September 28, 2010

Raw Review: Sep. 27/10

The show is off to an awesome start with Miz in the ring. Daniel Bryan Danielson has challenged him and A-Ry to a match tonight. Miz compares Danielson to a guy that wins the lottery and thinks he'll win every time. He then makes the very hypocritical statement that Danielson gets beat down every Monday.

WOOHOO! Ride of the Valkyries (or as Miz said "Superman music") wasn't just a one-week deal. I still like it.

Wow, Danielson got JoMo as his partner. I honestly think that this is the fastest a match has started on Raw in a long time.

Match 1: Miz and Alex Riley vs. Danielson and Morrison

Danielson with a German suplex and a dropkick in the corner. Pin attempt. Miz out at 2. Miz charges Danielson, and Danielson grabs him and tries for the LeBell Lock (terrible name). Miz counters into a Skullcrushing Finale for the pinfall.

Rating: 7/10. It was a good match, with good back and forth action. I'm not totally sold on Alex Riley yet though.

Post match beatdown now. Danielson goes after Alex at first, and Morrison is attacking Miz. Danielson dives through the ropes onto Miz and Morrison. Danielson continues attacking Miz, and now Morrison is back up and goes after Danielson. Danielson tosses him out of the way.

There's an email from the GM saying that the US title will be defended this Sunday at HIAC against both Miz and Morrison (I smell a reunion) in a submissions count anywhere match. Oh yeah, the GM didn't just invent that match, either. See Breaking Point 2009, Legacy vs. DX.

Diva's battle royal on now.

Looks like LayCool on commentary.

Match 2: Diva's #1 contender battle royal

Melina tossed over the ropes by Tamina (I can hear Jakob having a shit fit from here). I honestly think that was a botch. It looked like she was supposed to land on the apron, but missed. Tamina eliminates Gail Kim now. Tamina out shortly after, eliminated by Eve.

Bellas eliminate themselves after a double baseball slide misses. It was announced at the beginning of the match that as long as the girls go through the ropes and hit the floor, they're out. No top rope rule in play. Maryse thrown out be Eve.

Alicia quickly hits Eve (who puts herself through the ropes) and is eliminated next. Double team on Natalya by Alicia and Jillian. They think they've gotten rid of her and go after one another. Alicia promptly tosses Jillian out and celebrates. She turns to see Natalya still on the apron.

She tries to kick her off, but Natalya hangs on. She's back on her feet now, and flips Alicia overhead and to the floor. Natalya is now the #1 contender for LayCool's title.

Rating: 5/10. This is about an average Diva match. I like that Natalya won but other than that it was meh.

We return to Ted and Maryse arguing in the back. A knock on the door. Nobody there, just a note. "Next week you will be mine." I think this (and previous love notes) have been directed at the Million Dollar Title. These aren't things you say to a person.

Sheamus in the ring now. He talks about an old Irish story. A prince supposedly chopped of a hand in order to win a race. Sheamus says he'd cut his hand off for the WWE title. He issues an open challenge as we go to commercial.

We're back and there's still no challenger. Wait, here comes the Punjabi Teddy Bear.

Match 3: Sheamus vs. Khali

Boring match. Sheamus quickly gets DQ'ed.

Rating: 4/10. Pointless. Khali is a waste of money.

Beating continues. Sheamus inevitably comes out on top.

Cutting Edge is up after the commercials. Edge's guest will be the GM. This'll be..... interesting.

We're back and the GM's computer is in the ring, still on its podium. The computer is going to talk for itself apparently.

We're right into the questions. Why is the GM such a spineless coward? Apparently he remains anonymous because if people knew who he was it would shake things up too much. Also, it's got the worst voice ever. At least give us something cool like HAL or Stephen Hawking.

This is ridiculous. Edge is going to find out from Jericho who the GM is. Apparently Jericho is bluffing.

The GM tells Edge that he's got an opponent tonight. Edge says he doesn't have an opponent because there's no match (but why is he dressed to compete?).

Edge is walking back up the ramp as SuperCena comes out (to the ring, not the closet).

Match 4: Edge vs. Cena

I'm going for some food, brb.

Edge wins, but Cena had his foot under the ropes. Restart by order of the GM. Cena wins. Bullshit. NEXT!

Rating: 4/10. I thought there were no instant replays in pro wrestling?

Edge freaks out and goes apeshit on the computer. It kinda reminds me of Zoolander (yes, that clip is in Spanish. Damned if I can find it in English).

We're back from commercials and we have Nexus (Slater and Gabriel) vs. Mark Henry and Evan Bourne

Match 5: Bourne and Henry vs. Nexus

The world's fattest man drops Gabriel. He tags in Bourne, who goes up for the shooting star. Gabriel knocks him off the rope as Slater sends Henry to the floor. Gabriel up now for the 450 splash, but Bourne rolls out of the way. Shooting star connects this time.

Bourne with a pin attempt, but Slater pushes the men over. Gabriel is on top, and the ref didn't see it. Gabriel wins.

Rating: 7/10. I wanted to see more of Bourne vs. Gabriel and I don't think Mark Henry is a good pairing with Bourne. Other than that it was good.

Bourne gets worked over by Nexus after the match in typical fashion. Barrett on the mic now.

Semi contradictory promo about how Nexus doesn't need Cena, but Cena will be taking them to the top. They announce that they will be on Smackdown this week.

Commercials are over and we have Drew Mac and Cody Rhodes vs. the Hart Dynasty

Match 6: McDashingTyre (you come up with something better) vs. Hart Dynasty

Hart Attack is foiled by Drew. Cody hits the Cross Rhodes for the pin. Tyson and DH argue after the match.

Rating: 6/10. It was nothing special, but I guess it kinda sets up a split between them.

Truth and Cena backstage now. Of course Cena says he's going to be on SD this week too. Figures.

Jericho in the ring now. He's actually being billed from Canada. Cool.

Before the match, he cuts a promo. When he wins tonight, he'll be the #1 contender for the WWE title. Jericho decides to call himself the Viper Killer. Orton will join the long list of Hall of Famers and champions Jericho has beaten: Austin, Rock, HHH, Kane, HBK, Eddie, Rey, JBL, Big Show, Edge, Taker (who he beat twice), MVP, CM Punk....

...Invader 1, Inavder 2, Villiano 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, Juventud, Great Muta Funaki, Fuyuki, Chavo, Dean Malenko, Luger, Sting, Goldberg, Great Muta, Ric Flair, Yoshi Tatsu, Masahiro Chono, Tajiri, Buff Bagwell, Kevin Nash, Diesel, Oz, Scott Hall, Razor Ramon, Starship Coyote, Armbar....

Here comes Orton.

Match 7: Jericho vs.Orton

 Jericho has the Walls in deep. He has Orton in the centre of the ring. Orton manages to break the hold and gets going again. Jericho down and Orton is hunting for the RKO. Sheamus in the ring now. The match gets tossed.

Rating: 8/10. Great match from both men. the Sheamus run in doesn't bother me so much as the bell ringing before Sheamus hit anyone.

During the confusion, Jericho hits a Codebreaker on Orton.  Jericho with a chair in hand. Orton ducks and counters with an RKO. Too bad it wasn't onto the chair. It's punt time. Sheamus is still hanging around outside the ring. him and Orton stare each other down as Orton's music plays to end the show.

Average Match Rating: 5.8/10

Overall Show Rating: 7/10 (+1)

Matches were very weak in places, but the show did do a decent job of setting up the PPV. The promos from Jericho Miz and Nexus brought the rating up as well. The number in brackets is the change from last week's rating. This week, the rating went up 1 point from last week, hence the +1. I'll be doing this for evry show in hopes of tracking progress.

Tomorrow sees the first new storyline here. All I will say is it will be awesome.

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