April 7, 2011

Monday Night Raw Review: 4/4/11

I do apologize for the randomness of my posting. I don't have the same schedule week to week so it makes things tricky. I really appreciate you guys still reading. I've been plugging away at it slowly since tuesday night. It's taken me this long to finish it just due to my work and sleep schedule.

WZ Coverage


-- Good to see JR on commentary.

-- "Stun them all" chants. That was hilarious. They all deserve it, too.

-- Miz's promo. He does good work almost every week. I loved his "Move, Buckwheat" comment too.

-- Sin motherfucking Cara. This guy is going to be huge.

-- Rock and Cena had a good back and forth tonight. I enjoyed it, except for Rocky being forced to pander to Cena. I didn't like Cena talking about how WWE is the place to see all these impossible matches like Ali vs. Tyson and crap like that. It's all hype I could have done without. The promo was alright aside from that though.


-- I don't mind the whole respect thing Triple H had going on for Taker, I just didn't like this promo for some reason. I'm not sure what it was it just didn't appeal to me.

-- Cole's wrestling attire. It's just plain sad....

-- Everything Cole did to JR. That was bullshit.

-- The Tough Enough cast. None of them had any charisma. I understand it was their first time in a WWE ring, but come on, if they're going to win anyone over they'll need to do way better than that.

-- Rock vs. Cena..... Next year. While it's cool to have the match a year in advance as it's unprecedented, it, like Danielson vs. Sheamus, is too little too late. This should have taken place at Wrestlemania this year. Oh well.


-- Cole has tattoos?

-- I have a new drinking game: watch the Tough Enough segment and take a shot every time Austin refers to the mic as a "horn"

-- Cole admitted to wearing women's tights. "Vickie has tights like me!" lol


Lawler vs. Swagger -- Do I have to?

Rating: 0/10

Orton/Mysterio vs. Punk/Rhodes -- It was an alright match, although I'm not a fan of these WM rematches. The 619 into the RKO was kinda cool, if a little predictable. The match was solid, but it seems like an easy way out so to speak of keeping the 2 feuds relevant. I'd rather see 2 separate matches, but that's me.

Rating: 6/10

Del Rio vs. Bourne -- Bourne is doomed. Poor kid didn't even get an entrance. He deserves so much more. I hope WWE realizes this soon and gives him a US Title run or something. Don't get me wrong, it's good to see Del Rio getting a push, but Bourne deserves one as well.

Rating: 4/10

Ziggler/Vickie vs. JoMo/Trish -- Bad match, thankfully it was short.

Rating: 4/10

Sheamus vs. Danielson -- Too little too late in my opinion. They had the chance to do this last night. In fact, it was supposed to happen last night. It should have happened last night. Both men were solid in the match but I would rather it took place at Wrestlemania like it was meant to.

Rating: 5/10

Average match rating: 3.8/10 (-2.5)

Match of the Night: Orton/Mysterio vs. Punk/Rhodes

Overall Show Rating: 5/10 (-1)

This show was pretty weak, but then it followed a weak Wrestlemania. Vince is slowly losing his marbles backstage so they say and it's starting to have a dramatic effect on the product. I'll give everyone credit for doing what they can with the scripts but I think we as fans deserve more. If Vince is really as worried about the product as this makes him out to be, I hope someone steps in soon and helps him get back on track.

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