December 1, 2010

Monday Night Raw Review: Nov. 29/10

Okay, this marks the first review in my new format. Hope y'all enjoy it.

WZ coverage

The opening bit with Alex Riley was alright. He's good on the mic, and I like that he was able to poke fun at himself and his DUI. He's got potential.

Match 1: Del Rio vs. Danielson

As soon as I saw the pairing, I knew Danielson wasn't going to win. That said, it was still a great match. I found it interesting that the ending saw Del Rio submit Danielson. Lots of good spots and Del Rio really has my interest. Hopefully he continues to be pushed and hopefully this means they have other plans for Danielson.

Rating: 8/10

Truth jabbering about Cena for the hundredth time is getting old. We get it, Cena didn't want to leave but he had to. Enough already. It appears they introduced "Juan" Cena as well with the attack on McGillicutty. This looks grim.

Match 2: Rhodes vs. Morrison

Morrison was the right choice to win this. I think Rhodes is better suited to tag wrestling, he just needs the right partner. I'm surprised Morrison didn't use an aerial move to end the match. Instead it was a running knee to the head. Decent match overall.

Rating: 7/10

Match 3: Drew vs. Zeke

Another good match, until the double countout. I dislike endings like this in tournaments, yet there always seems to be one. What was the point? I feel like we cheated out of a good match between whoever won this and Sheamus (who got a bye because of this ending).

Rating: 7/10

The Bellas and Danielson make an odd combination but it's nice to see them doing something other than escorting guest hosts.

Again, Alex Riley does good promo work. He's got talent and I hope this leads to a feud with Danielson for the US Title. It would make sense, because they were both paired with Miz on their seasons of NXT which Riley did mention in his promo.

Miz did a good job on the mic during his promo. Lawler getting involved bothered me. I don't mind so much that he said something, but I don't like that he got a WWE title shot out of it.

Match 4: Sheamus vs. Kofi

I think these two did a good job. Kofi did well with his high spots and Sheamus was great as always. I liked that Sheamus won because I can see him as King, but not so much for Kofi. I don't know why, I just don't think this tournament is the best way to get Kofi a push.

Rating: 8/10

Match 5: Yoshi Tatsu and Mark Henry vs. Slater and Gabriel

Wasn't a fan of this match as a whole, and I don't see what they need to keep pairing Henry with these little guys. I was never a fan of random singles guys as tag teams, but this is just ridiculous. It's good to see Tatsu in a match again though.

Rating: 6/10

Of course Cena gets involved. I mentioned this in my last rant, but I'll say it again. If I continually showed up and caused shit at my former employers, I'd be arrested for harassment. It's bullshit.

Match 6: Del Rio vs. Morrison

Great match until Rey showed up and distracted Del Rio. I was hoping Del Rio would win this one so that he'd face Sheamus, but I guess that was wishful thinking. Del Rio could be a big star if WWE would get him away form Rey Mysterio.

Rating: 7/10

Barrett was great as always but Cena ruined it for me. The best part of the segment was seeing someone slammed onto a car, even if it was done by Cena. That's more violence than we've seen in weeks, so I'll take it.

Match 7: Maryse Tamina and Alicia Fox vs. Melina Gail Kim and Natalya

Well, this was a typical divas match. Not much more to say than that. Natalya looked good but that's about it. As for Santino singing to Tamina, while it was funny, it didn't add anything to the show.

Rating: 5/10

Ted and Maryse are going to split up soon. Ted won't win a title and Maryse will leave him because of it. She's a golddigger and not a good one at that.

Match 8: Sheamus vs. Morrison

Pretty good work in the KOTR finals. Wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped, but it's what I was expecting given WWE's penchant for underwhelming its fans. Sheamus winning only sets up the return of HHH.

Rating: 8/10

Match 9: Miz vs. Lawler

Suffice it to say that this was the worst match of the night (aside from the divas). Miz was playing his part well, but Lawler not so much. The fact that Cole had to help Miz win over an aging veteran who has never been in a TLC match before let alone wrestled in months is a surefire way to make your champ look weak. This did nothing but damage Miz's credibility as a champ and I sincerely hope that this never happens again.

Rating: 4/10

That closes out the show for this week.

Average Match Rating: 6.6/10 (+0.7)

Overall Show Rating: 8/10 (-0.5)

Overall it was a decent Raw. There were some great matches and promos, but there were spots where the show was lacking. The King of the Ring was a nice change of pace, and I hope it becomes an annual event again.

Sheamus winning King of the Ring will bring about the return of Triple H as I mentioned earlier on. I don't think it's the best way to do it, but hey, it'll be a good change I hope.

It doesn't look like I'll be able to cover the remainder of the shows this week, but I'll have some kind of rant up in the coming days.

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