September 17, 2010

TNA Review: Sept 16/10

Start off with Bischoff, Angle and Hardy in the ring. Anderson has advanced to the World Title tournament. Due to the outcome of their match at No Surrender, Anderson will be facing both men at Bound for Glory. Bischoff is blowing smoke up their asses, and now Dixie is too.

Dixies says she was disappointed in the match ending, so now she's overruled Bischoff and the men will face off tonight to determine Anderson's opponent. Like I didn't see that coming. Pope running around backstage. Commercial break.

Paparazzi style Tommy Dreamer segment. Shows him gassing up his car. I dunno what it was about.

Nash and Sting coming to the ring now. Yay Wolfpac face paint. Joe and Jarrett now.

Match 1: Nash vs. Joe

I'm going to be doing this differently. I'll only be posting the ending of the match, but rate based on the whole match. Just easier on my wrists that way.

Both men end up outside the ring. Sting attacks Joe, and now Jarrett attacks Nash. Somehow, that doesn't end the match, but the ref's count out does. So, it was either a no DQ match or the ref was oblivious to the action while counting.

Rating: 4/10. Botched ending and a slow pace made for a yawn fest.

Fighting continues long after the bell.

Backstage with Madison Rayne and Lacey Von Erich. Madison tells Lacey to put some clothes on because they have a Tag Title match tonight (I'd prefer she wrestle naked, but hey). Lacey says she hasn't made her decision yet, whatever that means.

Back from commercials. Sting and Nash promo. Apparently things are starting to get fun.

Match 2: Jay Lethal vs. Doug Williams, X Division Title Match

Both men are down. Williams up first. Lethal up, and Williams on the middle rope. Lethal blocks a Tornado DDT and hits the Lethal Injecion. We have a new champ.

Rating: 8/10. PPV quality match for free, but I wanted to see more.

Lethal celebrating with the fans. Pretty good moment.

Backstage with Abyss. He's dragging some limp figure around. Pointless 10 seconds of filler before commercials.

Return from commercials and we have Angle praising Hardy and talking about Bound for Glory.

Knockout Tag Title match next. Please excuse my poor spelling in this next section, I'll be typing one-handed.

BP V.2 out first. Holy shit! HLA (Google it). I wish Madison kissed me instead of Tara. Wilde and Hamada out now.

Match 3: Wilde and Hamada vs. Rayne and Lacey Von Erich, Knockout Tag Title match

Hamada with repeating kicks on Lacey. Lacey went down WAY early on the first one. Wilde tagged in, and they hit a Samoan Drop/Neckbreaker for the win.

Rating: 6/10. Hot as Lacey is, she is greener than a seasick leprechaun.

Tara attacks Lacey after Madison gets pissed at her. BP V.1 out now. I got confused at first, because I thought the sound guy was playing the music too early, and since Rayne and Tara didn't really react to it, I thought it was a miscue.

Commercial break. Return to Hardy's Bound for Glory promo. Meh (or should I say "meth?")

Dreamer coming to the ring. He says he wants to talk to Fourtune. Here they come. On a side note, shouldn't they be called Seventune? Dreamer says he's calling a truce. He also says that Fourtune is the future of the company. Dreamer just wants a place to call home.

Now he starts praising each member of Fourtune. Storm has more talent than Sandman apparently. Dreamer got Kaz his job in WWE. He said it was bad for WWE that Kaz left. If not for TNA, Kaz wouldn't have met his wife.

Morgan used to be a nightclub bouncer. Apparently he could have been the next Undertaker or Kane (HA!) Now when a big dude comes in, they'll say he's the next Matt Morgan.

Roode's WWE tryout was against Dreamer. Roode was accepted to WWE, but stayed with TNA.

Dreamer thanks Flair. He is supposedly the best hardcore wrestler (bullshit). He's not the dirtiest player in the business, he IS the business. His retirement will be pro wrestling's saddest day (Owen, Eddie, Pillman, Benoit).

AJ is the only person to make Dreamer say "I quit" and that was because he's better than Dreamer. He wants to shake AJ's hand.

AJ appreciates everything Dreamer said about Fourtune. AJ says Dreamer is all heart.  Dreamer does have AJ's respect and he will shake his hand.

I kinda like this mutual respect thing. Never mind. AJ beats down Dreamer after saying he doesn't need his endorsement. The rest of Fourtune joins in now. For some reason, they try to break them up by ringing the bell. Kendrick runs in and gets beaten down too.

Here's security and they're doing nothing to help. Fourtune leaves, and now security helps Dreamer out. Kendrick on the mic. He's calling out Fourtune. My GOD he sounds like a stoner. Morgan has apparently accepted the challenge as we return from commercials.

Match 4: Morgan vs. Spanky

Total squa -- dropkick and roll up by Spanky? No way.

Rating: 3/10. NEXT!

Morgan is bitching that it doesn't count because he wasn't ready. He wants it stricken from his record. Whiny bullshit.

Pope talking to Ms. Tessmacher (totally sexy). Bischoff is in a meeting. Pope will have to wait. Pope invites her back to his dressing room. She says maybe she can squeeze him in. Har har.

We return to Abyss going crazy. He has one guy strung up in some BDSM thing and another guy in another BDSM ring. He rips off the second guy's shirt, and brands him with 10 10 10.

RVD is on the phone now. They talk about his recovery. Not interesting to me in the least.

Generation Me in the ring. Kind of a boring promo. They say that since Shelley was injured at No Surrender, they want the MMG's to give them the tag titles because Shelley won't be able to defend the titles. Sabin comes out and a beatdown ensues. Generation Me comes out on top.

Back from commercials and Hardy vs. Angle is up now. Kinda looking forward to it, kinda not.

Match 5: Kurt vs. Jeff

We're into Reaction time here, and given that I didn't set it to record past 10 extra minutes, the ending may be cut off. Why can't they end matches during their regular show? Thankfully, I did get the finish.

Weird ending. Kurt and Jeff both trying to get leverage in a submission hold. Ref is down, and there's a second ref in now. Ref 1 gets back into the ring in time to count Jeff's shoulders down while ref 2 counts Kurt's down. We have a double pin and no clear winner. I don't see the point to it, but I guess that's how they set up the 3 way match at BFG. I personally would've done it differently.

Rating: 8/10. Good match, odd ending.

Average match rating: 5.8 2 boring matches ruined it for me.

Overall show rating: 7

An alright show but could have been stronger. I wish they would finish up Impact during their actually allotted time slot. Tune in tomorrow at some point for my SD review, and Monday for my NoC recap.

Sorry for having this up so late, kept getting interrupted.

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