September 11, 2010

I'm Baaack!!

FINALLY, The ACA-CT has come BACK to the -- Oh never mind. I can't stand the Rock.

That's right folks, I will be posting again. What prompted this, you ask? Well, I've been watching WWE and TNA now, and I need a place to vent my thoughts and opinions. That, and I'm bored as fuck in my downtime. I realized how strong my opinions are, and how many of them I have after not posting here for the longest time.

Every time I see something on a show anymore, all I can think of is "I should write about that."

I'll try to post my thoughts of each show, plus a weekly feature post. Jon Lew, if you read this, I would love to use your weekly WTFs and FTWs on here. Also, if you'd like to subscribe, shoot an email to

Posts will start again next week on Tuesday with my Raw review. Weekly feature post will be a WWE vs. TNA comparison.

I'll also test run some monthly awards (best/worst style).

Please note that PPV reviews will be done using Wrestlezone's coverage.

Hope you guys are still interested in reading this stuff.

See you next week,


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