September 20, 2010

Night of Champions Review: Sep. 19/10

Please note as with all PPV's this will be written based on the coverage provided by Wrestlezone.

Match 1: Ziggler vs. Kofi, IC Title match

Don't forget the added stipulation in this one, which states Ziggler can lose the title if he is disqualified and/or counted out. And we're underway! After trying to help Ziggler early on, Vickie Guerrero chases Kaitlyn to the backstage area. Striker informs the viewing audience that the challenger in this IC title match is a newlywed. Ziggler hits the Fameasser for a nearfall, after a lengthy control of the action. Kingston has a comeback series with a few nearfalls of his own. Kingston with a big dive onto Ziggler on the floor. Ziggler catches Kingston in the sleeper-hold out of nowhere. Kofi eventually breaks the hold. Vickie teased an attack on Kofi, but Ziggler calls her off, as to not get disqualified. Ziggler avoids a Trouble In Paradise from Kofi, countering it with the Zig Zag for the clean pinfall victory.

I can't really do ratings based on the matches as I didn't see them, but I will rate based on the match results.

Rating: 8/10 Overall, I like the sound of this match. I'm kinda glad that Dolph won cleanly, but at the same time I would've loved to see him get DQ'ed. Also, doesn't this sound like how their match the other night ended?

Match 2: Show vs. Punk

Punk cuts a promo on a bunch of Chicago stuff, turning himself heel due to expected babyface reactions from his local Chicago hometown. Match is getting underway now. Show and Punk are fighting outside the ring early on. Back in he ring, Punk is slowly gaining the advantage in this match. Punk with a big dive onto Show on the floor. Punk goes for another high-risk move, but this time Show catches Punk in mid-air with a big spear. Punk gets up and eats the KO Punch from Big Show, leading to the pinfall. Big Show sells a hand injury after the match

Rating:  5/10. I'm sick of seeing Show go over Punk.

Match 3: Miz vs. Danielson, US Title match

Bryan goes for the LeBell Lock early. Miz avoids it ultimately and heads to ringside for a pep talk w/ Riley. Crowd dieing down a little bit. Bryan hits a big dive onto Miz, through the middle ropes and to the ringside floor. Miz working on Bryan's shoulder in the ring. Riley distracts Bryan, screwing up another LeBell Lock attempt. Bryan goes after Riley. He eventually runs him into the ringside post. Bryan catches Miz in the LeBell Lock inside the ring. He gets the tap out, to become the new U.S. Champion.

Rating: 9/10. Bryan Danielson is the new champ, and hopefully Miz will move on the the WWE title picture now.

Match 4: McCool vs. Melina, Womens/Divas titles match

All of the WWE Divas are at ringside, serving as LumberJills for this match, set to determine the unified Divas/Womens Champion. Melina has the early advantage over McCool. Melina is dumped to the floor. The LumberJills do their thing. Back in the ring, McCool attempts the Styles Clash but Melina counters into a facebuster for a nearfall. Natalya attempts to pull McCool to the floor from the outside. Melina takes advantage of the distraction to McCool, rolling her up for a pin attempt. The ref, however, is distracted, causing a late count. McCool throws Melina to the floor and the LumberJills go nuts. Layla charges the ring, going after Melina. In all of the chaos, McCool catches Melina with a kick to set-up a pinfall and the victory. Michelle McCool is now the Unified WWE Women's Champion.

Rating: 6/10. The Undersucker won. That alone will kill a rating.

Match 5: Undertaker vs. Kane, WHC match
Undertaker is out first. Kane comes out, and Taker attacks him during his entrance. The two brawl all over the place, before ever making it into the ring to officially start the match. The match is underway now and they're still going at it tooth-and-nail. Kane dominating a lot of the offense here early. The two fight to the floor again. They're brawling all over the arena right now. They finally get the thing back in the ring. Kane remains in control of the offense. Taker fighting back now with punches. Crowd getting behind him. Taker hits his jumping clothesline spot. Taker hits the Snake Eyes and the big boot. He hits a leg drop and attempts a nearfall. Taker does the throat-slicing hand-gesture and pulls down the strap. He picks Kane up for the Tombstone, but Kane counters, hitting his own Tombstone. Kane pins Undertaker -- 1, 2 and 3.
Rating: 8/10. Glad to see Kane win, but it was predictable given the next PPV is Hell in a Cell.

Match 6: Hart Dynasty in a gauntlet match, Tag Titles on the line
This match is under gauntlet rules. Harts and Usos start things off. After a lengthy period of offense with heels in the advantage, the good guys are starting to come through here at the mid-point of the match. Hart Dynasty is eliminated by an Uso pinfall. Santino and Kozlov were next to be eliminated. Bourne and Henry got the better of the Usos, eliminating them next after a World's Strongest Slam and AirBourne-combo. It's down to the duo of Henry and Bourne vs. Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. The finish came when Rhodes hit the Cross-Rhodes on Bourne to secure the clean pinfall.
Rating: 6/10. Sounds like a real cluster fuck. Couple that with the only actual tag team in the match (aside from the Harts) were the Usos you have a bad match in the making. Also I'm surprised by the result. At least Drew Mac is getting a push.

Match 7: 6 Pack Challenge, WWE Title match

Within seconds, Orton hits the RKO on Jericho and pins him, eliminating Chris Jericho from the Six Pack Challenge. Jericho flips out as this happens, questioning the three count. Jericho eventually heads to the back. After the Jericho stuff,  Wade Barrett is in the ring. All of the other guys beat him down and clear him from the ring. Cena and Edge get Sheamus out of the ring, and now it's down to just those two. Things didn't last long as Sheamus and Barrett are back in the mix now. All guys are going at it. Crowd is hating on Cena pretty big. Sheamus in control of things now in the ring. He's working over Cena at the moment. He misses on a High Cross off the ropes attempt. Edge interfering in the action now. Sheamus and Edge double-superplex Cena off the top. Edge attempts to pin Cena, while Sheamus just watches. No dice. Cena still in it. Sheamus and Edge continue their alliance, using their combined skills this time on Barrett on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, the duo continues their beatdown, now focusing on Randy Orton. Orton making a comeback now. Sheamus and Edge finally break their allegience, coming to blows with one-another. Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment out of nowhere on Edge for a pinfall. Edge is eliminated from the Six Pack Challenge. Cena almost makes Sheamus tap with an STF. Sheamus eventually breaks the hold. The Nexus hits the rings and attacks Cena. This leads to Wade Barrett pinning John Cena. John Cena is eliminated from the Six Pack Challenge. Nexus attempts to shift focus to Orton, but Cena sticks around to help Orton fight them off. Orton hits the RKO on Sheamus and pins him. Sheamus is eliminated. Randy Orton is the new WWE Champion.
Rating: 7/10. Saw it coming. Glad Barrett eliminated Cena, but somehow I can see it leading to a burial later on down the road.
Average match rating: 7/10

There you have it. Those are my thoughts on Night of Champions. Overall not a bad show, but it was definitely dragged down by a couple of things.

Tune in tomorrow for my Raw review, and Wednesday for my feature post.

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