September 18, 2010

Smackdown Review: Sep. 17/10

Start out with the Peep Show. Christian is about to introduce his guest, but he gets interrupted by Tattoo (seriously, the guy looks like he's about to start yelling "boss! Ze plane!" any minute). Alberto Del Rio is apparently Christians guest.

Christian says Del Rio has made a big impression in his short time on the show. I tend to agree. Christian says that maybe it's 2 different guys. The one from the countless boring promos and the one that showed up on SD. Christian starts talking about his credentials. He's seen the next big thing, male cheerleaders, and a guy that ate worms. He's seen them all and outlasted them all. So is Del Rio like them? A flash in the pan, or is he really the most interesting man in the world?

Del Rio does praise Christian, but at the end of it all, Christian will be cleaning Del Rio's many houses. Christian challenges Del Rio to a match at NOC. He declines. He says Christian will end up a peasant after the match, and he doesn't want that. He decides he'll think about it.

Del Rio starts to walk away. Christian with a cheap shot. Del Rio rolls out of the ring and leaves. He says he's through with Christian and that his answer is no.

Return from commercials and here comes the Hart Dynasty. Their opponents are "Dashing" Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre.

Match 1: Hart Dynasty vs. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes and Drew Mac.

Sharpshooter attempt by DH on Rhodes. Drew breaks it up, and gets tossed form the ring. DH has Rhodes in a bear hug. Kidd in for a Hart Attack, but Drew pulls him out of the ring and slams him into the announce table. Rhodes counters DH into a Cross Rhodes for the pinfall.

Rating: 8/10. Great match, and as much as I dislike the "2 singles guys stuck together for a tag match" thing, Rhodes and Drew did pretty well. I think they could do well together.

Commercial break is over and Kofi is heading to the ring. His match against Dolph at NOC will be under "Quebec Rules" meaning that if Dolph is DQ'ed or counted out, he loses the title.

Kofi doing a promo on how Vickie is the only reason Dolph is champ. He says Dolph is a coward for hiding behind his woman. He says Vickie is a loudmouthed, nasty beast of a woman. He says Dolph is her flavour of the month.

Kofi says that not only will he win at NOC, but he'll rid WWE of the most repulsive couple in Smackdown history.

Commercials are over and Kofi is facing Swagger.

Match 2: Kofi vs. Swagger

Swagger ducks under a Trouble in Paradise attempt, and puts Kofi in the ankle lock. Kofi gets to the rope and Swagger breaks the hold. Kofi out of the ring. Swagger dropkicks the stairs, but Kofi moves. Kofi jumps Swagger and pounds him. Both men back into the ring. Swagger into a corner, and Kofi leaps onto Swagger. Swagger lifts him up for in a powerbomb style hold. Kofi tries for a hurricanrana or similar move, but Swagger grabs his ankle.

Kofi rolls out of the ankle lock and kicks Swagger off. Kofi gets up, and Swagger hits him with a big boot. Swagger going for his corner springboard splash, but Kofi gets a boot into his jaw. Trouble in Paradise connects and it's over.

Rating: 8.5/10. Second awesome match of the night. Kofi certainly has the momentum going into NOC. Too bad there are no plans for Swagger at the PPV

Now we have a Hornswoggle segment. This week, he's in school with a nun. Oh dear. Sister Mary Francis And Delicious. Stupid segment. Horny does nothing but get Teddy in trouble with Sister Delicious.

Horrible segment. I won't write anything more about it.

Return from commercials and Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes (she still wrestles?) are on their way to the ring to face LayCool.

Match 3: Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes vs. LayCool

Ref is distracted by Kelly, giving McCool the chance to kick Rosa in the back. Layla hits a neckbreaker for the pin.

Rating: 4/10. Who taught these girls to wrestle, Sharmell?

Backstage with LayCool. They're going to determine who faces Melina at NOC by having Kaval draw names form a hat. McCool wins. Layla looks stunned. Apparently all the papers say Michelle on them. Layla is pissed. I smell a split.

Return from commercials and now we have Punk vs. Christian. Del Rio on commentary. I think he did pretty well.

Match 4: Christian vs. Punk

Christian with a reverse DDT. Punk kicks out of the pin. Del Rio distracts Christian long enough for Punk to hit the GTS.

Rating: 8/10. Great match, plus Del Rio on commentary was awesome. The finish left a little to be desired, but it was still good.

Big Show comes out and clears the ring.

Commercials are over and we have a Kane promo coming up.

Kane says that the final chapter of the rivalry between him and his brother will be written at NOC, but this time the ending will be different. This sunday it ends how it started, with Taker laying in the ring. This sunday, the dark side will betray Taker. The match will be no holds barred.

Taker's music cuts Kane off. Taker walks to the ring. The lights go out, and now Kane is behind Taker. Kane decks him with the title belt and is beating him senseless. Now Kane is using Taker's own moves against him. First Snake Eyes, then a Tombstone.

It ends with Taker in the middle of the ring and Kane doing "the pose."

Average match rating: 7/10 This was brought down by a weak Diva's match. Other than that, awesome show.

Overall show rating: 8/10. I liked the show this week. Better show than Raw by far. This show did everything the last show before a PPV should do. It made me want to see the PPV (I still won't, but that's another story). Good promos from everyone. It's good to hear Kofi talking and I'm glad he dropped de accent, mon.

I'll have a NOC recap up after the PPV tomorrow night or monday during the day. Please note: I'll be using WZ's coverage to do my recap.

The feature post coming up for this week will talk about the pros and cons of a unified WWE.

Thanks for reading.

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