December 1, 2010

Raw Coverage Update

Okay, I know you're all expecting my review of Raw to be up any time now. I'm going to wait until my day off tomorrow just so I'm better rested and not rushed. Also, I'm going to change my format a fair bit. Instead of writing everything up, I'm just going to offer my opinions on everything, along with a link to WZ's full results.

I'll be able to write everything up faster and get my thoughts organized more clearly. I'll go in chronological order, from the start of Raw to the end, and offer my commentary on what I saw and where I see things progressing.

I may throw other random thoughts on the shows as well. Hopefully I'll be able to do this for all 3 WWE shows and not just Raw.

Why I'm changing this now is because my hours at work have increased yet again (46 from yesterday until sunday), and I think it's safe to assume that you guys have watched or have an idea of what happened on each show. Again, the links to results will be provided if anyone needs to be filled in.

Thanks once again for putting up with my shit.

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