November 18, 2010

WWE NXT Review: Nov. 16/10

It's elimination week and I know who I want to see go. Let's get this show on the road.

We start out with the remaining girls in the ring for our first competition. Striker congratulates AJ on winning last week's "how well do you know your pro" competition, which is just about to get underway now. Spoiler much?

Basically, it's like the match game. Question 1: When I first saw my rookie, I thought she was ______ Keep in mind this is PG.

AJ thinks that Primo's answer is that she was underage. Primo in fact wrote: 16 years old

Aksana thinks Goldust said "hot." Goldust said "sexy" which is close enough

Kaitlyn thinks Vickie said she is so much prettier than her. Vickie thought she was a man. If Kaitlyn is a man, I just might be gay

Naomi says Kelly thought she was athletic. She was right. She managed to spell athletic right which is good

Cole is holding up a sign that says "stop the pain"

Question 2: On a scale of 1-5 (1 being terrible and 5 being expert) how would you rate your rookies current in-ring ability.

In reverse order this time starting with Naomi. She says 5. Kelly agrees

Kaitlyn says Vickie thinks she's a 1. Vickie said 3

Aksana says it better be 5. It's a 3 from Goldust

AJ says 4. Primo said 4 as well.

Question 3: Who does your rookie think should be eliminated

AJ says Aksana. So did Primo

Aksana says Kaitlyn. Goldust says AJ

Kaitlyn says Naomi. Wow, Vickie was right

Naomi says Aksana. Kelly said Kaitlyn. I guess she didn't know how to spell Aksana.

Cole says he wants to be eliminated from the show. Same here. Cole needs to go home and stop my pain.

Match 1: Naomi vs. Kaitlyn

Naomi on the top rope. She hits a big splash on Kaitlyn and tries for a pin. Naomi into a sleeper hold. Kaitlyn lifts her up and spins her around into a backbreaker. Naomi kicks out of Kaitlyn's pin attempt. Naomi Irish whips Kaitlyn into the corner. She comes back out and right into Naomi's boot. Naomi picks up the win.

Rating: 6/10. Yeah, this match wasn't too bad. I think this is the best match yet this season.

Vickie is berating Kaitlyn all the way up the ramp.

We're reminded of what happened last week when Goldust was in Naomi's corner for Aksana's match. Aksana tries to apologize to Goldust. She poorly compares their marriage to LOTR. She even brought him gold and black flowers. Aksana says she needs his help for her match against AJ later on. He reluctantly agrees.

Match 2: AJ vs. Aksana

Aksana pulls AJ out of the corner by her foot and pushes her over. Aksana locks in a Mexican Stretch submission hold. Aksana breaks the hold to try for a pin. AJ kicks out and both girls are back on their feet. AJ ducks a clothesline, rebounds off the ropes and tackles Aksana. AJ with several clotheslines and a pin attempt. Aksana kicks out and is in control. She whips AJ into the ropes. AJ rebounds and catches Aksana in a head scissors. Instead fo the Hurricanrana I expected, AJ keeps the head scissors on and wrenches Aksana's arm. Aksana drops to her knees and taps out.

Rating: 7/10. I was impressed that much by these 2. This is the highest rated match of the season so far. Good athleticism from both girls. The submission ending was cool as well. No idea what that hold is called, but it has potential.

The girls are back in the ring for the second competition: Diss the Diva.

AJ is up first. She starts with Aksana. She tapped out. That's it. She says nobody would know Kaitlyn if it wasn't for Vickie. Also she stole a pair of AJ's shoes. Naomi is athletic as hell but her personality is like a leaky faucet.

Will someone please smack Cole?

Aksana's turn. She kicks off with "let me entertainment you" and goes right into the babbling. She says AJ looks like she's 12. That's all I got out of it.

Kaitlyn compares NXT to high school. Aksana is the weird foreign exchange student, Naomi is the jock and AJ is the nerd. That means Kaitlyn is the prom queen. She says that Aksana doesn't even know that USA stands for. Kaitlyn says it stands for U Suck Aksana. That starts a chant. Aksana jumps her. They get split up and she keeps going.

She's about to say something to AJ, but starts with the "you suck Aksana" again.

Naomi's turn. She says Kaitlyn has great legs (I concur). Too bad her wrestling isn't as good as her legs. She now mocks AJ's bouncy personality. She says Aksana is about to be eliminated.

Somewhere along the way, Cole's literally gotten up and started talking to someone in the crowd behind him.

The live crowd is, not surprisingly, the judges. AJ gets a mixed reaction. Heavy boos for Aksana. Naomi gets the best reaction and Kaitlyn gets mostly boos.

Naomi wins. AJ has earned immunity. The pros start deliberating.

Striker asks the pros what they're looking for from the rookies.

Brie says a few things before Nikki cuts her off. She essentially insults the rookies.

Alicia says she feels like an employee at Diva Daycare. She calls herself a piranha.

The girls are lined up outside the ring. The randomizer starts up, and ends on Aksana. She's out. Not shocking. Aksana says it was a mistake after she recovers from her fainting spell. She says she'll be back.

Goldust stops her as she's walking away. He says he has one more thing to say. He wants a divorce. Also not shocking. We have another elimination next week.

That's the end of the show.

Average Match Rating: 6.5/10 (+1.5)

Match of the Night: AJ vs. Aksana

Overall Show Rating: 7/10 (+1)

Magic 8-Ball:

AJ will finally tell Primo about her feelings for him
Naomi will be eliminated

I think that about wraps it up. Saturday is Smackdown Review day, and monday I'll recap the PPV. I'll try to have my feature post on squash matches up early in the week.

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