September 23, 2010

Unified WWE: The Way Forward?

With the talk of WWE unifying all titles, I figured I would take a look at what WWE would be like if that were to happen.

Having the roster unified again will give the WWE new angles and dimensions for feuds that isn't possible with the current split roster. Having a larger pool of people to draw from, you can come up with better ideas. It would also mean you have 2 shows a week (I don't count Superstars) to advance storylines and feuds. Maybe a promo on Raw with a match on SD or whatever.

That said, we would have to see Cena on both main shows. If I need to explain this one to you, please GFTO.

I like the idea of unifying the titles. I don't like that WWE is dropping the ones with the most prestige, but otherwise it's a good move. It makes things a lot easier in the long run. With less titles, creative should have more time to write decent shit for the titles that do still exist. Alternately, we could see creative slack even more and continue to give us the same shit that they have for years already.

I could also see the titles becoming more prestigious. If there's less titles to go around, it will make them seem more sought after.

WWE could do away with the current erroneously named draft (glorified trades)and actually do a proper draft using NXT as a year long all-rookie show without separate seasons. This will help with the influx of new talent that WWE seems to be initiating.

I think there is a good chance that WWE will redesign the title belts once they are unified. Hopefully this means we will no longer have to be the spinner belt every week by this time next year. Here's hoping they bring back the winged belt.

That I think does it for now. Later tonight will be my NXT review. Tomorrow will bring my TNA review. Due to a busy weekend I will either do my SD review late tomorrow night or Sunday. My feature post next week will be the start of a new storyline.

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