April 3, 2011

The Obligatory Wrestlemania Preview

With Wrestlemania 27 taking place in a little under 24 hours, I figured I'd give you guys my thoughts on the card. Overall this is a rather lackluster show. I don't see any standout match aside from maybe Taker vs. Trips. There hasn't been as much hype as there could -- or should -- have been. I wanted to get into the Wrestlemania spirit, but it wasn't there. Sure, the card does have a few matches that look great, but there was nothing drawing me in, making me feel like I had to watch it.

Miz vs. Cena (WWE Title) -- I would love to see Miz win this one but I somehow doubt he will. The match itself has minimal hype, it's all been about Rock and Cena. There's no excitement here for me. I see one of 2 things happening: Miz wins and goes on to feud with someone else while Cena and Rock continue their thing, Or Cena wins and feuds with Rock for the belt. I wouldn't put the second one past WWE. Miz would be the best choice in terms of storylines, but Cena winning would keep the younglings happy so I could see this going either way. That said, my choice is Miz.

Edge vs. Del Rio (WHC) -- This match looks really good. I think Del Rio has the talent to be a world champion, but he's not quite there yet. Giving him the belt might get him there but then you're giving it to someone who isn't ready. It would be nice to see a fresh champion but Edge has the experience. I think I'll go with Del Rio on this one. WWE seems to be moving towards new stars and this seems like a good way to keep that going.

Taker vs. Trips -- This is probably the match I'm most looking forward to. I'm a huge fan of the Undertaker as most of you probably know. I don't know what to make of this. On the one hand, the streak should end, but not to Triple H. It should be a young talent who could use the rub it would give him. On the other, I'd like to see him retire with it intact. Walk away on his own terms instead of slinking away defeated. The no holds barred stipulation to me makes it sound like someone will interfere for Triple H and help him win. That, or HBK will turn on Trips and help Taker win. I'll go with Taker though. I think the streak is too big of a draw at WM for them to give it up just yet.

Sheamus vs. Danielson (US Title) -- I really don't care who wins this one either way as they're both great champions. I do think it's a step down for Sheamus as he is a 2 time WWE champion but it is good to see him with some form of gold. I think no matter who wins it will work out well. I don't see a downside to either man winning and they both have the potential for good follow-up feuds. I'll say Sheamus though just because it wouldn't make sense to take the belt from him so soon.

Orton vs. Punk -- I think WWE is going to take this chance to introduce a new member of Nexus. Who that will be, I don't know But I think they won't interfere in the match, just cause enough of a distraction to help Punk win. It falls right into the crafty heel thing of skirting rules. I'm going with Punk based on that alone.

Cole vs. Lawler -- Uh, pass.

Mysterio vs. Rhodes -- Rey will probably win this one on the basis that a surprise mask vs. mask clause is added to the match just prior to it starting. Even without that, I don't see how it would progress if Cody won. Rey gets my pick, grudgingly.

Morrison/Trish/Snooki vs. Ziggler/LayCool -- I think the faces will come out on top, more so for the sake of Snooki than anything wrestling related.

Corre vs Kane/Show/Santino/Kozlov -- I think this will go to a no contest or a Corre DQ. It just fits with what Corre has been doing recently. It's the best way to keep this storyline going.

These are just guesses based on what I've seen leading into Wrestlemania and what I think makes the most sense from a creative standpoint. I don't like some of my choices but I had to make them going by objective criteria. I won't be able to see Wrestlemania live because I'll be working, but something tells me I won't be missing much.

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