April 13, 2011

Monday Night Raw Review: 4/11/11

I'm doing it on a tuesday again. Hopefully this trend lasts. I know I haven't been able to reliably post on tuesdays, it's just my work schedule. I'm doing my best to get it to you in a timely manner and I sincerely apologize to those who faithfully wait for me to post.

WZ Coverage


-- Sin Cara. Everything about this guy just oozes awesomeness. I love his look, his personality, his moves. Hell, I love his entrance. This guy is the future face -- er, mask of the WWE and I hope they don't stifle him.

-- Edge's retirement speech. I'm going to miss him a hell of a lot, but I know it's time. This was the most heartfelt speech I've seen in a long time, and mad props to WWE for letting him come out and be himself. This man is a legend and I hope he gets the HOF. Thank you Edge, you will be sorely missed. I will forever be an Edgehead.

-- Miz using the phrase "Super Cena" on commentary. I think the ACA has started something here...


-- The opening segment tonight was terrible. First we have Cole getting an unnecessary introduction, followed by John Cena. I kinda liked everyone stepping up and saying they should get a title shot, but they could have picked some better people. Morrison and Ziggler, sure. Orton while he is a great superstar has had many good title runs and should be able to step aside. Same with Cena, aside from the great superstar part. Truth shouldn't even be there. I'm sorry, he's not a main eventer and he never will be.

-- Corre is already imploding. This is ridiculous. Do they really have nothing better for these guys? I don't like that the 3 best members from Nexus and a beast like Zeke are getting shafted. It's annoying.

-- A tag match is set for Extreme Rules and 3 of the participants are announcers. I'm excited, he said sarcastically.

-- R Truth AND Cena in a WWE Title match? I lost what little faith I had left in the WWE creative staff. I'm with Miz, they both go to the back of the line and hopefully never make it to the front again.


-- Why did I just tear up during Edge's retirement?

-- Why is Miz talking about God? I don't think that fits somehow.


Brie vs. Eve (Diva's Title) -- Yeah, this was horse shit. I am sick and tired of that "twin magic" crap. It's a waste of a title run.

Rating: 3/10

Sin Cara vs. Primo -- I was genuinely impressed for the first time in too long. Both men were excellent and I was actually watching with anticipation. Part of that may be because it was Sin Cara's debut match, but I think it's mainly because he was able to draw me in and make me want to see more. And Boy do I want to see more. This guy is going places. I'm docking points only for Primo's botch. I read today that management is down on both of them because of this match, but I don't see why. Shit happens. They did the best they could to sell it and they can't be faulted for that. Okay, maybe Primo a little, but don't hold it against him. We're all human after all. I wish the match was a little longer though. Damn WWE is teasing me.

Rating: 8/10

Corre vs. "Apple" -- Wow, Corre can actually win matches. I'm shocked. I wasn't a fan even though there were many good wrestlers involved. It just wasn't my thing. It was alright I suppose, but not much more than that.

Rating: 5/10

King vs. Swagger -- I think we all could have done without this one. Not to mention it means we now have to see Cole wrestle AGAIN, as well as JR. No thank you.

Rating: 1/10

The Gauntlet Match -- I liked the concept, but then I realized as soon as it started that Cena would be in last and thought he would inevitably win. That was further confirmed when Truth was the other man left. I knew that Cena was going to be in the title match no matter what at that point. My biggest gripe though? The fact that Truth is the third guy. He's not a main eventer and he never will be. Putting him in a main event match will not make him a main eventer. I will say he looked alright against Morrison, but that was it. The rest of this was just filler. The ending was rather unoriginal as well. This was so predictable it's not even funny. Plus it puts Cena back in the title picture.

Rating: 5/10

Average Match Rating: 4.4/10 (+0.6)

Match of the Night: Sin Cara vs. Primo

Overall Show Rating: 6/10 (+1)

Not a bad night, and I'm terribly saddened to see Edge go. He gave us a great run and I'm glad to see him go out on top. I hope he stays with the company in some fashion.

I've decided to just start making random pairings in my search for the greatest theme song. I'll post each paring on the ACA's wall, then I'll gather your votes and announce the winner for each pair here. Feel free to offer your opinions on each theme as well and I'll post them here, with full credit of course.

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