September 16, 2010

NXT Review: Sept. 15/10

We start off with Vickie Guerrero. Joy. Cole starts eating her out immediately. She says that she needs someone to bring class to the show, so she brought it Dolph Ziggler. Mr. Ziggles is teaming with Kaitlyn (who is totally hawt) against AJ (also hawt) and Primo.

Match 1: Primo and AJ vs. Dolph and Kaitlyn

Men start off. A couple moves, tag to the women. AJ with a headlock on Kaitlyn. AJ now feeding punches. Body splash and a pin attempt now. Kaitlyn kicks out, and clotheslines AJ. Dolph knocks Primo off the apron after the tag. AJ's got some spunk in her, as she tries to attack Dolph. Ref breaks it up and Primo comes in.

Bit of back and forth action, Dolph hits the Zig Zag (worst finisher name ever?) for the win.

Rating: 6/10. AJ was impressive, as was Kaitlyn, but I wish one of the rookies got the pin.

Video package on Maxine. Meh. I wasn't impressed. I hope she can wrestle better than she talks.

Oh God, Joke Off after the break. While they joke off, I'll jack off (I'll just let that image soak in). These girls are sexy!

We're back, and the girls are in the ring. Joke off starting now. Which ever Diva tells the best joke wins, based on audience reaction.

AJ telling the oldest blonde joke ever. But I'll forgive her because she's hot. Aksana babbling in Lithuanian. The fuck? I didn't even understand her English.

Jamie's was kinda funny. Aksana who? I agree.

EEK. I just heard Naomi say "Heeeey Detriot!" I think I found something more ear piercing than Melina's primal scream.

Maxine calling AJ a girl scout. Cat fight. Striker tries to split them up, and fails. Now all the Divas are involved. Kaitlyn's turn. She goes after AJ too. AJ jumps her and we have cat fight #2. Wee.

We have a winner. Jamie. Good call.

Michael Cole RAGE! Somebody get that gong away from him.

Back from commercials and it's Jamie vs. Aksana.

Match 2: Aksana vs. Jamie

Another match that starts with a headlock. Wow. Aksana in control. Jamie drops Aksana and takes control now. Aksana throws Jamie across the ring. Clothesline to Jamie. Aksana throws Jamie to the corner. The goes for a clothesline, but Jamie ducks and rolls up Aksana to get the win.

Rating: 5/10. Not the greatest show of skill, but Jamie is hot so it's okay.

Naomi video now. Again not impressed. I don't like these bios. I don't care about this stuff. Not to mention they all seem out of character.

Back from commercials and apparently Vickie is jealous of Kaitlyn. Dolph hugged her after their match. Vickie says that if that keeps up, she's leaving Dolph. I'd call that an upgrade.

Yay, obstacle course. Same course they used for the men last season. Noticeably smaller cart though. Vickie comes out again. She's going to show Kaitlyn how it's done on the obstacle course. Kill me now. Haha, she can't get over the high wall. I'm surprised she can even do 10 push ups. Faceplant off the balance beam. She starts screaming and walks off almost in tears. If it were real, and her character wasn't a bitch, I'd feel bad. Too bad it isn't and she is.

Maybe if they had put a giant chocolate cake at the finish line she would've done better.

Back from commercials, and there's a slow mo replay of Vickie falling. As if her ass jiggling at normal speed was bad. Kaitlyn doing well here. Sexy style points for the finish.

Time is 36.5. Aksana running now. Very weird push ups. She doesn't beat Kaitlyn's time.

AJ's turn. Looking good (and she's not doing too bad on the course, either). Slow on the beam. About 10 seconds slower than Kaitlyn. Maxine on the course now. Good pace. Falls on the beam and loses the pace. Kaitlyn still leading.

Jamie up now. Slow on the tires. Picks up some speed and comes in at 36.8. Naomi up now. Fails on the tires, but good on the walls. Worst push ups ever. She redoes them. Not to self: set DVR for an extra 10 minutes next week. It just stopped taping in the middle of her run.

Sorry about that, I didn't realize there would be that much of an over run. From what I saw, nothing hugely impressive.

Final rating: 5/10. 2 matches and one dumb contest really hurt this show. Hope next week is better. But hot chicks saved the score a bit. Have I mentioned these girls are hot?

TNA review tomorrow, SD on friday, and sunday night, semi-live PPV coverage. I may end up not reviewing every show, because there's 4 of them and 1 of me, but we'll see how things go.

Also, I'll be doing a monthly storyline starting in 2 weeks. Keep you posted on future plans.

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