November 27, 2010

WWE: The only place where "Fired" means nothing

With the fallout of John Cena's actions at Survivor Series still fresh in everyone's minds, people have differing opinions on what will happen in the future.

First off, as much as I wish this weren't so, Cena will continue to appear on TV "without actually being on the roster" or so they will have us believe. If I were fired from my job and started showing up on a weekly basis to stir shit up I'd be arrested for harassment.

It seems WWE can't even act like this is legit and have him off TV for a whole week. He's too big a draw for them I guess. The other question I have is, what the fuck does Barrett owe to Cena? Barrett said on Raw this past week that he "owed it to Cena" to allow him to appear and say goodbye.

Is Barrett thanking him for costing him the world title? Consistently hindering him and Nexus at every opportunity? Being the worst member of Nexus to date? Barrett owed nothing to Cena, and this was very out of character for Barrett.

Cena will somehow find a way back onto the roster in the coming months and we'll be back to where we started. It's worse than a bloody sitcom. What happened last week is suddenly forgotten by the next episode. The same way Kenny never dies, neither will Cena. Although nobody will scream "you bastard!" at the guy that kills Cena.

What I think this whole thing comes down to is money. WWE will see a drop in income if Cena is gone or is heel. He, being their top draw makes them the most money. The problem is, nobody else that I can see has been allowed that same spot as Cena. They didn't build anyone up to replace Cena as the top face and top draw and we are therefore stuck seeing Cena. Orton is close, and if WWE would give him enough of a chance he could pull it off. I'm not saying this will happen overnight (although that would be nice) but Orton can be the top face while Cena becomes a top heel and I believe that that would be the best solution for right now.

That doesn't mean put the belt on Cena again, because that would be more of the same again. Top people don't need titles. It seems that the main event is very narrow and constantly focused on the WWE Title. This is why there aren't more main eventers. The title picture -- which is where WWE seems to think every main event superstar should be -- isn't big enough for more than 4 people at any time. Titles aren't the only thing to feud over and the sooner Creative understands that, the better.

Survivor Series was a missed opportunity to do something big. Hell, I think anything would have been better than what happened. Cena could have turned heel, Cena could have turned on Barrett after letting him win. The list goes on. I'm working on the basis that no matter what would happen, Cena wouldn't be off TV at all.

On another note, it appears that certain things are just cast aside without explanation. Take for example, the "real reason Nexus helped Kane win at Bragging Rights" that Otunga was talking about way back when. Will we ever know that reason?

There are other unanswered questions but suffice it to say that WWE will never give us the logic that we as fans deserve.

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