thanks Cena for what he just said, but says actions will speak louder than words. Cena says when this is all over, he is going to beat the hell out of Barrett, but Orton says he doesn't have to wait until Survivor Series, and he challenges Barrett to come to the ring alone to prove himself. Cole reads a GM email and it says everyone wants to know what Cena will do at Survivor Series, so tonight they will get a preview of what he is about. Tonight's main event will be Randy Orton and a partner of his choice against Wade Barrett and a partner of his choice, and Cena will be the special guest referee.

 I don't like where this is going already. I thought they saved the pre-PPV tag matches for the go-home shows. Seriously, it's as predictable as the Leafs not making the playoffs.

Match 1: Gabriel and Slater vs. Hart Dynasty

Kidd gets an armdrag on Slater and tags in Smith, and works on Slater's arm then hits a delayed suplex for two. Gabriel blind tags in and hits Smith from behind, then he and Slater kick Smith in the corner while Kidd shakes his head. Smith fights off Gabriel by hitting a powerslam then crawls to get the tag to Kidd, and he hits a neckbreaker but Slater breaks it up. The action spills outside and Slater slides out of a powerslam and shoves Smith into Gabriel, and Smith gets hit by Kidd with a somersault dive on accident. Back in the ring, Gabriel kicks Kidd in the back of the head, then hits the 450 Splash for the win. Nexus celebrates on the turnbuckles while Kidd and Smith argue about what just happened.

Rating: 6/10. Technically solid work, but I dislike what's going on with the Hart Dynasty

Sheamus comes out and says he is not going to throw a temper tantrum, because Santino didn't beat him, he beat himself. He has given Santino a week to enjoy his fluke victory and tells Santino to come out. Santino comes out and says he is a fan of Sheamus, but he can't face Sheamus tonight because he ate too much Halloween candy, and the doctor said he might throw up on him. He says he found Sheamus a suitable replacement, and introduces Vladimir Kozlov.

Match 2: Sheamus vs. Kozlov

Both guys club away at each other then Kozlov kicks Sheamus and throws him to the mat. Sheamus reverses it and hits knees to the back of the head, but Kozlov powers back with headbutts and kicks. Sheamus gets up and hits an axe handle smash, then hits the Brogue Kick for the win.

Rating: 5/10. I'll admit I didn't think Sheamus would win, but I'm surprised. Low rating is because it was a squash match. I hate squash matches.
Sheamus catches up with Santino and stalks him up the ramp, and Santino tries to get out of it with candy and money. Sheamus just throws it down, and shoves Santino at the top of the ramp, then picks him up for the Irish Curse. John Morrison runs out and kicks Sheamus in the stomach to break it up, then kicks him in the head to knock him off the stage while Santino thanks him.

R-Truth catches up with Orton in the back and says him and Cena are friends, but he doesn't like what he heard from him. He thinks Cena already made up his mind and he will look Orton right in the eye while he is counting the pin for Barrett. Orton says he has never seen eye to eye with Cena, so he wants Truth to be his partner so they can show the world that Cena has no friends.

Mark Henry is telling Pee Wee Herman that things haven't been the same since Evan Bourne got hurt, and he asks Pee Wee for a hug. Pee Wee says he knows what will cheer him up and calls for a game of Diva Twister and gets them started then talks to the camera. He puts over tonight's show, then introduces Lita, who makes a cameo. She helps Pee Wee knock over the Divas playing Twister and walks away with Pee Wee as we go to a commercial.

Anyone else notice that Mark Henry apparently can't tell the difference between left and right. Pee Wee  said "left hand" and Henry used his right.

Match 3: Zack Ryder vs. Big Zeke

Ryder kicks Zeke in the leg, then Zeke smiles and clotheslines Ryder twice, hits a press slam and finishes with the Uranage Slam to pick up the win.

Rating: 4/10. See above about squash matches.

Pee Wee Herman comes out to the ring and thanks everyone and says he is totally feeling RAW. He brings up the secret word, which is 'ring', and tests the audience to see if they know what to do. Miz and Riley interrupt him and Pee Wee tries to shake his hand, but Miz refuses and says he doesn't like Pee Wee. Miz tells him to get out of the ring and everyone screams, and Riley tells him not to say the secret word, but Miz doesn't get it. Pee Wee mocks Miz, then mimics Riley, until Miz threatens to beat him up, but Pee Wee says he isn't scared and tells them not to anger him, because he has his cousin backstage.

Miz tells him to bring him out, and Big Show comes out in a Pee Wee suit. Show chokes Riley and Miz and dumps them over the top rope, and Pee Wee jumps into Show's arms. They say the secret word again and everyone screams, then Cole reads another email. He says Miz isn't getting out of this so easily, and tonight's word is pain. Miz will face Show, and it will be next.

Match 4: Miz vs. Show

Show punches Miz then chops him in the corner, and tries to punch Miz but Miz holds the ropes and ducks out of the ring. Miz gets back in and walks into a big hip toss, and then gets kicked in the ribs and stepped on. Miz makes a comeback and dropkicks Show's left leg, but Show powers back and slams him to the mat then hits an elbow drop off the ropes.

Miz tries to crawl out of the way and continues to kick away at Show's leg, then runs the ropes and dropkicks the same leg to drop Show to the mat. He punches Show in the chest and puts him in a sleeperhold, and SHow stands up with Miz hanging on, and falls backwards to crush Miz. Show is limping a bit, but he headbutts Miz and goes up top to hit a Vader Bomb, but Riley distracts him. Miz rolls out of the way and goes up top and hits a three axe handle smashes, but still only gets a two count.

Show hits some clotheslines and a back body drop to make a comeback, then rushes Miz in the corner, but no one is home. He grabs Miz by the throat but Riley gets on the apron, and Show throws Miz into him. Miz picks up the briefcase and hits Show in the stomach with it, and the referee calls for the bell.

Rating: 5/10. Not that exciting to me. Normally I like Miz's matches but this didn't do anything to satisfy.

Barrett and Cena are in the locker room, and he tells Cena that after he wins, he is making Cena clean the locker room, then scrub his back. Barrett walks away and Otunga comes up to Cena and tells him that he won't have to do any of that, because he won't be raising Barrett's hand tonight. Cena will raise Otunga's, because he is the most talented guy in Nexus, Cena included. Otunga leaves and Cena shakes his head and looks confused as to what is going on.

Match 5: DiBiase vs. Danielson

Bryan ducks DiBiase and kicks him in the corner, but DiBiase fights back and kicks him in the corner. DiBiase whips him into the opposite corner and eats a boot, but shoves Bryan off the middle rope and puts him in a headlock on the mat. Bryan reverses DiBiase running the ropes and gets a few close pin attempts, then kicks him in the chest repeatedly. DiBiase retaliates and hits a sitout powerbomb and goes for Dream Street, but Bryan counters and makes DiBiase tap out to the LeBell Lock.

Rating: 7/10. Danielson looked a little awkward tonight. No idea why. Still a decent match.

LayCool comes out and says they are sorry for upsetting the WWE Universe, because they want the fans to like them, and think they got off on the wrong foot. They are going to be nice to Natalya, and give her one last shot at Survivor Series, if she can beat Michelle tonight. They say that won't happen though, because they are the best there is, was and ever will be.

Match 6: McCool vs. Natalya

Natalya hits a fireman's carry takeover and hits a reverse flapjack as Michelle calls for a time out. Natalya goes right after her and Michelle gets a near fall, then elbows her on the ropes and drives her knee into Natalya's back. Michelle keeps the match on the ground with a bodyscissors, but has to break the hold when Natalya reaches the ropes. Michelle tries to kick Natalya, but she catches her foot and goes for a Sharpshooter. Layla pulls her out of the ring and Natalya knocks Michelle down with a big forearm shot, then slingshots Layla into Michelle to knock them both down on the ringside floor. Natalya throws Michelle back in the ring, and kicks Layla back down to the ground outside the ring, then rolls up Michelle to pick up the win and the title shot.

Rating: 6/10. Natalya looked great again and I'm glad she won. It was nice to see Layla get nailed in the jaw as well.

A doctor (Freddie Prinze Jr) is checking on someone and asks how his favorite patient is. He says he is still in a coma and says it's a shame he will miss the election, then the camera shows an unconscious Vince McMahon in a hospital bed. He says he would be glad knowing his wife visits him all the time, even when she is running for Senate. The doctor says she has spent $50 million and Vince comes out of his coma and starts screaming about the money. The doctor tells him all the things going on in WWE now and he can't believe it, then Vince jumps out out bed and says he needs to go to the bathroom. As he struggles to walk away he has a Blumenthal (Linda's opponent) poster on his butt and makes his way to the bathroom. The screen goes black then Stephanie McMahon wakes up and asks her husband (Triple H) if Vince is still in a coma. He says yes, and they think he is brain dead, and a relieved Stephanie goes back to sleep as she realized it was just a dream.

Match 7: Barrett and Otunga vs. Orton and Truth, Cena as ref

Otunga kicks away at Orton in the corner then Orton starts taking him apart. Barrett gets the tag and Orton pounds away at him until Cena makes them break at 5. Orton gets pissed off then goes back to work on Otunga and throws him out of the ring. He tries to whip Otunga into the steps, but Otunga reverses it and Cena tells them to get back in the ring. Barrett tags in and hammers away at Orton, but Orton fights back and gets the hot tag to Truth. Truth catches Otunga with a heel kick for a two count, then whips him off the ropes and Barrett blind tags in. He hits a spinning side slam on Truth then picks him up and drops him with a right hand. Barrett misses a top rope elbow drop then both guys tag out, but Cena makes them get out because he didn't see it.

Orton flips out as Barrett and Otunga work over Truth in the corner, then Cena sees the legal tag. Truth and Otunga collide mid ring, and they crawl to make tags, but this time Cena won't allow Barrett in because he didn't see it. Orton RKO's Otunga behind Cena's back, and unloads on Barrett to keep him busy as Truth makes the cover. Barrett flips out on Cena over the tag, and Cena explains what happened as Orton stares them both down from the ring.

Rating: 6/10. Decent work from those involved but it was more of the same old Nexus shit. It's getting old. Hopefully it'll pick up once Cena's out of the group.

That's the end of the show.

Average Match Rating: 5.6/10 (+0.4)

Match of the Night: Danielson vs. DiBiase

Overall Show Rating: 5/10 (--)

Magic 8-Ball: Cena will have to do Wade's bidding while Otunga becomes more frustrated and eventually leaves the group. My guess is turning on Barrett at SSeries.

Sheamus will be able to beat everyone but Santino. They will have their little segments every week until SSeries where they will face off.

DiBiase will get his title back from Goldust either on NXT or at SSeries. Danielson will face Ziggler again at the PPV in a title unification match.

Natalya will continue to be a thorn in LayCool's side. The pair will split and face eachother for the Diva's title.

McMahon will return to TV in a larger role starting next week and Trips won't be far behind. I don't see him wrestling though. More than likely the GM.

Feature post this week will discuss how going back to TV-14 won't help WWE improve. Regular reviews will continue as normal. Again, drop me a line if you have a subject you'd like me to write about.

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