December 9, 2010

Monday Night Raw Review: Dec. 6/10

Yeah, it's a day late. I am legitimately working a shit ton (48 hours last week), so please forgive me.

WZ Coverage

To start, I really enjoy CM Punk on commentary. I know he'll go back to wrestling again as soon as his hip is healed up, but I'm going to enjoy him while he's here.

Michael Cole was just a little hypocritical with the whole "we're not supposed to make the news" thing, because that's exactly what he did by doing what he did last week and again this week. He's really grinding my gears at this point. Will they just fire him already, or at the very least could we not have to put up with his bullshit every week?

I think the GM enforced truce is a double edged sword. On the one hand, I'd love to see Cole get ground to a pulp by King, but on the other, if that truce wasn't there, chances are we'd see Cole in a match with Lawler.

Miz looked good as usual, but Riley needs some more time to develop his mic skills.

Orton is great on the mic, not to mention that is my second favourite RKO to date (the first being putting Cena through a chair at SNME). Overall an average opening segment.

Match 1: Brian Danielson and Brie Bella vs. Ted DiBiase and Maryse

It's good to see Danielson with some arm candy. Lucky bastard gets not only one but two smokin' ladies (although I can see Brie and Nikki forcing him to choose between them sooner or later).

The match was half good, half not so good. I'll let you figure out which is which. Again, the whole Nikki pulling Brie out of the ring crap is getting old. If they're going to split them up, do it already. Either shit, or get off the pot.

Please excuse the lower than usual rating for a Danielson match, but the women dragged this one into the dirt.

Rating: 6/10

More of David Otunga acting like the leader of Nexus followed by Cena beating his ass. What's new?

Match 2:  Kidd w/ Big Freaky Dude vs. Smith

Big Freaky Dude is Jackson Andrews. Guess he's Kidd's new bodyguard.

Both men were impressive although I wish they'd had more time.

Rating: 7/10

Of course there's the expected beatdown by Andrews. It's predictable, but it kinda sets things up.

This whole Nexus thing is starting to bug me. It's all about Cena when it shouldn't be.

Match 3: Santino and Kozlov vs. Henry and Tatsu vs. The Usos vs. Slater and Gabriel

Tag titles on the line in this fatal 4 way elimination tag match. It was alright but there was nothing overly spectacular. Again, Cena ruined a perfectly decent match with his bullshit. I can't take Santino and Kozlov seriously as champs either. Santino is just too goofy and Kozlov isn't a monster anymore. It doesn't work.

Rating: 6/10

King Sheamus is looking good although his crown if it can be called that is weird looking. He cut a decent promo but Morrison ruined it.

Will someone please get LayCool away from the announce desk? I don't want to hear McCool talking any more than I want my prostate exams performed by Wolverine.

Match 4: Natalya vs. Melina

I actually agree with what Jakob said. This was a great match and if they had more time it would have been awesome.

Rating: 7/10

Ladies and gentlemen, the highest rated Diva's match in the history of this blog.

Match 5: Riley vs. Orton

It wasn't one of my favourite matches, but I guess it served its purpose. Miz interfering didn't surprise me at all. I'm looking forward to their match at TLC but this wasn't the best set up.

Rating: 6/10

I dislike this whole thing with Nexus turning on Barrett. It seems like a set up for something totally lame like Cena becoming the leader of a face Nexus. That way, WWE probably thinks they're pleasing everyone. Oh how wrong they are. Anyways, Nexus walking off and then saying they'll only stay with Barrett if he rehires Cena is confusing on a few levels.

Mainly, if Cena were really in this to get at Barrett, why not just go straight to Barrett in the first place? You'd think that Barrett wouldn't care about Nexus because if you look at their history, they've been treated as more expendable than Imperial Stormtroopers. Why would he start to care now?

Granted, I can kinda see where Nexus is coming from because they wouldn't want to be attacked either. However, why would Barrett want to rehire someone who has openly admitted to wanting to kick his ass? It makes no sense.

In the long run, Barrett doesn't need Nexus. It's a cool concept for now, but he's going to have to go solo at some point. Keep Slater and Gabriel together for sure, Harris and McGillicutty can be another team, Otunga can fuck off and Barrett can become a top heel.

On another note, how does Cena keep getting into the arenas? Sure he can buy tickets, but where is security to stop him jumping the barrier? You'd think that as a "former" employee he'd be outright banned from the events and if not, there should be security guards swarming him when he gets near the barricades.

I dunno, maybe being fired means something totally different in the alternate universe that WWE seems to exist in.

Average Match Rating: 6.4/10 (-0.2)

Match of the Night: Natalya vs. Melina/Kidd vs. Smith (tie)

Overall Show Rating: 6.5/10 (-1.5)

Magic 8-Ball:

Ted starts dating another gold digging bitch to make Maryse jealous

The Bellas will put Danielson in the middle of their little tiff that's developing. They'll force him to choose between them

I'd love to see Smith get his own giant bodyguard and they can have an "arms race" of sorts with Kidd and Andrews where they constantly try to one-up eachother

I can see Sheamus vs. Morrison being added to TLC with some kind of stupid stipulation where the loser kisses the winner's feet

I just read that Melina may turn heel. Good call. I think it'll work

Cena will show up next week and take out all of Nexus, then appear at the PPV and be rehired there for an impromptu match with Barrett.

I'll do some more rambling at some point and I may offer quick thoughts on the new season of NXT.

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