March 31, 2011

Monday Night Raw Review: Mar. 28/11

Yeah, it's wednesday, but hey, at least it isn't thursday.

I want to say again like I did last week, that it really does not feel like Wrestlemania is less than a week away. It doesn't. I'm not seeing any hype outside of the small plugs they're doing on the shows. I'm not feeling it. I want to feel it, but I just.... don't. Oh well.

WZ Coverage


-- CM Punk's opening promo. Most of the opening promos in recent weeks have been good. This was no exception. He's really good on the mic and I like his character. I don't think anyone else could be a heel with the Straight Edge gimmick. Plus it did a good job building up their match.

-- Sin Cara next week on Raw. Fuck yeah.

-- Everything about the Taker/Trips/HBK segment. It was completely epic. I will say I'm getting sick of hearing him come out to Johnny Cash though. It's a good song, but it's like watching an edition of Unfitting Themes on Youtube.

-- HBK. I'm mentioning him separately just because it's too awesome not to.

-- Orton's backstage segment. It was pretty good to see that intensity from him. He did really well here.

-- 3 words: Homeless Power Ranger. The Rock was golden tonight. The whole segment was good, but the Rock deserves recognition for what he said tonight. Nobody else could get the crowd chanting "Cena sucks" the way he does. I felt again like Miz was an afterthought in this, but there was still some good hype happening.


-- Snooki. Need I say more?

-- Lawler vs. Swagger. I'm not even putting this under "matches" that's how bad it was. It was one big fail.

-- Another great wrestler falls victim to the worst finisher ever.

-- Vickie imitating JoMo's entrance. Not a fan of that.


-- Edge and Christian reunite and we don't get a 5 second pose?

-- Kane doing Santino's taunt? That was just messed.

-- Only 4 matches? What's going on here?


E&C vs. Del Rio/Brodus -- Pretty awesome match. I'm looking forward to Edge and Del Rio's match on Sunday. Everyone involved did a great job, and I'm surprised by how well Brodus can move. He has potential, he just needs to drop some of his bodyguard habits.

Rating: 7/10

Gabriel vs. Santino -- The match was nothing special, and I absolutely hate the Cobra. It is the worst finisher in WWE right now and I don't like that people have to lose to it. It's saddening.

Rating: 5/10

Ziggler/Sheamus vs. Danielson/Morrison -- Second decent tag match of the night. The only gripe I have is that Danielson lost cleanly again. Other than that it was a solid match.

Rating: 7/10

Average Match Rating: 6.3/10 (+1.3)

Match of the Night: E&C vs. Del Rio/Brodus

Overall Show Rating: 6/10 (+1)

Not the best score for a go home show, especially Wrestlemania. That said it did a decent job hyping the matches but it wasn't great. I wish there were more matches, but the ones we did get were decent overall. They could have done so much more than they did and I can't help but feel just a little disappointed.

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