November 23, 2010

Survivor Series Thoughts

I came in part way through the Kaval/Ziggler match so I can't say anything about the first 2 matches.

Kaval/Ziggler was well done by both men. I don't see a reason for Kaval not to win, but I'll save my final verdict for Friday when I see the fallout on SD.

The tag match was kinda sloppy but it had a few good spots. I'm not overly a fan of these large tag matches but it was fun to watch. I was hoping Del Rio would come back claiming he wasn't eliminated and then toss Rey and Show out. Oh well, alright match aside from team Rey winning.

On a side note, remember when the teams would have names aside from "Team [captain's name]"? I miss that. I really do. It adds to the hype which is never bad, especially if it's a traditional match.

LayCool vs. Natalya, I was expecting the obvious. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. Natalya looked great and McCool lost. Usually we see McCool run off and let Layla take the pounding but it's good to see McCool get it for once. Granted she never had any claim to the title at all because it was Layla who won the title originally

With Beth Phoenix returning after the match, the womens division is looking good. I can only hope it stays that way.

Kane and Edge had a good match but the fucked up finish ruined it. Why couldn't we have a clear winner? Are they just trying to find a way to keep the belt on Kane until Taker gets back? It's bullshit. I'm not complaining about Kane still being champ, I just don't like the reasoning behind it.

The tag title match was far too short and since Santino was goofing around it seemed like he didn't take the match seriously. If they want the titles to have credibility, challengers should take the matches seriously. There is a time and place for joking and it's not in the middle of a title match.

I have to say Orton and Barrett put on a great match. I don't know which I would rather see: Cena being fired or Cena turning heel. The former is what we got, and I have to say I like that he's gone for at least a bit, but a heel turn is badly needed.

Overall PPV Rating: 7.5/10

I'll have my Raw review up soon, and my rant on squash matches in the next day or 2.

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