March 9, 2011

Monday Night Raw Review: Mar. 7/11

Well, I'm back on a tuesday again. I hope I can keep this up. I'm trying to come up with a good idea for a feature post. Instead of doing something serious, I think I'll do something more light-hearted and funny. I'll figure something out. As always I'm open to suggestions. Anything you want to know my thoughts on, feel free to email me at

The Good:

-- Taker's opening promo. I've liked every opening promo for the past few weeks now. I don't have a thing for the opening segments, WWE is just doing a good job delivering on them. Taker can still send a chill down my spine and that's what makes his promos awesome. Plus the match is now no holds barred. I don't see them doing anything huge with that, but it does leave room for hope.

-- Brodus Clay still getting a spot on the main roster. He may not have been my favourite and I don't disagree with the NXT results but I think he definitely has a future with WWE. Plus with Del Rio as his mentor he's going to be seen around the main event which doesn't hurt anyone.

-- Del Rio continuing to impress. He's got everything it takes to be a top heel and I'm glad WWE sees it too. Jakob complained about him being shoved down our throats. I don't see it that way at all. He needs the time to cement his on-screen presence, just like every other star.

-- Christian returning. I'm a die hard peep and it while it may be a little bit due to national pride, I'm still happy to see him.

-- The HOF is looking pretty damn good.

-- WWE's already hyping Sin Cara. I can't wait to see this guy in action. I've seen a few highlights and I've been inpressed. I think he's just what WWE needs right now.

-- I never liked JBL as a wrestler. Yes he was solid in the ring but I just wasn't a fan. That said, he's got a great character and he's good on the mic. I hope he comes back and does commentary. Granted I don't see any connection between him and Cole aside from both being from Texas. Other than that I have no complaints.

-- Stone Cold opening a can of whoopass on JBL and stealing the contract AND dumping beer all over Cole. Anything that makes Cole cry is good in my books.

-- Dolph Ziggler on Raw. This will be great.

-- Trish Stratus wrestling next week. I would be more excited if the circumstances were different and I wasn't so sure she'd have to lay down for Vickie.

-- Miz's ending promo. He really stepped it up tonight. Even Vardy agrees with me.

The Bad:

-- "Ain't No Grave" in itself is a great song but it doesn't suit Taker one bit. Well, it does and it doesn't. It's good for promos, but not theme music. PLEASE go back to Graveyard Symphony.

-- Cole talking over Taker's entrance. I'm sorry it's just annoying. I want to enjoy seeing the Deadman without useless blabbering, especially from that ass-miner.

-- Orton is starting to get his own Superman status. Granted he does deserve it a hell of a lot more than Cena, but I don't find it believable that anyone can come back from such attacks. The way I see it, while most people say it makes the face look strong I see a heel looking weak. If I'm to believe that Punk (or any heel) is credible I want to see their actions have negative consequences for the victim.

-- I'm torn about where to put this, but Sheamus' "win the US Title or quit" promise. In a way ti could be good because it's a storyline involving an often-forgotten title, but at the same time I don't like these stipulations. I decided to go with bad because I think this type of thing is way out of character for Sheamus and I don't like that he's back on the mid card after 2 successful WWE Title runs.

-- Why does Vickie have to come with to Raw too? Sure she has to fight for it, but we all know she'll win.

-- Cena's closing promo. I thought the shirt was funny but after that I stopped laughing. He's been good these last couple of weeks but he lost me tonight. The whole hip hop thing was dumb, but the overall point was okay. It's not really rap or hip hop either, it's more spoken word. But whatever, it wasn't as great as his other recent stuff was.


-- Banning mention of WM17. I don't see why. I honestly don't. Someone said that it's good for the storyline but I don't see it. Trips is going to look like a credible threat no matter what because the fans will think he is.

-- Way to go, King. Orton is the Viper. Austin (or should I say "Autsin") is the Rattlesnake.

-- That "Autsin" sign. Really? Really?

-- Josh calling himself a Diva. Lol.

-- I could never understand the "MOO" in JBL's theme. It's funny in a weird way.

-- Vardy agrees with me?

The Matches:

Orton vs. Otunga -- This is a tough one. Orton was great, Otunga wasn't and again I don't know what to think of Orton's new Superman status. Decent match but nothing special.

Rating: 6/10

Christian vs. Brodus Clay -- Clay was very impressive. He still has room to improve but I think he's off to a great start. Christian was in good form tonight as well. Christian is long overdue for a push and I think this might be it. Brodus Clay will be a big player on the mid card in the future for sure.

Rating: 7/10

Brie (Nikki?) vs. Eve -- Yeah, no. What Cole did was bullshit, but I'd rather he do it here than another match. The match itself was a typical Diva match. Am I the only one that thinks the Bellas should be automatically DQ'ed if they're caught trying to switch?

Rating: 4/10

Danielson vs. Sheamus -- I liked the match but I'm not a big fan of countout endings. Other than that both men were superb. I just wish it had gone on a little longer. I think these guys will have a great program. It's good to see a US Title feud again. The belt is often forgotten about especially around WM. Good to see they have at least some kind of plan.

Rating: 7.5/10

Punk vs. Truth -- I really enjoyed this match. Punk was great and Truth looked decent for a change. It was great to see Punk use the Anaconda Vise again. I almost forgot he had a submission finisher.

Rating: 8/10

Ziggler vs. Morrison -- Great match. I think people underrate Morrison as a competitor. He's not quite there with his mic skills, but in terms of ring work he's doing fine. Yeah, he may rely a little more on high spots than some more technically gifted wrestlers but that's his style. Dolph is also well on his way to the main event.

Rating: 8/10

Average match rating: 6.75/10 (+1.75)
Match of the Night: Ziggler vs. Morrison
Overall show rating: 8/10 (+0.5)

I'll figure something out for a feature post at some point soon. Sorry for the delay on one, I'm having creative block again. As always, feel free to email me or hit me up on Facebook with any questions comments or suggestions. I'm always open to them.

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