September 21, 2010

Raw Review: Sep. 20/10

Show starts off with the NEW WWE Champion, Randy Orton. Before Orton can do anything, Sheamus comes out and says that Orton doesn't deserve this moment. Sheamus says that both times he's held the title, it's been stolen from him. Orton has never beaten him one on one for the title.

Orton says that Sheamus won a fatal 4 way match that Nexus interfered in, and got himself disqualified from another. Sheamus has never beaten Orton, either.

Sheamus isn't intimidated, and says he'll kick Orton's head off. Orton dares him to try.

ACK! First email. It says that Orton and Sheamus will face off for the title at Hell in a Cell in 2 weeks.

Sheamus says that's fine, but before he leaves, he wants his gold back. He says that if Orton can beat him at HIAC, he'll give it back.

Orton says that he's not giving it back. He's not an honourable man, and he'd RKO his own grandmother to keep the title, and then RKO Sheamus' for good measure.

Orton goes to hand Sheamus the title, and RKO's him instead. Orton standing tall in the ring with Sheamus flat on his face.

Back from commercials now. Hart Dynasty on commentary now. Cole starts insulting them. Drew Mac and Rhodes on their way to the ring. Oh joy, they're facing Kozlov and Santino.

Match 1: Drew Mac and Rhodes vs. Santinto and Kozlov.

Kozlov in control. He powerslams Drew and tries for a pin. Rhodes breaks it up. Santino kicks Rhodes and tries to toss him from the ring. Cody tosses him out instead. Kozlov now takes Cody out of the ring, but that distracts him long enough for Drew to get him with the Futureshock.

Rating: 5/10. I dislike the team of Santino and Kozlov. It's the dumbest pairing since..... ever. I would much rather have seen the Hart Dynasty's rematch for the titles.

Return from commercials to Edge and Ryder backstage. Ryder is trying to be all buddy buddy with Edge. Edge says that they aren't friends and he doesn't want to hang out. Edge is getting more fed up with the GM.

Danielson interrupts them. Edge is pissed off at Danielson now, and he wants to face him tonight. Danielson agrees. I think it'll be a good match.

Jericho on his way to the ring now. His opponent is Morrison.

Match 2: Jericho vs. Morrison

Morrison catches Jericho with a roll up. Jericho counters into a pin of his own. Morrison breaks it. Jericho tries to lock in the Walls, but Morrison counters. He knees Jericho in the skull and hits Starship Pain for the win.

Rating: 8/10. Good match from these 2. I wish it had gone a little longer.

Commercials are over and we have Cena blabbering. Fast forward to the next segment. Miz is heading to the ring now.

He says that Daniel Bryan did not beat him. He didn't tap out. Miz says he woke up with a tender MCL. That's an injury. He says the doctors begged him not to compete, but since he was a true champion, he wrestled the match.

He did what none of the fans would do, including some fatso. His injury got so bad that he had to save himself from potential surgery. Miz now joins the guys on commentary, and Cole starts sucking his cock instantly.

Match 3: Edge vs. Danielson

Love Danielson's new theme. I don't care if it is public domain, it's better than generic rock (for those that don't know, the song is Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries).

Danielson is down. Edge waiting for him to get up so he can spear him. Danielson counters into a LeBell lock.

Alex Riley (who we recently learned is now Miz's assistant) distracts the ref long enough for Miz to attack Danielson. Edge gets the pin.

Rating: 7/10. I wish it had gone longer and that Miz didn't interfere. I guess I expected him to though.

Email from the GM saying that he's reversing the decision because Miz interfered. Danielson now wins by DQ. Miz freaks and is beating the shit out of Danielson. The beating went on way too long for my liking.

Commercials are over and we have LayCool coming to the ring.

Tonight we have Layla fighting.

Match 4: Layla vs. Melina, Diva's Title

Cole mistakes them for the self-professed unified champions. WRONG!

Ugh. McCool on commentary (speaking of which, has every match had guest commentary so far?)

Fighting in the corner now. Melina sets Layla on the top rope. She throws a couple of punches and winds up for another one, but Layla kicks her. She grabs Melina and hits her with a.... I guess you'd call it a sunset flip cutter. We'll have to wait on the official name.

Rating: 5/10. It was an alright match, and I liked Layla's finisher. Aside from that, I wasn't impressed.

Back from commercials and we see Nexus in a huddle. Jericho backstage with Josh Matthews. He says Jericho has an announcement. Jericho's announcement is about a new DVD featuring himself. He also says that he knows the IP address for Cole's laptop. He's now close to finding out the ID of the GM.

He also demands a title match against whoever wins at HIAC. Orton comes in now. He says he has a better idea. Next week, they'll face off one on one. If Jericho can beat Orton, he'll get a title shot whenever Jericho wants.

Eve and Truth out now. I kinda like his new song. I also REALLY like Eve. I can only assume that they'll be facing Ted DiBiase and Maryse. They have a new song too? It sucks balls.

Match 5: Truth and Eve vs. Ted and Maryse

Tag team 101 as we see all 4 people in the ring. DiBiase slides out, but Truth hits him with a nice dive. Maryse goes for a DDT, but Eve counters into a neckbreaker for the win.

Rating: 6/10. Pretty meh, but there were some good moments.

Ted and Maryse are arguing now. A video starts playing that says "I will have y<3u" and has some cheesy "romantic" music playing. DiBiase storms off.

Commercials are over and we have Cena vs. Barrett up now. May God have mercy on us all.

Barrett using the announce table as a soap box. There's been a slight change of plan. It's now a gauntlet match. If Cena can beat each member of Nexus back to back, then he'll get to face Barrett. King says that's impossible. At least someone in the WWE has a working bullshit detector.

Match 6: Cena vs. Nexus, Gauntlet match

Slater up first. Horrible selling by Cena. Slater otherwise looked good. AA and it's all over.

Otunga up now. Same basic story as with Slater. Otunga dominating early on. Cena counters a suplex attempt into a small package for the pinfall.

Tarver in next. Tarver taps to the STF.

Lastly is Gabriel. John Cena learned dropkick! Superplex on Cena. Gabriel crawls over for a cover. Cena somehow kicks out. Cole a least said it would be a miracle for Cena to beat Gabriel.

Top rope Lionsault by Gabriel. Kick out by Cena. Even Cole doesn't know how Cena kicked out. Cena counters a suplex and both men are down again. Cena gets a pin attempt but Gabriel kicks out. Trading punches now. Cena getting booed. STO by Gabriel. SuperCena kicks out again.

Oh GOD, 5MOD. On a side note, how did 5 knuckle shuffle slip through the PG filter?

Barrett and Nexus interfering now. Barrett has a chair. Cena somehow clears the ring.

Rating: 5/10. Nexus all looked good (except Otunga) but Cena made this match unbearble.

Cena says Barrett owes him now. Barrett says he won't gain anything by beating Cena again. He says he needs something to sweeten the deal. Cena says that Barrett will get the match at any time he wants it. Barrett says that he'll face Cena at HIAC on one condition.

If Barrett wins, Cena joins Nexus. Cena agrees. Wait, he has a stipulation of his own (of course). If Cena wins, Nexus disbands and everyone goes back to their humourous jobs.

Average match rating: 6/10

Overall show rating: 6/10. Segments were kinda boring and predicable. It was pretty much an average post-PPV show. Hopefully Smackdown will be better.

Tomorrow will be my weekly feature post and Thursday will bring my NXT review.

See you then.

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